40K Rumors: GSC & Chaos Heading to Necromunda

The Underhive is going to get a dose of Grim Dark when the Genestealer Cult & Chaos arrive!

Last weekend Games Workshop hosted Warhammer 40,000 Open Day and Garro was on the scene. At the event more info about the future of Necromunda was dropped – check out what Garro learned:

via Garro (Facebook 11-25-2017)

Genestealer Cults and Chaos Cults gang rules, and wargear will be coming to Necromunda early next year, after Orlock and gang war 2.

these will be coming through a pair of White Dwarf articles sometime in the spring (march-may). these will also include various additional wargear which other gangs will be able to take.

regarding the GCults; this version will focus on the mining cults of the ashwastes coming into contact with a genestealer, so will use the Neophyte Hybrids kit as its base. expect to see a larger more detailed cults gang at a later date when they explore hive secondus. but this will help provide an additional two gangs by the beginning of the summer.

don’t have much details on the chaos cults rules, but there are chaos tokens, and a tile with an eight point star in blood in the new expansion set of tiles coming with GW2. so would expect some cult ritual mission of some sort.

Garro on 11-26-2017

got some more in depth about the Genestealer and chaos cult gang lists coming next year.

-they’ll both be appearing in White Dwarf.

-both gangs will be based around the existing kits (No new models)

-Genestealer cults (GC) will focus around the neophite-hybrids with a sub-primus leader, and able to take Aberrants in the gangs. they’ll have full access to the entire GC armoury including weapons in the acolytes kits. these weapons should be added to the trading posts lists in the article, but will be in Gang War 3 (GW3) for certain.

-Chaos cults will be god neutral. but will be able to preform a ritual between games, to one of the gods. if successful, your gang gets a buff based on the god, and if it fails, a random member of your gang (other than the leader) turns into a spawn, and remains like it (spawn is added to the gang roster). you get bonuses to the ritual roll, if you stick to the same god, and get negative modifers if you chop and change.

-both gangs will have full gang rules, and access to trading posts .etc so will be able to include other non-faction gear as campaigns go on.

-both factions will have a low-power psyker option.

I, for one, welcome our new GSC Ganger Overlords. The Chaos ones do sound neat, but really I’m all about the GSC gang due to the models. They have a really cool range and I want to use them in Necromunda because they totally fit that type of game-style.

Here’s hoping GW gets the rules out for the GSC and the Chaos gangs sooner, rather than later simply because Necromunda needs more factions/gangs to come out. The latest rumors from the event also had this listed as the release time frame:

  • Q1 (February): Orlocks / Gang War 2
  • Q2: Van Saar
  • Q3: Cawdor
  • Q4: Delaque

Now, if that is the release time frame for the Gangs, it’s probably a safe bet that Gang War 3 would have to come out in the Q2-Q3 time frame. You’d need the rules for the Van Saar so it would make sense to release GW3 along side Van Saar in Q2. But that is pure speculation. Regardless, if Garro is correct, we’ll (hopefully) be seeing GSC and Chaos in March/May.

Personally, I hope GW moves faster with the Necromunda line than they did for Blood Bowl simply because of momentum for the product. Folks are just now getting their kits and the excitement is high. But the question is how long will that excitement last with two gangs? It seems like GW is betting until at least February. I guess we’ll collectively find out!

We’ve got the models – give us the rules!

What do you think of the Genestealer Cults and Chaos returning to Necromunda?

  • Txabi Etxebarrieta

    Awww, I’ll have to wait til Q3 to purge the underhive of blasphemer scum? Sad day.

    • benn grimm

      True, but you’ll also have some proper heretics and Xeno filth to cleanse with holy fire once they do arrive; every poisonous smog cloud has a silver lining…;)

      • Txabi Etxebarrieta

        Truly the Emperor’s benevolence knows no bounds.

      • Gunther Clone C

        Praise the Four-Armed Emperor, the TRUE emperor of mankind!

        • benn grimm

          Oooh controversial…)

    • Oskar Drabikowski

      The question is. Do we get Redemptionists gang? PLEASE!

  • Silverbeast

    GSC team without a pure genestealer? Its kinda pointless.

    • GrenAcid

      Emm its like bringing laser gun to a stick fight. Hybrids are plenty powerfull for skirmish game.

      • memitchell

        It’s all about the Acolytes. If you ain’t got Acolytes, you ain’t go no soul. Neophytes are just funny looking humans with sharp teeth. No GSC team could start with a Purestrain. Not fair to unsuspecting House Gangs.

        • Liam Wolf

          I played a few games of Shadow War with my GSC and a Purestrain as a ‘specialist’. It was a beast. just ripped through everyone. Powerful stuff

  • Carey_Mahoney

    GSC weapons for non-GSC gangs would be very cool.

  • I_am_Alpharius

    Besides that Mr Hoare already has mentioned, two weeks back, that: plans for GSC and Chaos Cultist were in the works, Gangs using GSC Industrial weapons were in the works; and they were looking at a gang per quarter for the release….is this really a surprise or rumour to anyone? I suppose rough time scales and knowing in rough order of the House Gang are coming out in is interesting enough?

  • Allaire

    I wonder if the other gangs will have their own $30 gang war supplement.

    • The idea is a quarterly gang war supplement with expanded rules, yes

    • benn grimm

      Downside is a book for every gang, upside is, well, a book for every gang…

    • Jon Ow

      And after you buy all the separate Gang Wars, they’ll release a compendium -_-

  • Chris Hateley

    I was sure they’d use this as an opportunity to do Stealer Cult brood brothers since they were conspicuously missing from the codex. If not models then at least rules. Oh well, so much for that.

    • frank

      Think they have squated that concept for now. would be cool though.

  • benn grimm

    Sounds interesting, wonder if there’s a limit on the chaos cultists mutating, would be pretty crazy to have a whole gang (apart from boss) as Chaos Spawn.

    • That would be terrifying. Send Timmy out to take one for the team and hope to bottle 😂

    • GrenAcid

      That sounds like awesomnes, it would be hard to control(I asume there will be some [stupidity check]) and they wont be as masive/powerfull as those in codex.

  • GrenAcid

    Hwe Cap-toored eet Fohr Kay-oosh!!

    Shame there are no models but there is plenty of bits to work on.

  • DeCold

    And no new models for Chaos makes me to lose all the interest in it thanks.

    • GrenAcid

      Why? Curent models are cool, maybe liitle short on scale but even that can be negated by buying gang models and converting them to one true path.

  • memitchell

    This don’t look like a planned evolution. It looks like GW-SG are hedging their bets by tossing out a couple of WD articles to keep their ADD customer base “excited.” Will these on-paper only gangs get Tactics Cards? Rules that make them more than just funny looking gangers?

    There is already a Neophyte based Kill Team in Shadow War. Except for a couple of “mining tools” turned to weapons, and one special set up rule (Infiltration), it’s basically a Delaque gang with a REAL secret. You could download the pdf and convert it to New Necromunda by changing the WS and BS numbers from “4” to “3+” and you would literally be done. Oh, you would need to make up some numbers for the new/old character stats.

    I guess that’s good. But, I fear this tendency to immediately divert and dilute the base background of the game is pushing the panic button too early and too often (A Beastman Bounty Hunter? C’mon, Man!). Build a dang following. The setting and the campaign are what made Necromunda popular and legendary. Give it a chance. One thing I learned in the Navy is it’s never too late to panic.

    • zeno666

      GW, plan something? Haha nah, they don’t work like that.
      They’ll throw something out there for fanboys to buy and thank the great company for it.
      And GW will keep throwing things out there to see what sticks. Also to test where the limit for bullshittery goes.
      Sadly the fanboy-crowd just empty their plate and as for more.
      This is why we’re getting quite sub-par rules and books.

      • benn grimm

        You know what they say; throw enough ‘spaghetti’ at the wall, some of it’s bound to stick…

      • memitchell

        I’m not making a general comment about GW’s marketing policies. Just about Necromunda. Which is a special case. I would have no objections to adding more faction to Shadow War. It’s background is generic, and the Kill Teams are designed for the same game.

      • frank

        Its a smart move if they want to take a year before introducing all the main 6 gangs. means theirs not going to be a lot of the variant gangs like pit slaves, ratskins, or scavvies until probably another year with those two gangs bring the totals to 8 gangs in year at least.

    • benn grimm

      There does seem to be a more concerted effort to include the wider 40k universe this time round; Eldar in the Spire, the Ork hive (lols) and early cults, but it’s entirely understandable (from a marketing/inclusion perspective). Every time I’ve run a Necromunda campaign you get at least a few guys who want to play xenos (or space marines) because they just aren’t that into ‘regular’ human beans.

      • memitchell

        I tried to accommodate in the campaigns I ran. But, mostly for people who didn’t’ want to buy a gang. I never had much success with xenos of space marine (OK, I drew the line at space marines). That lack of commitment to the game usually ended with a lack of commitment to the campaign. Maybe the is new version works differently.

        • benn grimm

          I’ve always been a bit of a purist tbh, wasn’t a big fan of the home brew rules for Orks, chaos/‘stealer cults etc, but new edition calls for a new attitude I guess. Also makes me want to play ‘demptionists more than ever…

    • Cordova

      “But, I fear this tendency to immediately divert and dilute the base background of the game”

      From what I can remember, that Hive Secundus was overrun by Genestealer Cultists and “Exterminatus’d” has been in the background since Necromunda was “Confrontation” (the rulebook for which can be found online and is worth a read, as there’s a lot of background in there). There’s no reason you can’t say the gangs have gone into the ruins of Hive Secundus looking for minerals/archeotech …

      “A Beastman Bounty Hunter? C’mon, Man!”

      Abhumans were around in the 1991 “Blue Catalogue”, which contained the model off which Gor Halfhorn is based …

  • Rainthezangoose

    You’d assume the GSC and Chaos gang would be here sooner rather then later since the models are just sat here waiting for rules. I mean a-lot of people on the Necromunda Subreddit were already using Chaos cultist and GSC models to represent the Legacy Gangs anyway!

    • af

      The Neophyte models are just amazing, easily the best of GW’s newer designs. You can use them for just about everything and you can convert the hell out of them.

  • Crablezworth

    The same company that can drop a new codex every other week for some reason has like a 10-12 month release window for a skirmish game that already only has a handful of factions.. yeah… priorities guys

  • Kiskatona

    I was interested in making a GSC kill team for Shadow War (which seemed to die an early death around my parts thanks to the release of 8th), but with this and the Space Hulk expansion, I’m getting more and more reasons to get some now…….
    Plus, a Chaos gang might actually get me to paint some of those cultists I have.