40K Rumors: Xenos Traits in Chapter Approved

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A few Chapter Approved rumors have come bubbling to the surface. Grab the salt and let’s check them out.

Floating around on the internet, thanks to one of Gary’s birds, we’ve got a list of rumors about the upcoming Chapter Approved supplement. For your viewing pleasure and seasoning grain accompaniment, we’ve got a look at some of the rumored Xenos traits, stratagems, and relics. So grab your salt, Mrs. Dash, or whatever flavoring you prefer to take with your statements that might be wildly inaccurate and dig in.


Warlord Traits
1. Wych Cult: each roll of a 6+ in the fight phase causes 3 hits
2. Haemonculus Coven: heal d3 wounds at the start of each turn
3. Re-roll to hits and to wound rolls of a 1 during the fight phase.

Relic – Pistol 2 R12 S1 AP-2 D2 wounds on a 2+ vehicles on a 6+. For each model killed bearer gains a wound

1CP/3CP one infantry, beast, or biker unit or 2 for 3 CP may use teh webway and emerge onto the battle at the end of any of your movement phases. Setting up anywhere that is 9″ or more from enemy units. Can only be used once per battle.


Warlord Trait: re-roll hit rolls of a 1

Relic – Increase leadership by 1, and all enemy units within 6″ reduce their leadership by 1

1. 1CP/3CP one infantry, beast, or biker unit or 2 for 3 CP may use teh webway and emerge onto the battle at the end of any of your movement phases. Setting up anywhere that is 9″ or more from enemy units. Can only be used once per battle.
2. 1CP after a harlequin unit has advanced, it gains a 3+ invul until start of next turn.

Genestealer Cults

Warlord Trait – friendly infantry units can do a Heroic Intervention within 6″
Relic – +1 strength to friendly infantry unit within 6″

1. 1CP end of movement phase, remove a infantry unit from the board that is more than 6″ from enemy models. At the end of the next movement phase, return it to the board using Cult Ambush
2. 1CP before rolling on cult ambush table, roll 2 dice instead of 1 and choose the result. A Primus may roll 3 dice instead.


As always, there is absolutely no confirmation on any of this. So these are about as likely to be true as anything else you might read on the internet, and I should know, I’m a doctor.

Now if you’ll excuse me, it’s time to go perform unlicensed surgery.

  • Gamecock13

    I’m reserving judgement till official wording is released, but I’m somewhat underwhelmed by Dark Eldar.

    • Kabal1te

      I am with you on this. The problem with dark eldar in melee is you are either using poison and looking for 4s or your looking for 6s far too often on the to wound roll. I am also very concerned about how this will play out is the fact that you are splitting dark eldar into 3 different factions, and there are models in the dark eldar range that lack a sub faction key word, scourges being on the top of that list. I am concerned how this will work out and if mixed dark eldar lists will be viable if this is the direction it is going in.

      • Gamecock13

        Even worse than that really. If you think about the wyche weapon loadout, they aren’t using poison weapons in the melee phase as a standard loadout, they’re using user S weapons (i.e. S3) meaning, against the vast majority of troops, it is actually a 5+ to wound. We can land the hits…it has always been dealing the wounds that has been the issue.

        I’m also in agreement with you on the sub-faction breakout. Adding an additional level of segregation to our army is going to lead to significant debilitation. The only way around that is to allow any unit into Kabal, Coven, or Cult.

        I’m pretty concerned about our codex now.

        • Kabal1te

          The way I see it is as Dark Eldar are the only faction with different subfaction key words among its models, there are only really 3 options,
          A) treat the army like 3 separate factions that just so happen to share vehicle options the way imperium armies share rhinos, the option I like the least but the one it looks like it’s going for.
          B) break down the barrier the different sub faction key words create and make all dark eldar, dark eldar. I think this is the easiest and from a game play standpoint most reasonable option. Not ad fluffy but will work the best on the tabletop I think
          C) allow any dark eldar detachment to have multiple associated subfactions. In other words a single detachment of dark eldar gets a kabal, a cult, and a covens choice allowing you to take any dark eldar option with faction benefits while still keeping fluffyness intact. This I think however is too complicated remembering which models get which benefit from which subfaction choice.
          Granted all these options still have the issue of units like scourges and mandrakes lacking a subfaction keyword excepting option B if you simply give those units a sub faction keyword to resolve said issue. All that said it wouldn’t shock me if the dark eldar line goes the way of the sisters of battle and are replaced with shiny new Ynarri exclusive eldar units as that army expands into something new.

          • Nicolás Corada Ibáñez


          • Nicolás Corada Ibáñez

            The mechanicus have also several subfactions, cult mechanicus ir skitarii. It happens the same with Astra, they dont have regiments for several models.

          • Kabal1te

            While you are correct about Guard, they have units that lack the regiment keyword and special rules that say you are allowed to take them without effecting your army bring a bound regiment list, you are quite wrong about mechanicus. Mechanicus has but a single sub faction keyword, . Dark eldar however have 3 , , and . No other army has more than one sub faction keyword.

          • Nicolás Corada Ibáñez

            In the mechanicus case, it is true that they share the forge World, but no the other subfaccion like skitarii ir cult mechanicus. Lets ser how they they solve it with the drukari, but I suppose in a similar way to Astra.

          • Muninwing

            i think the issue is that in the fluff the Kabals, Cults, and Covens all work together in certain ways.

            maybe there are factors there… like, you gain the bonus of your warlord, but not having the faction word because you have a different category is alright? or maybe certain named factions do not work with certain other ones?

            if they are to treat the DE like the SM, then which kabal, or cult, or coven they are in is incredibly important. belonging to one that is a homebrew might lose you access to SC or certain bonuses. and, as was said in one of the indexes, being painted the wrong color might be enough to do that (because Dark Angels models not painted the right color due to being a successor chapter with the exact same rules lost access to the named SCs of the parent chapter that was painted “right”).

            the Baron lists in 6th were a perfect illustration of this. fluffwise, he did not work with highborn… but plenty of lists that he led included them as a stock choice. now, were he brought back, playing his faction would restrict you from using any Kabal in the same detachment.

            i have an old 4th ed 2000-point Wych cult that i might finish and bring to the table if the changes are good… but i even included warriors in my list as a shooting source, as per what the old 3rd ed codex allowed. so it’s part of earlier fluff and lists that they do work together.

    • Frank Krifka

      To be fair, it’s 9″ “or more” not “within”. Could easily be used to get a unit that’s about to get charged well out of range for a turn or two.

      • Gamecock13

        The wording of the rumored stratagem leaves a lot to be desired, but I assume this isn’t a unit that is currently on the board that you are tossing into the webway, but a unit you are setting up in the webway before the battle. If that’s the case, they wouldn’t be on the board to be a distraction.

    • GrenAcid

      I think DE are going back in to being one trick pony of old. Great models but each edition cuts rules and make less and less sense. Even 6ed(redesign) had some abysmal rules that were somehow mitigated by Special HQ(Baron) but over all they could be integrated in to normal set of rules without being op or unfluffy. I lost my hope for cool DE dex long time ago.

      • Wes

        Have you seen recent codices? Sure, this little tidbit is limited. It’s also just a taste, and a rumored taste at that. If recent releases are any indication, you are going to have more choices, more tricks. Heck, having a codex late in the schedule means you have to wait, but it also means you get a codex that has had more time to stew and develop.

        • GrenAcid

          I wish for it, but from my whole army I have only one raider left as token. That army is riddiculus when its come to cost. This wont change in 8th I think unless Haemonculi foot circus gonna be viable.

          • Wes

            Eldar and Tyranids has the same point cost problem in the index, now they are much better. We know there will be point adjustments in CA, and I’m betting a bunch of stuff we think of as overcosted in the index will change.

          • GrenAcid

            Point cost wanst a problem, Transport tax was.
            Footsloging DE were a joke, webway portal was easly blocked/coutered and only posible with Haemonculi part of the force.
            Being forced to one/two lists isnt fun but I guess Im spoiled by chaos 3.5

          • Muninwing

            my old (4th ed) 2000-point list was…
            – 4x wych squads in raiders (3×10, 1×9 for the HQ)
            – 2x 10-man warrior squads for shooting
            – 4x beastmaster packs
            – 2x ravagers

            i’m betting if i took them out now, they’d do as badly as they have since 5th started. so dust it is.

          • GrenAcid

            One of my biggest beefs with DE after rework was constant need of transports.
            Even 1k “starting” army was hella expensive cuz you need 4+ or you would not stand a chance.
            On the other hand Warriors were able to go 20man strong.

    • charlie

      I dont get why wounding is your problem with Wyche Warlords. The standard Succubus loadout is Glaive plus agoniser. That means that without Drugs she is either S5 or Poison 4+. Thats not bad, and you can give a unit of Wyches the S+1.

      I like giving the Succubus A+1, so then she has 5 hitting on 2s, re-rolling 1s. That probably going to give you all 5 hits, plus one 6, so that makes 7 hits total. Not too shabby. Plus once you get to turn 3 you add 1 to your hit rolls so the trait activates on 5+, giving an average of 9 hits(?).

      Only problem is the Glaive being -1 to hit, so the agoniser is probably better for this.

  • Wes

    Even if the actual wording isn’t right, this still gives us some insight on what codices to expect next. If they are putting these tide over rules in CA, they must be way down the release order.

    • Gamecock13

      That could definitely be correct. Although, I guess I always thought of Chapter Approved as a method to help right some of the discrepancies/disparities seen over time.

      As a Dark Eldar player, this begs the question – why even try if this is what we’re being given? This doesn’t address or assist our army in any type of meaningful way. I’d honestly prefer to have nothing over something if this poorly worded rumor is a glimpse of what we can expect.

  • Sebastian Marrero

    Come on Orkymedes. Bring back the Tellyporta!

  • Adam Richard Corrigan

    That Harlequin Warlord Trait is utterly pointless.

  • I just can’t wait for the Drukhari codex to be released. The wait is getting too long for me. 🙁

  • Tox

    The return of “Return to the Shadows mechanic as a stratagem was expected and honestly a rather big need to GSC mechanics from the 7th edition. Not horrible but GSC will need more new units in its codex release to raise it from ally status.

  • Ninety

    Aw, nothing on Tau or Orks? Or Necrons, I guess.

  • Spacefrisian

    Dark Eldar getting a minor bonus, now make Lelith a Lelith again instead of generic Succubus and we pretend the index version never happened (number of attacks and her sudden use of combat drugs)

  • Jacob

    How are GENESTEALER CULTS getting a codex be4 orks?