40K: Tyranid Stratagems Unleashed

Games Workshop has a new preview of the Tyranid Stratagems – they come for your Bio-Mass!

The Tyranids forces are thought of as a mindless swarm but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. The little creatures are just tools of the Hive Mind and each synapse creature relays the orders that come from a gestalt organism that has evolved to become the ultimate predator. Each Hive Tyrant has been imbued with untold eons of experiences from the Hive Mind with one goal in mind: Defeat and devour your prey.

Now, Games Workshop is sharing a preview of some of the stratagems the Tyranids will be using to wage war on the Galaxy.

via Warhammer Community

“On the tabletop, this tactical mastery is finally represented thanks to a series of deadly new Stratagems.”

Feeder Tendrils is going to get a LOT of use. Anytime a Genestealer, Lictor, Toxicrene or Venomthrope kills a character in the Fight phase the Tyranid player should be using this stratagem. There is literally no reason to NOT spend the command point. If you roll a 1, you still get the point you spent BACK. Tyranid players – never forget to use Feeder Tendrils!


Psychic Barrage has a lot of text but basically you need 3 units of at least 3 Zoanthropes. Pick a point 18″ away from all three and line of sight of those units. Each unit within 3″ of that point takes 3d3 mortal wounds on a 4+. That could be pretty damaging if you can manage to pull this one off – especially if you can catch a bunch of units in the blast.


Clocking in at 2 CP, Pathogenic Slime is expensive. However, that could be potentially very deadly. Depending on the Tyranid Monster you’re using, you could turn bio-plasma attacks into SUPER deadly shots – or you could turn mass volume shooting into a hail of death. Are those pesky 2 wound primaris marines getting you down? Take the Tyrannofex as an example. Equipped with a Fleshborer Hive, it’s pumping out 20 shots. You could stay stationary and fire again. That’s 40 shots and each one would do double damage… And that’s just based off the INDEX – who knows what the rules in the codex will be.

Oh and then there is this tid-bit from GW:

“A Carnifex with four devourers with brainleech worms using this ability will be pumping out 24 Strength 6 shots, each dealing 2 damage…”

Yes. Yes please. I’d like to take a moment to thank GW for making me NOT regret my decision to keep all my Quad-Devour Dakka-fexes. I was considering swapping over to Deathspitters but I’m good now.

This one if Gorgon Specific but it’s going to help your Genestealers rip into things even harder. Oh and hormagaunts! Those little guys are looking pretty solid now in a Gorgon themed Army!


Pfft! Psychic Powers!? Shut-it DOWN! If you remember from the HQ teasers they did, Kronos is going to MURDER psykers. Combine this with the Warlord trait “Soul Hunger” and you’ll be causing headaches for your opponent. “Oh did you need to get that Warp Charge 7+ power off? Take D3 mortal wounds instead.” And yes, it stacks with Shadow of the Warp, too.


This one is pretty good if you can get a big block of gaunts into combat. GW had this to say as well:

“Finally, Caustic Blood is a great way to give a swarm of Termagants a devastating send-off, making a 40-strong block of these lesser bio-organisms an even less appealing prospect to fight.”

Wait a minute…a “40-strong block ” uh…in the index you can only go up to 30. Either that’s a misprint or Termagants are going to be able to bring ALL the bodies to the tabletop.

I sure hope the Tyranids will have a way to fill out the detachments to get enough Command Points. I wonder how much it’s going to cost to fill out a bare-minimum Battalion detachment:

“…taking only the most low-cost units in every slot, you can get a battalion in your army for only 699 points.”

Oh this is gonna be good. “AdamHarry, are you excited yet?” Yeah. You could say that.


I’ll be in my war-room finishing off the final touches on some unfinished big-bugs. I have a feeling I’m going to need them.

  • Bigdadi99

    Maybe I’ll start Nids. “NO, must maintain course of the Greater Good. The Codex will make Riptides good again”

    • Red_Five_Standing_By


    • Sniddy

      As a fellow Tau player, I for one welcome my new insect overlords – my riptides can gather dust….but they’ll probably suck at event that

      • Jabberwokk

        How the mighty have fallen. 🙁

      • Bootneck

        That makes me smile inside after all the trouble in 6 and 7th with those hideous creatures.

        I can smile almost like I’m watching an Eldars soul getting consumed by Slaanesh!

        • John Burns

          found the marine player

          • Bootneck

            Nah I play IW CSM totally different kettle of fish, we don’t get half the stuff our richer cousins get.

            Although I do have a strong affinity to nids who I play the most frequently with close friends.

      • John Burns

        i’m just bidding my time painting my minis, our time will come again brothers. T’au’va.

  • Commissar Molotov

    You’re finally going to make me paint all those ‘Nids I’ve been collecting since 2nd Ed, aren’t you, Gee Dub?

    • eMtoN

      Ditto. I have more than a couple boxes of Nid things that have been waiting a couple years to see the top of my build queue.

      • Jabberwokk

        12 gaunts.
        10 Hormogaunts.
        20 genestealers
        6 ravenors
        3 warriors
        1 Death leaper
        1 Carnifex
        ????Ripper bases.
        All on sprue.

        And I got a lot of stuff.

  • I_am_Alpharius

    Tid bits from the WH-Tv twitch sneak peak:

    – Changes bases on feedback and how the rules reflect the actual IP. As with much of 8th rule are aiming to not impede the flow of play too much.
    – New Synapse (12”) and Instinctive Behaviour (outside of 24”) teased out. So now have a 12” “buffer zone” where units follow normal moral rules.
    – Lots of things that monkey around with Synapse range. Different characters have different distances.
    – As seen Tyrants made much more survivable. This is equally true of the Swarmlord (It has 18” Synapse), Boneswords now does flat 3 attack but chance for mortal, gets +1 to INSv against melee weapon’s.
    – Brainleech-Devourers now 6 shots. Therefore potential for 24 shots!
    – Idea with Kronos themed to be anti-Demons/Chaos – Nids can’t eat demons and gain biomass; hence very shooty and psychically disrupting.
    – 3 pages of Stratagems.
    – Stratagem’ Adrenalin Surge’ (can’t recall this being revealed?) 3cp Fight again after all Fights complete.
    – Stratagem ‘Single Minded Annihilation’ 2cp(?) allows a unit to shoot again.
    – Stratagem ‘Rapid Regeneration’ heal D3 wounds 2cp
    – Stratagem ‘Implant Attack’ 1cp cause a mortal wound on 2+ when wounded in CC.
    – 6 Hive Psychic: Dominion, Catalyst, The Horror (-1 to hit), Onslaught (advance and charge/shoot), Paroxysm, Psychic Scream.
    – Genestealers: all bio morphs back. Flesh Hook shooting attack (assault 2 6”), EC +1sv but lose advance and charge. 5+ Inv from Lightning Reflexes. Infestation nodes from sprue can be used (place up to 4 in you deployment zone, Genestealer can then pop out with 6”. But if enemy move within 9”) that node destroyed)
    – Carnifex: all bio morphs back. Seen as a Swiss-army monster. Spin Banks (r6” a4 s5 ap0 D1, can shoot when within 1” of enemy), Tusk +1 attack if made a charged that turn.
    – 2 Geno-fixed Carnis: Screamer Killer (S7 -4ap D6 shoots) and Thornback.
    – Tyrannofex: 14W T8. Improved guns significantly. Rupture Cannon (3A S10 -3ap Dd6, and still benefit if sits still), Acid Spray A6 S7 (I think?). Now 238 (with weapons 183pt without)
    – Toxocryine: Increase AP weapons (did not give detail)
    – Warriors/Ravenous fundamentally the same. Use of stratagems really boosts them.
    – Old One Eye: W9 (to drop out of Character threshold, but bit more expensive).
    – Gorgon Artefact every time wound gains +1T
    – Heavy Venom Cannon much improved stat (I want to say, but they rattled it of very quickly, A.d6, S9/10?, -3/4ap? D.d6) but also has flamer type attack for close range 8” D6 attacks
    – Venomthrope ability can now cover Infantry AND monsters when you enough of them (I think they said 3+ models?).

  • I liked the idea of strategems a lot when I first heard about them.

    This was dashed by the discovery of how stupidly easy it is to max them out.

    • LankTank

      Are you mad? They are fantastic. Rather have them than some stupid never ending formation or a permanent rule on a model. You have to build your army right, have a valid target and pay to play. They are great

  • Jabberwokk

    Caustic Blood! Banelings! That was an idea I had back before 6th.

    Psychic Barrage seems……a high cost. If I get it right you need minimum 5 zoans to pull it off. 3D3 M wounds though….tempting.

    • Sniddy

      9, 3×3

      • Jabberwokk

        Can’t take squads of 1 anymore eh?

        I’m trying to think of a situation where you would want to use this…..

        • I_am_Alpharius

          Larger sized games mostly or a list built around using that particular stratagem.

          • Bootneck

            Don’t bother – Biovores are cheaper and more wounds guaranteed.

    • Bootneck

      Recheck the wording you need 9 zoans to pull of Psychic Barrage:-

      “Unit consiting of at least 3 models is within 6″ of 2 other such units.”

      Its utter garbage, if the points for zoans remain the same thats a minimum 360 points just for 3d3 mortal wounds on a 4+.

      Better ways to spend your points, better off just using biovores if its mortal wounds your after, you can get 10 for the same price.

      If you are Kronos Hive fleet you have a strong chance of getting hits and mortal wounds anywhere on the board,

      • Jabberwokk

        Yeah that’s what I thought. Thanks for clearing that up. Too bad because it’s almost good. I think it should have been 3″ +1″ for each zoan joining in the attack.

        • Bootneck

          The thing is, the zoans have to forgo there own psychic test to do it.

          So whats there own potential damage. . .

          Plus if there is 4 in the unit they can do two powers, smite and warp blast which is rumoured to be a power in its own right now.

          • Jabberwokk

            I’ve been (somewhat) limiting my spoiler intake because I want to figure stuff like that out when I get the book 😛

            Looking forward to the breakdowns and commentaries from the nid community in the months to come.

            Who knows maybe we will find a way to use things like this. Hivemind knows we’ve done more with much less.

          • Bootneck

            There is so many I tend to gloss over them as they’ve not all been true.

            I think this time round nids will have so much choice which they haven’t had for many years.

            Very refreshing tbh I don’t like when factions are limited to one style of play which over the last few years nids have slowly been reduced to.

          • Jabberwokk

            Tervigon spam, crone spam, lictor/mawloc spam and recently flyrant spam. Yup.

            Completely agree with you.

      • LankTank

        It’s just like the vindicator stratagem. And if you smoke 30 tac marines you’ll be happy. I will use it against my mates thousand sons or world eaters

  • quaade

    If you can still equip a Carnifex with two sets when the codex land. The preview is after all 3 months old and a lot can have changed since then.

    Also there is only one set in a box, giving them more goes against every design principle GW currently has of all options being in the box.

  • jexinator

    I just checked, they corrected 40 gants to 30 gants…

  • Matthew

    Yeah that’s what I thought. Thanks for clearing that up. Too bad because it’s almost good. I think it should have been 3″ +1″ for each zoan joining in the attack.

  • Elmex94

    It’s just like the vindicator stratagem. And if you smoke 30 tac marines you’ll be happy. I will use it against my mates thousand sons or world eaters

  • Jaz

    Caustic Blood! Banelings! That was an idea I had back before 6th.Psychic Barrage seems……a high cost. If I get it right you need minimum 5 zoans to pull it off. 3D3 M wounds though….tempting.