AoS: Grand Tournament Results Breakdown

The Grand Tournament Results are in and the numbers speak for themselves!

Games Workshop has wrapped-up the Age of Sigmar Grand Tournament 2017 and they have released a ton of info on the breakdown of the tournament. How the event worked was pretty neat – they hosted 3 heats of up to 90 players. From those players, the top of the crop were invite to play in the Grand Tournament. For the final series, those 90 players represented the top Age of Sigmar Players from the previous 3 events and consisted of an interesting mix of armies. Folks have been curious to see a break down and Games Workshop is here to show off just that!

Warhammer: Age of Sigmar Grand Tournament Army Breakdown

via Warhammer Community


Grand Allegiance Split

Of the 90 combatants that entered the Grand Tournament, we see the over-all breakdown by Allegiance. As you can see Order is clearly dominating the proceedings with 39 players. Chaos is in a solid second with 23. Destruction and Death are brining up the rear with 12 and 11 players, respectively. Keep in mind that Order and Chaos also have the benefit of having the most units, warscrolls, and armies to choose from as well which could be impacting those results.

Average GT Score By Faction

This breakdown is really interesting. The Order players came out in force and an Order player won the GT – however, Chaos was SUPER close to actually beating. On a per-player basis, this says that Chaos Players finished higher over-all on average. With next years AoS theme rumored to be around “Chaos Rising” the 2018 results could be very different…


Order Allegiance Split

Now we start to get into faction breakdowns. These are also really interesting to take a look at. Stormcasts made the vast majority of the Order Allegiance with 16 players. All the other armies hovered around the 3-6 player mark.  Sylvaneth represented the second highest with 6 players and Fyreslayers brought up the rear with only 3 players. It’s worth noting the GT winner was playing a Mixed Order Army.


Chaos Allegiance Split

Chaos as a faction was a much closer field. Mixed Chaos actually had the largest representation with 6 players while the Legion of Azgorh was there with 2 players. Honestly, I’m actually a little surprised there were even Legion of Azgorh players there – so way to represent!

Death Allegiance Split

Death was pretty evenly split between the Flesh-Eater Courts and Mixed Death. The Warhammer Community team did have a good point about the reason for the split:

“It’s worth noting that whilst no players used the new Death allegiances of Soulblight and Nighthaunt, many discussions were taking place about their viability in the future! With the Handbook being released relatively close to the GT final, it’s hard to paint up an entirely new army in time and get practice games in, so many players were talking of the next GT season as an opportunity to bring Nagash’s minions back for some revenge!”

It’s reasonable to infer from the data that players would have gone with the more familiar army – especially when you’re playing at such a high level. Most folks would rather take their go-to army than an untested and unplayed wild card.


Destruction Allegiance Split

Ironjawz were the most popular Destruction army at the GT with 5 players. Beastclaw Raiders only had a lone player represent their faction at the GT. Now, there is a pretty big caveat to this list – according to the Warhammer Community Team:

The other allegiances broadly fell under Mixed Destruction, however, we’ve grouped them by theme to give you an understanding of what was being used. It’s also worth noting that whilst Beastclaw only crops up once, other allegiances still used them in some capacity such as Grots with some Beastclaw buddies!

I had a feeling that might be the case. The Beastclaw units can pack a punch and are great to fill different roles in Destruction armies. With the Stonehorn being one of the toughest units in the game – I wouldn’t be shocked if the other Destructions armies each brought one just to plug some holes.

One final note direct from GW:

Whilst this only consists of the top 90 players who attended the Grand Tournament, it still represents an interesting cross-section of Age of Sigmar gaming. With this in mind, it’s important not to draw too many conclusions from the data herein. In reality, there’s nothing quite like knowing the game really well and fully understanding your army. The fact that the event was won by a unique Mixed Order army is a great example of this – nothing beats a good, knowledgeable general with a sound plan and a bit of luck!

Truer words, folks. It’s fun to take a look at the numbers and theorize, but this is based on the players who were lucky enough to attend as well. Those tickets sold out pretty quick and who knows how many players had to opt out just due to travel plans as well. Still it’s data that was collected and collated which is SOMETHING to poke at. And keep in mind there were 3 heats of 90 players that were condensed down to 90 players for the final…If we had the data on those first 3 heats then we could really dig in!


What do you think of the results? Any theories you have based on the numbers shown?

  • Hrudian

    So, no Nurgle/Rotbringers?

    Interesting breakdown btw.

    • Nurgle rotbringers are not competitive, so not surprising that they wouldn’t be seen here.

  • Christie Bryden

    analysis, stop releasing order till death catches up to atleast a quater.

  • Matthew Pomeroy

    This should show them to put more into fyreslayers and overlords as they are AoS originals that should get some real love

    • AEZ

      Sylvaneth have a large player base I think.. a new unit or 2 for them would sell I’d think.

      • Like how about some non-mounted Wardroth Beetles?

        • AEZ

          I’d prefer them to be mounted by Kurnoths.. but non mounted would be OK too. I’m actually looking for a cheap wardroth to convert into a hurricanum for a mixed order army with wanderer/sylvaneth units.(but they are non existant :D)

          • Lyca Atteneder

            Interesting… I would be looking for Alarielle without the Beetle… Ö.ö

      • Matthew Pomeroy

        absolutely, they are another (mostly) original

  • AEZ

    So what was that mixed order list??

  • marxlives

    Not really surprised with the results. Order and Chaos have been the top factions to play since the games release with Destruction and Death really, really suffering. With the drop of 8th and the attention GW is going to give 40k over AoS (due to one making significantly more money than the other) I really don’t see this sort of imbalance be rectified.

    It probably explains why thought the main AoS game player base has only dwindled over time without a great reception of critics and players within the gaming community, Shadespire has gotten an extremely positive reception. It can be competitive, with unique mechanics, but is small enough that it can easily be updated and expanded in the wake of 8th without one faction become less competitive than the other.

    Long game I wouldn’t be surprised to see 8th delegate the main AoS game to WHFB in decline status with Shadespire ironically being a Hero Quest game for the newest generation of consumers and being strong. Maybe even stronger than the main battle game it is based on.

    • Frank Krifka

      lol wtf are you talking about? Destruction was huge before GHB2017 dropped and make some substantial changes to Kunnin’ Rukk and Husktusk spam.

      And a dwindling player base? AoS has exploded in sales since GH2016 dropped, increasing revenue exponentially far far outstripping WHFB in record time. Critical reception since the GHB was released has been (largely) positive within the competitive scene with major tournament support on both sides of the pond.

    • Txabi Etxebarrieta

      Do we have citations for your claims or Frank’s?

    • GWELLS

      AOS is doing just fine, people are only focusing on 8th because it is relatively still new (for instance AOS is in its second year, 8th dropped dropped around 6 months ago) and they are pushing hard on it because of that. They are already preparing for new releases for AOS for the new year with even a new logo.

      And AOS is very popular with many people, and their new factions are much loved (Khardrons for example). Critical reception was only bad from the on set. The generals handbook massively improved reception from the game both with player and critic.

      I am confident when 8th releases slow down a bit they will give AOS some more love for 2018. Especially with the rumoured Slaanesh love we are finally going to get for chaos.

  • Randy Randalman

    Order saw a lot of love during the game’s inception. That’s going to be radically different in 2018, however, as Skaven, Slaanesh, and Death all have big releases.

    • GWELLS

      You are correct, the year of Slaanesh has been rumoured to be next year, similiar to what we got with the other gods.

      Along with new codex’s as well.

  • Marco Marantz

    Obviously balance is off in AoS too…just keep pumping out sigmarine and order stuff. Looks like super-friends is also a thing.