Aristeia!: Soldiers of Fortune Expansion Announced

Soldiers of Fortune add new mechanics and abilities which let players set up brutal combo attacks.

Hannibal is great for players who like to set up big plays. With proper positioning and thinking a turn or two ahead, Hannibal can use his Pointman ability to get massive amount of damage on the enemy by granting his allies a free bonus action with his Programmed Strategy ability.

Valkyrie is great for zoning out your opponents. She loves to charge in and deal a massive first strike then use Frostbite to keep her opponents within her range and Benediction of Freyja to deal huge swings. Keep her topped off for healing and protection and she’ll take on a whole team by herself.

Laxmee is a great new support character. She goes great for any players that like to take their time to make sure attacks go as planned. Utilizing the new states: Stunned and Focused, she can make sure that every attack goes like you planned.

Señor Massacre is a solid damage dealer and tank. He wants to get into the fray and taunt the opponents into targeting him. His Regeneration ability ensures he’ll survive long enough for the rest of your team to do what needs to be done.

All of these new characters are very cool. I love the new states and character interactions, especially with Hannibal and Laxmee. If you read my Aristeia! core game review, you’ll know I mentioned wanting states to play a bigger part in the game. Looks like I got exactly what I wanted. Massacre and Valkyrie both get huge benefits if they target someone with a certain state on them. This encourages players to set a plan of attack and set the pieces in place over a couple turns. This increases the skill ceiling of the game, which is great. I couldn’t be happier with this new characters.

I haven’t seen any of the new Tactics cards yet but I’m sure they are only going solidify this as a great expansion.

via Corvus Belli

Aristeia!: Soldiers of Fortune Expansion – Feb 2018

This expansion presents four new aristos and add two new States to the game.

Hannibal, the cunning mercenary leader, has assembled an elite team to participate in the most spectacular and, above all, profitable show in the Human Sphere. With his unparalleled ability to control the tactical situation in the HexaDome, he’ll be able to adapt and rise victorious against any enemy.

Valkyrie, Hannibal’s impressive bodyguard, has proved herself more than capable to face HexaDome veterans the size of Maximus. Her terrifying battle cry can freeze the bravest hearts, and no one is safe when she wields her halberd.

Laxmee, the unpredictable Masai hacker, will show new ways to use combat protocols with her military grade hacker device. Summoning programs like Masai Labions summon the rain, she can both help her teammates or hinder her opponents.

Señor Massacre, the incorrigible masked luchador, has overflown all audimeters with his irreverent loquacity and his spectacular fighting style. His enemies learn the bad way that his tongue is sharper than his katanas.

The two new States this expansion adds to the game allow new strategies in the HexaDome. Stunned enemies will lose successes in their rolls, while Focused allies will be able to increase their rolls to improve their chances of success.

Whether together, or combined with previous Characters to build their own teams taking advantage of new synergies, these mercenaries will add a new range of possibilities that no Aristeia! player will want to let go.

Soldiers of Fortune is not a full game. Need a copy of Aristeia! to play.


4 Models  16 Character Cards (4 languages)  4 Initiative Cards – 64 Tactics (4 languages)  20 State tokens  1 Tactic marker  1 New Rules Card
  • 2 Players
  • 60 – 90 Minutes
  • Ages 14+

“I love it when a plan comes together” – Hannibals everywhere.

  • ZeeLobby

    can’t wait to get my copy and try this out. I’ve watched it played a couple times (didn’t have time to play myself) and it looks great.

    • marxlives

      Saw one average review on this game but I wonder if there was a little bias to it. I hope more reviews come out. It really has me excited. As someone with a limited wallet I would like to see more in depth articles comparing this to Necromunda. Read some reviews comparing RuneWars vs. A Song of Ice and Fire and it seems that while ASoIaF is beautiful but mechanically it is very much a better version of 8th WHFB. As a guy who appreciates mechanics, it looks like RW is da bomb of RnF.

      • ZeeLobby

        Having played RWs, I just love the mechanics. The dials and their effect on initiative are just really cool imo. Have really gotten RnF the closest it’s ever been to actual generalship on a real battlefield. Very impressive imo. Just wish the models and background were more interesting. I’m OK with the models, they’re just very generic fantasy, and same with the background. Then again, they have to start somewhere.

        As for this, it’s probably more comparable to Shadespire than Necromunda (at least the 3D Necromunda we all plan on playing). Personally I’m waiting on Necromunda a bit to see how it pans out. Having to buy the starter + an extra book for full rules just seems like a lot.

        • marxlives

          That is true, I got limited wallet space. I will give Aesteria a go. I am not concerned about lore. I supported both Warmachine and Malifaux, and their lore has gotten super deep over time. As long as the mechanics are sound and deep, the lore can be fleshed out later. Same thing for Rune Wars, its building an identity that is tied to and separate from tradition DnD. But if the mechanics are sound (which they really sound like) then I am not to worried about the lore.

      • ZeeLobby
      • This is nothing like Necromunda, like in no way whatsoever, haha. A better comparison is to Shadespire.

        • Matt Sall

          Aristeia is definitely closer to Shadespire, but I’d say still not very similar.

          Aristeia focuses on individual characters and their unique abilities and how they synergize with your other characters. Plus the fact that kills are only a secondary victory condition makes Aristeia a less strictly combat oriented game.

          Shadespire is much more pure tactical where each army will have some abilities that set them apart. But ultimately, a player’s skill and tactical mindset is what is going to set them apart from other less skilled players. Versus in Aristeia, your team composition plays a much larger part in the victory.

  • Oh hell, now Massacre is available. OK, this is now on my Christmas list.