Black Library: T’au F’ac’e “E’vi’l”

In the latest short story from Black Library the T’au face on “The Greatest Evil” – something sinister this way comes…

via Black Library

The Greater Evil $4.99

A T’au Empire story

An expedition to discover the fate of a long lost Water Caste ambassador and bring an Imperial world into the T’au Empire faces grave peril…

Peter Fehervari continues to build his little corner of the Warhammer 40,000 universe in a tale of mystery and danger that will leave you guessing right to the very end.

In the far reaches of the Damocles Gulf, an expedition of the T’au Empire heads for the system known to the Imperium as Yuxa, there to bring the influence of the Greater Good to humanity – and investigate the reappearance of a Water Caste ambassador thought lost years before. Joined by a mysterious Ethereal and defended by gue’vesa auxiliaries – soldiers once of mankind’s Imperium, now devoted to the Greater Good – the expedition’s leader expects a trap/ But what he finds may just change his perceptions of the galaxy.

Written by Peter Fehervari


Look – we’re not sure what this “Greatest Evil” actually is…but we have a theory. And that theory involves Chaos. T’au vs Chaos? Or will it be the greatest threat of all? CHAOS T’AU!

Will the T’au finally succumb to their chaotic nature and turn to the Dark Gods for science? Will they finally become the blood-thirsty empire that goes on a galaxy-wide genocidal killing spree the likes of which haven’t been seen since the Indomitus Crusade? Only one way to find out!


They are evil cause of the goatees. Everyone knows that.

  • BClement

    Chaos Tau. Tau = 3 letters. Half-Life 3 confirmed.

    • NNextremNN

      Half-Life 3 is as dead as the emperor.

  • Tom Spear

    Chaos Tau?! *money disappears into the warp*

  • fenrisful2

    Most likely Tyranids, Chaos is just misunderstood creatures.

  • Emprah

    That is one quality tau stache shoop!

  • tau4eva

    Now I want to paint angry brows on all my models

  • Dan

    Heart of Sharkness. Apocalypse Minnow. Something-something-Joseph Conrad fish pun.

    Y’all know its coming.

  • Severius_Tolluck

    So Firewarrior 2.0? Still can’t get over Kais beating a changer of ways to death with his own severed arm crying “Blood for the Blood God”

  • jmaximum

    Sounds like they will find T’au who have mentally devolved to their original hyper-aggressive tribal state.