Cosplay Construction Highlight: Chiefy Creates Blizzard’s Lich Queen

Today’s Cosplayer Spotlight with Chiefy Creates, walks us through inspiration and her Lich Queen Cosplay!

Welcome to the Cosplay Artist Construction Spotlight!

This week marks the second part of our series showcasing Cosplayers and the construction and building process of their Cosplays! We’ve tapped some Cosplayers from the Blizzard and Warhammer communities, and prop builders. This week we’re taking a look at Chiefy Creates and her Lich Queen!

The Inspiration is Blizzard’s Lich King

The Headpiece

The headpiece is made out EVA foam, Thibra, and Worblas Crystal Art for the gem.


The Breastplate

The base of the breastplate is EVA foam. I covered it in Thibra, primed and then painted with acrylics. The frost effect is white acrylic paint with a gloss gel medium on top for ice effects. Faux fur was sewn on after.

The Belt

The belt is made out of faux leather and the skull is made out of Thibra and craft foam. The cape is a thick knot fabric that I weathered and scorched. White fabric paint was added to the bottom for weathering.


Thigh Pieces

The thigh pieces are made out of black worbla and EVA foam.

The Boots

Boots are made out of foam with a faux leather top. Added faux fur on top and the front pieces are made out of black worbla. I sculpted the leg pieces out of sculpey, put a thermal plastic called Thibra on top, and painted with acrylics. LEDs were added later.

The Finished Cosplay!
What are your social media/website links? Where can we find you?
 IG: Chiefy_Creates
FB: Chiefy Creates
Twitter: Chiefy Creates

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  • 9breaker

    lol Why a gun?

    • Apocryphus

      Upon closer inspection , I think that’s supposed to be a crossover with Mei from Overwatch…

  • Vepr

    Very cool costume. I know it is a little bit of a different take on the concept but I think the costume could do with a little bit more menacing and aging/weathering.

  • Apocryphus
  • euansmith

    That’s some great work. Also, as a terrain making fan, it is always interesting to find out about different materials. I’ll be ordering some Worbla to give it a go for making some buildings.