Dark Apocrypha 40K: Codex Eldar Week

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This week we put the new ELDAR Codex through the wringer. Turns out, you should still hate the Eldar.

This past week on Dark Apocrypha…

Codex Craftworlds Celebration

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Codex Craftworlds – Part 1: Alaitoc vs Ultramarines

For our first day out, we will test out an Alaitoc Ranger force against the mighty Ultramarines. Let’s see how the new codex fares against a solid power armored foe.

Army Lists


Maugen Ra 140 (warlord)

Farseer Skyrunner singing spear – 140

4xGuardian Skyrunners – scatter lasers

Hemlock – 200

Hemlock – 200

10x Rangers – 120

10x Rangers – 120

10x Rangers – 120

10x Dark Reapers – 270


Fire Prism – CTM, Shuriken Cannon – 170

Fire Prism – CTM, Shuriken Cannon – 170

6/6 CP

1762 pts



Librarian w. Force Sword – 105
Primaris LT – powersword – 74
Company Ancient – 63 Relic- Standard of the Emperor Ascendant
Redemptor w/ H Onslaught Cannon, Onslaught Cannot, Icarus Missle Launcher, 2x Fragstorm Launchers – 206
10x Intercessors w/ Bolt Rifles – 200
5x Tactical Marines – LC – 90
Razorback W Twin Heavy Bolters and Storm Bolter- 84
5x Tactical Marines – 65
5x scouts w/ Heavy bolter -65
2x Inceptors – 120
2x Inceptors – 120
Land Raider w/ Storm Bolter and Sergeant Chronus -393
5x Hellblasters w/ Assault Plasma Incinerator – 170
6/6 CP

1765 Points

Codex Craftworlds – Part 2: Biel-Tan vs Necrons

For our 2nd day out we will test out an Aspect focused Beil-Tan themed force against their immortal enemies: the Necrons. It’s the War in Heaven Round 2…million!

Army Lists


Avatar of Khaine (warlord) – 250

Asurmen – 175

10x Dire Avengers – 120

10x Dire Avengers – 120

10x Dire Avengers – 120

6x Fire Dragons – 120

10x Banshees, Exarch, Executioner – 133

10x Banshees, Exarch, Executioner – 133

Wave Serpent, ShCannon, Twin BLance, CMatrix -162

Wave Serpent, ShCannon, Twin BLance, CMatrix -162

Wraithknight – 2x Hvy Wraithcannon 502

7/7 CP

1997 pts



Overlord, Staff of Light, Res Orb – 154

Cryptek, Staff of Light – 104

20x Warriors – 240

20x Warriors – 240

10x Immortals, Tesla – 170

3x Wraiths – 114

Ghost Ark – 170

5x Deathmarks – 100

5x Deathmarks – 100

3x Scarabs – 39

Doom Scythe – 220

Night Scythe – 174

Night Scythe – 174


7/7 Command Points

Codex Craftworlds – Part 3: Iyanden vs T’au

For our 3rd day out, we will test out an wraith-construct list (with a bonesinger!) Let’s see how the new codex fares against the T’au’s shooting.

Army Lists


Prince Yriel (warlord) – 100

Spiritseer -45

Spiritseer -45

Bonesinger – 70

10x Guardian Defender – 80

10x Guardian Defender – 80

10x Guardian Defender – 80

10x Wraithguard, d-scythes – 450

10x Wraithguard, wraithcannon – 400

Wraithlord , ghostglaive, flamersx2, brightlance – 151

Wraithknight – 2x Hvy Wraithcannon 502


2003 pts



Battalion Detachment

Crisis Commander w/Missile pods, Advanced Targeting, and Multi-tracker – 134pts

Cadre Fireblade – 42pts

1x Firesight Marksman – 24pts

1x Riptide w/Ion Accelerator, Fusion Blasters, Target Lock, Stimulant Injector, Missile Drones – 425

5x Strike Team – 40pts

5x Strike Team – 40pts

10x Breacher Team – 80pts

10x Pathfinders – 80pts

6x Sniper Drones – 108pts

2x Broadside w/High Yield Missile Pods, Smart Missiles, Advanced Targeting, Missile Drones – 460pts

3x Broadsides w/Heavy Rail Rifles, Smart Missiles, Target Lock – 567pts

2000pts – 6/6 Command Points

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  • Why is it that so many lists look like spamming a few different units? I mean, Eldar have such a huge pool of diversity that I never understood why someone would not want to make use of that.

    • ILikeToColourRed

      A) its easier to design a list with fewer moving parts
      – one unit type for one role kinda deal
      B) people tend to like specific units (probably A here)

    • Morgoth

      I often wonder the same. I understand that ITC players just take the 1-3 most point efficient units, but even a lot of ‘fun’ lists are close to spam there days.

      I’m actually driving myself crazy, I’ve build over 15 lists in the last 2 days, because I cannot choose which Eldar unit to include.. I want them all in my list! Most of my Eldar lists end up being ‘highlander’ lists with no unit twice in the list (not even a serpent). I guess I’ll end up having to make a choice within each category (Banshees vs Scorpions for example)

      • Because no one wants to take a “fun” list to the shop and have ITC guy teabag them, so they have to also bring an ITC level list.

        Tournament lists infect the casual scene and influence what a giant chunk of players buy, not just the tournament guys themselves.

    • Because thats how you play if you are “competitive” and it would seem the majority of players are “competitive”.

      • Why does spam of something a list competitive?

        • Because a competitive player is looking to take the strongest list possible. Which means looking at a list of units, identifying the most broken undercost ones, and then taking as many of those as they are allowed.

          • But I don’t see how 3×10 Guardians fits that idea. At all.

          • It doesn’t. Spamming the most cost efficient and powerful unit does.

          • Then why does one of these lists contain 3×10 Guardians?

  • Loken

    You know, her point could have come across a bit better if she included 40k cosplay instead of anime and the 101 Dalmatians lol.