D&D: Xanathar Takes Over Dragon+ Issue 16

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The Xanathar has taken over the latest issue of Dragon+ if you like Beholders, stories, and/or Planescape Torment, you should check it out.

With the imminent release of Xanathar’s Guide to Everything, the Xanathar himself has allowed an intrepid reporter from Dragon+ to conduct an interview, which ends about as well as you’d think. But also, this episode is the Storyteller’s Special, and they deliver on that promise in spades. If you are interested at all in upping the game of your storytelling, I cannot recommend this issue enough. There’s so much to learn, as they talk with some master D&D Storytellers about how to get story out of and into the game.

Also, there is some truly inspiring artwork in this issue. I will share just one piece with you so you can see why I’m so enamored this time around:

via Wizards of the Coast

Our storytelling special featuring fiction, advice from our favorite D&D bards, and an interview with The Xanathar himself!

Grab a glass of milk and a cookie, and settle down as Dragon+ Issue 16 prepares to tell you a story. First up, we’ve got the continuation of Adam Lee’s tale, focusing on curious Chultan druid Qawasha and his vegepygmy friend Kupalué. We also mine Beamdog’s classic video game RPG Planescape: Torment, to bring you the story of an expedition into dangerous territory. And that’s before we scour our archives for fiction that previously graced the pages of Dragon magazine.

We’re not done on the storytelling front yet, as we ask our favorite bards: what came first, their storytelling skills or their game playing? These eminent fantasy authors share what makes a compelling fable, which is often very different from what drives a successful campaign. Meanwhile, Ethan Gilsdorf heads behind the screen to show how pop culture and literature can help create character and enhance the roleplaying experience.

Elsewhere, it all gets a bit arty, as Leah Palmer Preiss talks us through her amazing Dragon+ cover, Richard Whitters reveals his work on WizKids’ classic figures, and Jason Rainville shares his unusual process for creating the image on Xanathar’s Guide to Everything!

And we definitely can’t leave without telling you about our exclusive interview with The Xanathar himself, or he would literally kill us. If he hasn’t already…


Xanathar’s Guide: Preview
Jason Rainville paints the famous beholder and lives to tell the tale. Will our exclusive interview with Xanathar go as swimmingly?

The Art of Storytelling
Bards Richard Baker, Bruce R. Cordell, Erin M. Evans, Ed Greenwood, Lev Grossman, R.A. Salvatore and Cameron Tofer discuss the rich links between D&D and storytelling.

Spider Shark
HasCon participants created a monster. So we’ve brought the beast to life!

Figuratively Speaking
Artist Richard Whitters updates some familiar faces, beaks and maws for WizKids’ D&D Icons of the Realms: Classic Creatures set.

Fiction: Qawasha & Kupalué
Part two of Adam Lee’s story, focusing on a curious Chultan druid and his vegepygmy friend.

Click or Die!
Video game developer Codename on the rise of Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms.

NPC Spotlight
Supercharge your home game by adding characters inspired by the Wafflecrew and Force Grey: Lost City of Omu livestreams!

Behind the Screen: Driving a Stake in It
DM Ethan Gilsdorf shows how pop culture and literature help create character and enhance the roleplaying experience.

Fiction: Chronicle of the Plain of Shale
Revisiting a story written to accompany the release of Planescape: Torment, plus the TRPG creature stats to bring that world to life!

Best of the DMs Guild: The Guild Adept Program
Preview four of the works produced by the ten extremely talented individuals already enrolled into our program.

Read Dragon+ Issue 16 Today

Meanwhile, I’m going to hope that we’ve done enough to appease the Xanathar for today.

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