FW: Astraeus Pricing Confirmed

The new Forge World Super-Heavy Primaris Tank has a price tag that has us all surprised!

When the Astraeus rumbled on the scene folks took one look at the kit and immediately began speculating on the pricing. “It’s going to be as much as a Thunderhawk – or more!” Well now the guessing game can stop because the wait is over.

via Garro (Facebook 11-1-2017)

Pricing Confirmed: £220 / €285 / $363

In the grand scheme of things, that’s actually not as crazy as folks were expecting. It’s actually cheaper than the Thunderhawk, The Mastodon, and the Stormbird! It’s double the price of a Spartan Assault Tank and £40 more expensive than a Felblade, and not quite triple the price of a Sicaran. It’s definitely an investment but it’s surprisingly affordable for the size of the thing.

Now, I’m not expecting to see one of these in every army – however at that price point, I think Forge World is hoping to move these kits. And, if you can find something at Forge World for £30 more, you can also get free express shipping as well.

It is the first Super-Heavy Tank for the Primaris and it certainly has a unique aesthetic going for it. Based on the rear compartments, it had us here at BoLS wondering if this was just the first version of the tank. Perhaps a transport option is on the way? Perhaps. It also had us wondering what inspired this tank’s design. Clearly it’s got a bit of the Sicaran and the Repulsor in it’s DNA. But it also reminded us of another famous Main Battle Tank from a different series that involves “Genetically Engineered Super Soldiers fighting against an alien threat.”

M808 “Scorpion” Main Battle Tank – Halo Series


It not the same tank…but it does make you wonder.

The Astraeus Super-Heavy Tank is coming to Forge World and we’ll be sure to let you know when you can get your hands on one.


What do you think of the pricing of the Astraeus? Are you tempted to pick one up?

  • Fraser1191

    So are rules gonna come with it or can we find them in fires of cyraxus? Lol

  • Malevengion

    It’s actually under $300.00 USD, not bad compared to some of their other kits.

    • BK Ripper

      It is $363 according to the above.

      Although looking further I am wondering where they got the $363 since £220 is $288 (ish) by current conversion rates, and as far as I know Forgeworld only deals in pounds.

      • Marcet

        The $363 comes from the catalogue picture. If you look at it you can make it out just after the £220, and the €285. If you mean WHY FW charges more, that I don’t know, but the catalogue picture is where they got it from.

        • BK Ripper

          You are correct. I was not clear. I realized it was from the picture. I was more wondering where the people who made the catalog got it from, since FW only deals in pounds, I don’t think you will actually get charged that amount. You will get charged £220, and whatever your credit card does for the conversion is what you end up with. I just find it odd that they would put the price in dollars or Euros at all.

          • ZeeLobby

            I mean unless FW is about to start sales in other currencies. I mean GW already does it.

          • carlisimo

            When FW sells things in person at events in the US or continental Europe, they use those prices in their catalog, which appear to be based on the old, pre-Brexit conversion rate of more than $1.60/GBP. So don’t buy FW models at those events.

  • eMtoN

    Pleas don’t use the word “affordable” in the same sentence as $363.

    Sure, it’s not as much as other incredibly overpriced resin but that doesn’t put it into the realm of “affordable”.

    • I_am_Alpharius

      Indeed. ‘Affordable’ is very much a relative term!

    • Jason Peacock

      It’s significantly less than $363 in reality

    • DJ860

      It is affordable if you can afford it.

      $363 is affordable for some and not for others.

      Not sure what the problem is.

      • Ebsolom

        Affordable for the minority.
        Unaffordable for the majority.
        : )

  • Red_Five_Standing_By

    Really pricey. We won’t be seeing many of these.

    • ZeeLobby

      Honestly, with how unpopular Primaris are locally, I doubt I’ll ever see any, oustide of large events.

      • Red_Five_Standing_By

        Primaris are popular enough in my local area. Not sure if many would bother with this 300 dollar turd.

        Maybe it if t were half that price.

        • ZeeLobby

          Hehe. Well there’s that too.

        • >Astraeus

          Pick one, you can’t have both. This thing’s probably one of the single coolest models FW has produced thus far.

          • Koonitz

            Subjectivity. Subjectivity everywhere….

            You like the look of the tank. Red_Five doesn’t. Both are perfectly valid opinions.

            For the record, I like the look of the tank, but had no desire to start a new Primaris army (even though I’m confident it’ll fit in just fine with a regular Marine army). So, instead, I bought my Horus Heresy Thousand Sons Glaive, instead, just to remove any temptation I had in buying this. So, y’know, good job to the Astaeus for encouraging me on that one. *thumbs up*

            Also, on the subject of the conversation, there are dozens of Space Marine players in my local area and wargaming group. Not a one of ’em has a Fellblade or Falchion, despite both being perfectly legal Space Marine super heavies in 40k, and cheaper than the Astraeus. Heck, few Guard players even have a Baneblade variant, and that’s a GW plastic kit for half the cost!

            I doubt even if the Primaris marines were more popular, you’d see many, if any, of these.

          • Red_Five_Standing_By

            I like that you like it. I wish I liked it.

            I might like it more if it were 150 bucks 😉

            I just wish it looked more like the Repulsor or a Fellblade or something. To me, it looks more like White Base from Gundam than a tank.

    • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

      its pretty ugly and weird looking too. Looks more like an armed cargo hauler than a battle tank.

    • euansmith

      Its not just the price; it is the amount of table top real-estate this thing would eat up.

  • Allerka

    I predicted $300-400. Guess I win the betting pool among my friends. 😛

    • Jason Peacock

      Since the process is currently $287 you might not have won

  • GiftoftheMagi

    They still refuse to ask the real question: does it change into an Autobot or Decepticon? My money is Decepticon.

  • SilentPony


  • David Smith

    Tempted? Not even a little bit.

  • BaronSnakPak

    Even though its one of the rare FW models that I like the look of, anything over $150 is too rich for my tastes.

  • PrehistoricUF0

    Still not sure about whether I want this goofy looking tank or not. It looks cool in some angles but then in others it seems like a bizarre conversion I’d have done when I was 12 and in a Bitz Box challenge. Need to see one in person before grabbing one.

  • DarkMillennium

    My guess is it’s probably got a large amount of plastic pieces from previous GW kits and you’ll actually feel like you’ve paid a huge amount for a relatively small piece of resin. Like how the Damocles is over double the price of a GW rhino, so over half the price is for the resin but you get a whole rhino kit! I know it’s a slightly different STC pattern but still.

    I wish they’d just make some of these as upgrade kits, for instance just the radar bit of the damocles

  • Talos2

    I don’t like it. Looks like it started as 2 different tanks

    • Matthew Pomeroy

      not a fan of the size, this thing has to fight and fit on a 6×4

  • stinkoman

    looks like a they kitbashed a cerestus and a sicaran, but then decided it couldnt fly, so called it a tank.

  • euansmith

    It strikes me as a bit of a waste of a cool name; Astraeus, God of the Dusk.

  • Marcus Clark

    Buy on ebay for cheap after the Chinese have got there hands on the prints, that’s how I just got my Tomb Stalker for $37 AU, instead of £45 ($76 AU).

  • Rasheed Jones

    Affordable….300+$ pick one.