FW: Astraeus vs Fellblade

How does the Astraeus compare the Fellblade? Let’s dive in and take a look!

The Astraeus is being touted as the FIRST new Primaris Super-heavy Tank. It’s got the “Mobility of a Repulsor, The Firepower of a Fellblade and The Durability of a Titan.” So naturally, we had to ask “well does it?”

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The Astraeus Super-heavy Tank

The Relic Fellblade Super-Heavy Tank

The Stats

Looking at these two, they look pretty close! The Astraeus has the win when it comes to speed. They have the same WS (which, hah – tank) and both have the same BS on a degrading scale (more on that below). The Fellblade gets the check mark for Toughness – however the difference between Toughness 8 and 9 might not be that much of a winner. The Fellblade also has 2 more wounds. Each has a relatively close Attack stat (which, hah tank again), although the Fellblade DOES have an extra attack and doesn’t drop below 3. The Leadership is tied and so is the Armor Save. Now, the Astraeus does have the unique Void Shield vs the Fellblade…So points for the Astraeus.

The Main Weapon

So, for the sake of brevity, we’re only looking at the main” weapon for both. The Twin Macro-accelerator Cannon has a shorter range of 72″ vs 100″ so the Fellblade wins in that regard. Now, the TMC does come stock with 12 heavy shots which is pretty impressive AND it doesn’t take any dice rolls for random numbers of shots. Alternatively, the Fellblade has AE shells…so points for both. The HE shells are very similar with the same strength and the Damage and AP inverted. The TMC does have points for being able to target flyers, but the Fellblade can get more shots if targeting a unit with 5 or more models.

But let’s look at the total potential damage really quick – the TMC gets 12 shots at 3 damage each, the Fellblade maxes out at either 12 shots at 2 damage or 2 shots that each do 6 damage. From a pure damage perspective, the TWM has the higher damage potential.

The Abilities

Both have the Power of the Machine Spirit and Steel Behemoth. However the Fellblade has Smoke Launchers which can be pretty handy. However, the Astraeus has Void Shields (which we’ve seen above), the Hover Tank rule (which is just for measuring), but the Enhanced Repulsor Fields are super interesting. However, there is one thing that I think the Astraeus has that takes the cake:

The Keywords

The Astraeus has the FLY keyword! The reason this is important is that it allows a Super-heavy to not get bogged down. Terrain, other units, and other random obstacles aren’t going to be a problem for the Astraeus and that’s kind of a big deal!

The Verdict

The Astraeus does have a lot of things going for it mechanically. When it comes to the Tagline – “Mobility of a Repulsor, The Firepower of a Fellblade and The Durability of a Titan.” – it actually does fit those qualities. But the Fellblade does pack a mean punch – and it might just hit hardest where it counts the most:

Legion Fellblade £180

Astraeus Super-heavy Tank £220


So what do you think? Would you rather run the Astraeus Super-heavy Tank or the Classic Fellblade? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

  • Tigirus

    Except this is kinda a moot point since the Falchion is way stronger than the two of them, 2D6 shots at 2D6 damage kills pretty much anything that it wants. I will give the astraeus the fact that it’s main gun is much more reliable for dealing with infantry since it has a fixed 12 shots and it’s effectively immune to deep-strike charges due to the -3 charge range requiring a 12 to make it, I’m just rather disappointed by it’s secondary weapons, 2 slightly stronger plasma cannons or 2 24″ twin lascannons doesn’t bring enough to the table compared to the Fellblade and Falchion’s quad lascannons, heck at best the plasma gets 6 shots at str 8 compared to the constant 8 str 8 shots of the other two.

    At the end of the day I rate a super-heavy based on how well it kills other super heavies since that’s why I take them in larger games and really the astraeus just isn’t that good at it.

    • wibbling

      Until you roll for 5 shots, getting 2 hits. Then it’s doing 3 points of damage at a time instead of 2. Admittedly the higher save mod is handy but I’d prefer the predictability of the 12 shots over the 2d6.

      However, I’d take the Fellblade model any day of the week.

  • defensive

    >Terrain being a big deal
    Oh wait, were you serious?

    And the toughness 9 is actually a big deal, since everything on the GI Joe tank is gonna be wounding on 4s or 5s, compared to almost everything on the Fellblade wounding on 3s thanks to toughness 8.
    Void shields are almost meaningless in this comparison since only one optional weapon is going to push the Fellblades save past 5+ anyway.

    The only thing the GI Joe holds over the Fellblade, is 2″ better movement, and slightly more expected damage than the Fellblade’s main gun (4 wounds for the TMC compared to 3.6 for the Fellblade cannon).
    But that last point is kinda moot, since the Fellblade would dish out 14.3 wounds, while poor old GI Joe would only do 6.2.
    So the Fellblade will wreck it in 2 turns, while it could stand up to 5 rounds of shooting before going down itself.

    Comparison done. Waste of money in all regards.

    • vlad78

      Rule of cool, the nicest looking super heavy vehicle wins.

      Errh I think this is another win for the Fellblade.

      Comparison done.

      Anyway, primaris look nicest when they put mk7 helmets on.

  • Snord

    The Fellblade looks awesome, while the Astreus is just a mess. So I know which one I’d field.

    • “the Astreus is just a mess”


      • denzark

        No, he’s correct. The single most awful thing FW have ever pushed out.

        • Sniddy

          Indeed it looks like an AA turret mounted a hovercraft and they bolted some guns on to the hoover looking front , it’s hideous

        • Coltcabunny

          Clearly you’ve not seen the other GI Joe toy aka the Mastadon. The Astraeaus is in the same league as that abomination.

        • I_am_Alpharius

          Again, like @Kepora:disqus response, you can’t simply say that – it not a black or white situation. The like or dislike of the kit is entirely personal preference. Some hobbyist will love it, some will hate it and others will be indifferent to it.

          • ZeeLobby

            Sure it’s subjective, but in this case we can all be pretty objective on it. It’s a big turd in an otherwise awesome FW line.

          • I_am_Alpharius

            Didn’t know you spoke for the community as a whole…..


          • ZeeLobby

            Well now you do. Your welcome :D!


          • NNextremNN

            I like the Astraeus much more then the Fellblade. It at least tries to be more then a brick with guns and has a lot more details. And no you’re not objective.

          • ZeeLobby

            LoL. It was a joke. I understand there’s like 5 people out there that think this tank is amazeballs. I’ve just yet to meet a real life one.

      • Lumpenprole

        Not wrong. The Astraeus looks like someone has been sitting on it.

      • I_am_Alpharius

        You can’t simple say someone is ‘wrong’. @Snord:disqus doesn’t like the model and that fine, it is his opinion.

        Personally I like the design. It looks distinctly Adeptus Astartes. It has an air the brutality to it whilst still appearing fairly sleek. All good stuff in my book.

        • Snord

          Thank you. I maintain that it’s a failed design. It has some nice features, but to me it’s an unsuccessful attempt to upscale a Repulsor. I think the main problem is the twin boom nose, which (like the Repulsor’s sponsors) just looks unnecessary. The rounded upper hull is also very out of keeping with the Marine aesthetic. The repulsor units themselves are also problematic, as they are on the Repulsor – they look too much like tracks, and make it appear ungainly. This is what happens when people want to echo familiar design elements in new vehicle, but don’t join everything up properly. Some of the recent Star Wars stuff has a similar issue…

  • Dioscuri

    In terms of looks, I’m not exactly loving the Astraeus. Maybe I need to see one in person, but it doesn’t seem to have a very coherent visual design compared to other iconic vehicles. The macroaccelerator cannons look pretty small compared to the Massive Guns of other super heavies…

  • Apocryphus

    Oh man, the Astraeus only has a 72″ range compared to the Fellblade’s 100″! You mean my Astraeus can’t shoot units on the table behind my opponent and interfere with other people’s games?! I get why they make extended ranges like that, but it feels moot and silly the majority of the time.

    • HeadHunter

      LOL. It doesn’t usually make a difference, but don’t forget that you *can* have a distance of more than 100″ on a 4’x8′ table (hypotenuse, baby…)
      If you’re in one corner of the board and the opponent is in the other, it’s relevant. Basically, 100″ on a tank gun means “Hit anything on the board at any time”.

  • 415Native

    The Repulsor is the ugliest new kit in recent memory, and unfortunately the Astraeus is built from the same design clues. It looks like the bastard obese child of a Sicaran and a Repulsor.

  • Jimmy Rajden

    It doesn’t say how good the void shield save is on the ability, with ALL THAT TEXT. And why does it even work in CC?

    • Watcherzero

      Void shield save is in the damage table, 5+ at 11+ health, 6+ at 6+ health then 7+ below (i.e. only gets a save in cover). It also doesn’t protect against melee attacks only ranged attacks though does give a save on mortal wounds except self inflicted ones.

  • LunaWolf

    Focusing the comparison ok only the main cannon is the only thing holding Joe in this match. Fellblade shoots 8 Lascannon shots, and a Demolisher cannon inside 24″, plus 6 heavy bolter shots. Joe has, maximally equipped, a between 2 and 6 plasma shots at 36″, 2 lascannons, and a smattering of S4 extras. It isn’t really close.

  • HeadHunter

    I personally find the Astraeus to be ugly and non-tank-like. There are shot traps all over the body of that thing, so yeah it’d need a void shield. Did they forget why armor is sloped in the last 10,000 years?

    The Fellblade/Glaive and the Sicaran LOOK and WORK as tanks should. If I were going to put a FW tank on the board, it would be one of those instead.