FW: Beastmen Invade The Underhive

The taint of Chaos is creeping into the Underhive – Forge World teases Beastmen for Necromunda!

via Warhammer Community

The next generation of Necromunda is less than two weeks away, but it’s only just the beginning. Whether you’re planning on playing with the warrior-women of House Escher or conquering the underhive through the might of House Goliath, thanks to Forge World, you’ll be able to add a bestial bounty hunter to your roster – if you’ve got the credits.

Gor Half-Horn, Bounty Hunter

If you recognize Gor Half-Horn, kudos to you! He’s actually a re-imaging of a classic Rogue Trader Model from the abhuman auxilla:

Note the Imperial Aquila on his chest! Plus the plasma pistol and chainsword – dead give away, right?

Gor will be available for Pre-Order Friday which means he’ll probably be shipping around the time Necromunda hits shelves…just in time!

And in case you’re wondering, this is just the beginning from Forge World:

Gor Half-Horn’s rules and fighter card are included with the model, as well as rules for adding him to your gang in both one-off and campaign games of Necromunda. This is just the first of what Forge World has planned for the game of gang warfare in the 41st Millennium – like Blood Bowl, there are plenty of awesome models in the pipeline to support the plastic ktis and gangs you’ve already seen.

That’s right – More FW models are coming to Necromunda!


I’m digging the sculpt and the rapid-fire support for Necromunda. I can’t wait to see the rest of the gangs and supplements hit shelves!

  • Darkcat

    So are this guys still allied with the Imperium Of Man?

    • AEZ

      That would be odd.. considering the empire wants all mutants dead… but maybe an inquisitor is keeping him as a pet :D… they seem to get away with all the heresy in the galaxy (which .. is kinda odd)

      • frank

        Beast men are not ‘mutants’ they are a fairly stable if not extreme form of ab-human. if he were an inquisitor’s pet the symbol of the inquisition would be all over him.

    • LankTank

      You dont want to know where the cheese cones from. Thats a male…

  • ZeeLobby

    That’s pretty, pretty, pretty good.

  • dave long island

    Now I’m interested. You add the Beast-tards to the mix and you can count me in..

    • Iconoc1ast


  • AEZ

    So going to bring this up again: I want support for Shadow war.

    • I_am_Alpharius

      Beyond the odd WD addition scenario or unit rules you’re not going to get it. The Shadow War book is fundamentally all the rules you need.

      • AEZ

        Well.. i’ll admit I don’t really need support other than a FAQ for a few things.. however the SAME company producing competition for a recently released game (using the same NAME of the game the rules of shadow war are based upone) is kinda harsh..

    • Xodis

      Yeah it sucks how easily it was discarded, especially since its release was sold out to the point of contention amung those who couldnt get it. Sure the terrain played a factor, but people also liked the idea of Necromunda with established armies/strike teams as well.

    • Dan

      coming to the close of a 3 month long SWA campaign. I house ruled a *bunch* of stuff going in to great effect and we instituted some patches as we went. Going to take about a month break as everyone’s busy for holidays when I polish up and release what amounts to a total conversion of the original. I figure I’ll release it online as a living supplement once it’s in a state to do so.

      Will be adding support for more factions, balancing most existing ones while gutting and massively overhauling a couple others, getting rid of the super broken sustained fire rules and replacing it with a suppressing fire mechanic.

      Right now there’s a bit more focus on the armies people in my group have expressed interest in playing. At this point they’re all way more hype for what amounts to Shadow War 2.0 than Necromunda though.

      Feels good man.

    • benn grimm

      I’d like ongoing support for Man o War, Space Marine, Titan Legions, WFB, BFG, Mordheim and Space Hulk. But like Micky Jagger sang….



      • AEZ

        Well.. I don’t care about all those 😀 And Mickey is known to be wrong.

        • benn grimm

          Thought you might say that. Unfortunately, neither does gw, just like they don’t care about Shadowgeddon. Welcome to the club.

          (And Mickey is wrong on many levels, Mick Jagger on the other hand is a living legend and never wrong about anything) 😉

    • marxlives

      I think everyone knew Shadow War was a one off.

      • AEZ

        We did?

        • marxlives

          You didn’t the memo? Looks like somebody has a case of the…MMOOONNNDDAAAYYSSS.

      • Nostok

        From what I remember reading it was a shock to them how it pre-ordered/sold out. The only reason they reprinted the book separately was to ensure they sold to those who wanted it (you could read that as cash in).

        • marxlives

          True, it is kind of silly in a way but I am glad that GW is turning things around with Necromunda and Shadespire. They have a license to print money even when they don’t support a product, imagine if?

    • Yeah, I’m kinda hopeful either GW or the community get onboard doing that conversion, a kill team scale game with Munda mechanics makes sense

  • Allaire

    I’ll go ahead and ask the question. How much is this going to cost? If it’s priced like the BB individual/star players then it’ll cost 20-25 USD…for a single model.

    • Rahl

      Probably will have a similar price. Going from the company snippets there, they’re going to treat him as a one-off character, not a single man in a larger themed gang. So, special character pricing.

    • Apocryphus

      $20-$25 USD for a single model? That’s cheaper than GW proper, sounds like a good deal to me.

      • Allaire

        That’s not including the fluctuations in currency and the shipping fees to get it from the UK.

        • Apocryphus

          Then it’s the same as GW proper then, because you’re paying about $30-$40 at that point and we all know how expensive those single models are.

        • The £18 Star players are £20.70 shipped, $27, so less than most of the plastic characters, but not great, that’s why I kitbashed mine lol

  • benn grimm

    Wow, that looks awesome..

  • I_am_Alpharius

    Sweeeeeeeet! The WD had mentioned this model was coming – good to see it so soon!

  • PrimoFederalist

    That’s not an imperial aquila: that’s the IG symbol (the aquila is the two-headed eagle symbolizing the union of Terra and Mars).

  • Sonic tooth

    Best Gw/fw mini of the year for me. Full of character and looks fantastic. Just looking at him you can tell he has a cool backstory

  • memitchell

    A Beastman? In Necromunda? So, is the last Beastman left in the entire Imperium of Man? Does he have a Zoat sidekick? They just jumped the shark before the game has even hit the shelves.

    “The next generation of Necromunda is less than two weeks away, but” they are already pooping on the background. Respect the background!

  • marxlives

    Somehow making beastmen from WHFB a 40k cultish thing sounds cool.

    • Iconoc1ast

      sorry but that sounds ace and i have to steal your ìdea…

      • marxlives

        Isn’t it? Beastmen were always cool, but just hordes of goat dudes overwhelming a planet? Totally cool. If Slaanesh bites it maybe a bestial Horned Beast would be cool. A new gawd who tunnels through the spaces between dimensions and ends up on the other side transformed. An aspect of the Horned Rat.

  • Another specialist game you need to head over to FW for to get the full range…

  • GrenAcid

    That one weird plasma gun, otwerwise nice mini.

    • AEZ

      it’s ALIEN…

  • Chris Hateley

    That is awesome. I love the potential for random alien bounty hunters. I’m currently converting a modern looking Piscean (seriously ancient 40k model) out of Reaper’s Wereshark to use as a bounty hunter.

    Always fancied re-doing the unreleased 40k minotaur that had guns for horns too.

    • frank

      haha those Minotaurs were some odd designs.

      • Chris Hateley

        I might do one for my Catachans as a “counts as” ogryn.

        • frank

          Would be cool to see a whole squad of them.

  • Rainthezangoose

    This is awesome, and as long as actual gangs remain plastic from GW and FW stick to extra stuff like this I can live with it. If we see gangs exlusive to FW however, less so.

  • polyquaternium7
  • kobalt60

    I like. Now I can paint up the original, release him from the bowels of the bitbox. Someone be a pal and post rules.

  • frank

    First Tzannagors (spelling) now this seems like they are giving beastmen more love recently in the 40k setting.

  • Commissar

    Did they decided to go down this route after seeing the popularity of 3rd party modelers like Victoria Miniatures sci-fi beastmen line? Hrm…

  • Admiral Raptor

    And I just got much more interested in Necromunda! I need a full gang of these guys though, one is not enough.

  • I knocked together my own Beastman Bounth Hunter yesterday, I love it! http://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/79bf5d37517063365bcee14233d474b0b2c9bcede64c1e4849c7db116f2f79cb.jpg