Game on the Go with URBANMATZ 6×4 Folding Game Table

Hey guys, take your gaming table with you and play your game anywhere!

6’x4′ Folding Table  139.90 €

  • 6’x4′ portable gaming area + additional 2 cm on 6′ side (185 cm x 122 cm in total).
  • Folds into its own carry box (122cm x 49 cm x 14 cm) with handles
  • Unfolds in easy steps in less than 2 minutes
  • Height 79 cm, weight 13 kg
  • Lightweight aluminium and MDF water resistant board

“We are happy to present you our 6’x4′ Gaming Table – folding and portable. We added 2 cm on a 6′ side so the table is 185 cm x 122 cm in total. Folds into its own carry box (122cm x 49 cm x 14 cm) with handles. Unfolds in easy steps in less than 2 minutes. Height 79 cm, weight 13 kg.”

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Video review of the product:


~After building folding 6×4 tables several times over the years – I’m so happy there is a solution I can just buy!

  • Heinz Fiction

    Looks quite handy. I use 2 leaner but otherwise very similar looking camping tables placed next to each other. They have the disadvantage, that I have to cover the gap with some cardboard, but the advantage that they take up even less space when folded and that they can be set up 4 by 4 as well.

  • ZeeLobby

    Currently we’re using folding tables with hinged plywood. It makes a perfectly flat 4×6 but is a pain to haul. All this said, I now tend to play more games that operate on 2/3 foot wide battlefields and it’s made life astoundingly easier.

  • Dax

    An extra $75 for shipping… Ugh. I really wish an American company would get some of these in. Would be nice to pay at least a little less for shipping.

    • Firmer Terra LLC

      Or just go to and order the original ALPHA Game Table. Yes… US based…

      • Dax

        I just bought materials to make my own… DO’H. Well I will probably be ordering one soon when my lackluster carpentry skills fail me. 😉

  • Firmer Terra LLC

    We launched the crowd fund project (2 of them actually way back when, long story) to make this design spec a reality. We are HQ-ed in the US of A. come by and say hello.

    • Lexikon

      I was thinking exactly this reading the story! I’ve got an Alpha Table (picked it up at the NOVA Open) and I’m quite pleased with it.

  • Pete McGwire

    I played on these tables last weekend. They are OK, it would be nice if they were a little higher for miniature gaming and you probably want to warn people not to lean on them as they flex quite a bit if you put more than 10-15 pounds of pressure between the legs. That puts a lot of stress on the aluminum components.

    • Pete McGwire

      Two 72×30″ fold in half plastic topped tables would be a lot more rugged and give 6″ of room to put your dice and drinks off the mat. A strip of tape down the middle would cover any gap easily.

  • NNextremNN

    I have that one and when I received it I was alone. So I tried to set it up alone. That was a bad idea. I understand it’s not supposed to be used alone. But damm that was a fight to get it up. It’s still good but easy to set up only is valid for more then one person.