Games Workshop Humble Bundle Sale

Just in time for the Holiday Rush, The Humble Bundle store has a TON of Games Workshop licensed video games on sale!

The Humble Bundle is back with a massive new sale on video games licensed by Games Workshop. There are a quite a few with some steep discounts available right now.

via Humble Bundle

There are two pages of deals to sort through – everything ranging from nu-classics like Vermintide, to Talisman, Battlefleet Gothic: Armada, Dawn of War III, and a BOAT LOAD of expansions/DLC available relatively cheap. If you’ve been waiting to pick up a GW title, why not pop over there and see if it’s on sale – it can’t hurt!

Humble Bundle Games Workshop Sale

Be sure to check out both pages! Vermintide – the collector’s edition for only $11.24? I mean, C’mon!


I’d buy that for a dollar!

  • SilentPony

    Still no Chaos Gate or Final Liberation! Come on guys!

    • ZeeLobby

      Ah man. Good times. The Eldar hex game was pretty good too. Of course I’d take dark omen and shadow of the horned rat, but with updated graphics of course.

    • GOG for that. Good luck getting them to work on modern systems though, if it works it works but if it doesn’t you’re in for a headache and a half and may spend more time trying to find what is causing it than playing the games.

      • SilentPony

        I actually have Chaos Gate for GOG. Hasn’t worked once. Contacted GOG, was told that sucks, thanks for the money, ciao.

        • That’s a highly atypical experience. GOG’s got a pretty good money back guarantee when a game just doesn’t run, and the problems with those titles are well documented.

  • BigNorthMxO

    DOW3 on sale for $20. Man it must have really under preformed in sales to drop on sale lower then Total War: Warhammer 1.

    • Xodis

      Yeah, its a flop. Some new added content tried to fix it, but its too late.

      • KingAceNumber1

        I mean “new content” basically just consisted of a traditional RTS map added to the multiplayer, they didn’t try to fix the SP experience at all.

        • Xodis

          I agree, but I would still call it “new” even if its something that should have been there anyways.

          • KingAceNumber1

            Truth. Sorry if my tone didn’t come across, I was agreeing with you that it was too little too late =)

          • Xodis

            Its cool, I figured we were just discussing semantics lol

  • Xodis

    We told them to just remake DoW 1 with current graphics and all the races… we see DoW3 being sold for $20. Maybe listen to the fans?

    • Jonathan Torres

      Is it really that bad, even at $20?

      • Martin Lucaj

        At 20 at launch no. Problem is there’s no community because they made a product the community didn’t want. So at 20 yeah it’s not worth it. It’s not bad but without a bigger community it suffers.

      • Christian Zajac

        Depends. The base game is pretty solid (not as good as DoW1, but definitely better than 2 IMO), however the online is pretty much dead, so unless you’ve got friends to play with or don’t care about multiplayer that much, it might not be worth it for you.

        • I still prefer 2 over 1, simply for how much better it represented the IP, the campaigns being ace and the move away from basebuilding towards more strategic movement of squads.

          DoW3 tried to do both, and failed at them equally, I’ll say. It doesn’t do the basebuilding well, doesn’t do the strategic movement aspects well, the control points mechanics were reduced further and everything feels a whole lot more frantic than even DoW1.

      • Xodis

        Eh, its probably worth $20, but there are still so many better games at that price point.

      • There was a Free Weekend recently and I couldn’t manage to play more than a campaign mission after the tutorials.

        The animations are very off. You know Warcraft 3? Gabriel Angelos walks pretty much exactly like the old Paladin from WC3, same goofy movement pattern. Just that this is going for realistic proportions and WC3 never was.

        Then there’s the matter of Angelos having an ability that is a hammer smash jump where he saltoes while wearing terminator plate. Heck, the first mission has you use it to reach a map area ~5-10 meters above the ground.

        The cover mechanics we used to have, with standing in uneven terrain, craters and the like, or behind walls, is reduced to a lot of “hold this point and you get a protective bubble to put your troops in” nonsense. The gameplay ended up being a lot more rock, paper scissors too.

        It could be an interesting game, but all in all it is a big step down from DoW2 and not a good fit for the IP.

    • Christian Zajac

      “Remake an older game, with all the content that it had after three fairly large expansions, but with a timescale and budget for a base game minus expansions”

      Gee, I wonder why they didn’t go for that.

      • Xodis

        See thats not how remakes work. Since 75% of the original game is still useful they only would have to upgrade the graphics (something they had to pay for anyways) and put a little polish on the engine. Secondly no one expected it in the first game, hell they could have stuck with the same 4 races the original DoW had and been alright as releasing DLC for the others (or expansions). Not ot mention they had a MUCH higher budget and time frame then the creators of the original DoW.

        But we can go back to sarcasm if facts hurt your narrative. “Lets release something brand new that fans dont want and see the game get put in the discount bin in less than 3 months”
        Bold strategy Cotton, lets see if it pays off.

        • Christian Zajac

          See, here’s the problem: if I wanted to play Dawn of War 1, I would just play Dawn of War 1. I (and many others) have already dumped hundreds, if not thousands of hours into that game. I enjoyed it for many years, but I’ve gotten burned out on it and would like the see the formula updated. I wouldn’t want to pay $60 for Dawn of War: HD Edition or whatever (especially when there are already mods to update the graphics on ModDB). People who want the same game over and over are the reason that boring, repetitive franchises like Call of Duty exist.

          Taking risks and trying new things is the reason game franchises like Dawn of War and Company of Heroes exist in the first place. Changing things up is risky, and it may not have paid off in this case, but to argue that it’s inherently bad because the fan base might not like it is just asinine.

          • Xodis

            It’s not asinine at all. It’s marketing 101, if your fan base asks for a game ( the same game they complained that DoW2 wasn’t) then you give them the game they want otherwise risk financial ruin or at a minimum killing the franchise.

            That’s great if YOU are sick of DoW1, you don’t speak for the MILLIONS of fans that were asking for a return to the DoW1 playstyle though.

          • Christian Zajac

            Yeah, you risk your game being a dud. Again, the success of the original Dawn of War (or it’s sequel) was far from guarenteed. It would have been far safer for Relic to put out a Command and Conquer clone rather than be original, but they chose the latter option and we got a great game out of it. Risks don’t always pay off, but I’ll take a game that strived to be different and failed over another Skyrim re-release or LoL clone any day.

            Given that approximately 1.2 million people own Soulstorm on Steam[1], but it’s only being played by 500-700 people at any given time[2], it’s safe to say that the majority of fans are burned out like I am. Also, it’s odd that you assume everyone just wanted a DoW1 clone when a large portion of the fanbase like DoW2’s playstyle as well, some even finding it superior to the original’s (sorry if that interferes with your “different things are bad” narrative).


          • Xodis

            Wow only 500-700 play a 15 year old game at one time….think about that then compare it to the amount playing DoW3. It’s pathetic for DoW3. DoW2 was different but it still received a lot of heat for not being an actual RTS much like DoW3 is. DoW2 actually didn’t start gaining a large fan base until they released the MOBA update

            You can say fans are burned out of the same thing but when you compare it to games like CoD which is one of the top grossing franchises ever, it seems rediculous. That’s why Warcraft had 3 games back to back with expansions that made fans go crazy. It’s why Starcraft waits 10+ years for a sequel and fans once again go crazy. It’s why Total War just keeps tossing them out and is still making more money with Warhammer then DoW3 can. There is a difference in taking a risk and tossing the baby out with the bath water and just sticking your name to a completely different game, and that difference is why DoW3 failed.

    • Silas7

      And here I am wishing it was more like DoW 2.

      • Xodis

        Eh I’ve played better squad based RPGs. I wanted an RTS.

  • dave long island

    Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa????????… .gasp, gasp, gasp…. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa????????… oh it’s just video games… Not plastic crack games. Well, it’s still pretty gud.

    • benn grimm

      Lol, same, got excited for a moment there before I realised it was just video games. Oh well, one day…

  • Felix Herfort

    honestly: if you like the setting, you are very likely to already own those games and many of them are dead in MP, so you pay for SP only (what a revolutionary thought, buying a game for single player experience)

    then again: who buys mobile games/ports?

  • dcgamers

    Oh an Gothic is nice too. 😀 Would be cool if the would add more races, necrons or tyranids would be cool.

  • marxlives

    woot woot.

  • Heinz Fiction

    Not DRM-free, not buying…

  • SB

    wait. I don’t see Total War Warhammer in the link.

    • It’s on sale, but the discount isn’t exactly groundbreaking. Especially considering it was the headliner for a $12 Humble Monthly about half a year ago already.