Geekery: ‘American Gods’ Creators Leave the Series

Bryan Fuller and Michael Green are no longer involved in the series.

According to Variety the pair – who created the series – decided to leave after they had disagreements with the production company about creative direction and increasing the show’s budget. Fuller left Star Trek: Discovery to take on the show and was passionate about the project from the start, so it’s a surprise that he’s decided to abandon it. He was really active with the novel’s fan base on Twitter during the production and when the show aired

The first season was well regarded by fans and critics alike. It kept true to the book, had great production quality, and a top notch cast. And it ended in a cliff hanger that will be continued by someone else; season two was greenlit while the initial season was still airing. As of now it has no showrunner. Rumors yesterday claimed Neil Gaiman would be taking over, but he’s quashed those…

Hopefully whoever takes over is just as hands on and creative as Fuller and Green were. They have a lot to live up to – the series has Fuller’s signature look that’s going to be hard to replicate. It’ll be sad if this becomes Twin Peaks season two all over again. It deserves better.


What do you think the future holds for the series?

  • JN7

    Bummer. First season was amazing.

  • Cergorach

    Sorry, they are not the creators, just the implementers, Neil Gaiman is the creator (aka. writer) of the American Gods book(s) that the series is based on.

    I do like the series, very cool, but I read the books first…

    • Senexis


      I thought there was only the one. Was I mistaken?

      Is there MORE???!!!

      • Anansi Boys, Monarch of the Glen, and Black Dog are in the same universe.

        • Senexis


          (Happy dance)

          Thanks for the info 😁

    • The term used for someone that pitches a television show is a “creator.” Fuller and Green pitched the show, they are its creators. It’s a standard industry term.

  • That’s…not a good sign

    • JimboDeany

      Bad Omens….