Geekery: JK Simmons Meets his Doppelgänger in ‘Counterpart’

This inter-dimensional spy thriller hits all the right notes.

Howard Silk has been working for the UN in Berlin for over 25 years, unsure of what his job actually is. That’s about to change…

The series is the brain child of writer/producer Justin Marks. It has a powerhouse cast. Beyond Simmons: Kenneth ChoiRichard SchiffStephen ReaOlivia WilliamsHarry Lloyd, and Nicholas Pinnock – among a bunch of other great character actors. 

As said: this hits all the right notes for me. Spy thriller with an interesting sci-fi premise and a lot of talent. It also looks like they’ve done a good job with cinematography. I’ll definitely be tuning in.

The first of ten episodes airs on Starz January 21, 2018.  

  • euansmith

    So is this another streaming service I going to have to sign up to, or will this turn up on Netflix somewhere down the way?

    • They have a stand alone service, and they have deal with Hulu to stream older seasons.

      • eMtoN

        Guess I’ll see this in 2019 then as there is no possibilty of me signingon to get another service.

  • Cergorach

    This sounds interesting, good actor, but looks like your average 80s spy thriller…. Hmm…

  • af

    So, um, am I the only one thinking of Fringe here?