Geekery: The Multi-Talented Millie Bobby Brown

The break out star of Stranger Things gives a run down of the first season – in a recap rap.

The cast of the show has been making the talk show rounds. On Monday Millie Bobby Brown stopped in to talk to Jimmy Fallon, and laid this recap down with some help from The Roots…

This is a follow up to her surprise performance of Nicki Minaj’s portion of Monster on The Tonight Show last year, which she totally killed.

Stranger Things Season 2 is streaming on Netflix now.

  • Belechem

    Hey, she did a really great performance on “Stranger Things” season 1+2, but as we all here listen Heavy Metal and Rock, she won´t make a point here with HipHop stuff 🙂

    • Frank Krifka

      speak for yourself son.

      • Donald Wendt

        He spoke for everyone. That includes himself.

        • Frank Krifka

          The idiom is meant to convey that he should speak *only* for himself.

          • Belechem

            About her performance or the cliche card i pulled about tabletoppers? By the way, i think i found a tiny bit of your humor you lost – oops, sorry no, false alert.

          • Frank Krifka

            Oh, I meant the cliche card for sure. I think I missed that your cliche was tongue in cheek, and I think you missed that my response was as well.

            We really need a font for irony.

  • euansmith

    I’m getting Kris Kross flashbacks.

    • Vepr

      wiggity wiggity wack… I feel old now.