GW: Orlocks Announced For Necromunda & More

Gang War II is coming in 2018 and the Orlocks are leading the charge for the next wave of Necromunda!

Games Workshop has announced the next expansion for Necromunda – Gang War II – will be arriving in “early 2018” and the first gang that will accompany it will be the Orlocks!

via Warhammer Community

House Orlock is made up of miners and engineers who use ingenuity and grit to solve the various problems of the underhive, whether they’re making sure mining quotas are met or are just working out the best way to neutralise a charging Goliath ganger. The new Orlock gang remains true to the rebellious spirit of their forebears in the previous edition of Necromunda, but they will be just as customisable and detailed as the Escher and Goliath gangs. There are also some new weapons on the way, including the intimidating looking harpoon launcher!

That’s not all, either! Hive Scum are also going to be entering the fray next year as well. These are your Hired Guns and ruffians just looking to make a buck to survive:


And finally, for those of you who don’t have a massive 3D terrain collection (yet) GW is still investing in Necromunda tiles for play:


I’m glad to see the Orlocks are on deck for the next wave of Necromunda. They were always a fan favorite, much like the Goliath gang, but that was probably due to the fact they were the “other” gang in the original starter box. The House of Iron Rises next year!

Now we just need to know if they are the only house coming or if we’ll see a few more released along side them. After the Orlocks, there are still the three core houses (Van Saar, Delaque, Cawdor), Ratskin Renegades, Enforcers (Aribites), Redemptionists, Scavvies, Spyrers, and of course Genestealer Cultist! The more gangs that arrive for Necromunda, the better.


What do you think of the new look of the Orlocks?

  • Algernon Bumbry

    I just wish they would bring back Mordheim.

    • Cergorach

      Keep in mind that Necromunda has always done better then Mordheim, this time I think that would also be true. The reason why GW is concentrating on the most profitable properties first. And letting the WFB universe fade as much as possible before they introduce an AoS city that will stand in the place of Mordheim, with all the AoS races. I seriously doubt we’ll ever see Mordheim in it’s old glory… Might be wrong, maybe GW would ressurect just Mordheim as a standalone setting or it might not…

      • Dooms Day

        If they wanted the WFB universe to fade they wouldn’t keep making books for it.

        I think it’d be cool if they brought mordiem to AoS as in the the city appears in one of the realms

        • thereturnofsuppuppers

          Are there any new books out for WFB, I have only seen a few rereleases.

    • Iconoc1ast

      it may get its chance…

  • I_am_Alpharius
  • Crablezworth

    fantastic, best looking gang yet 🙂

  • Carl Frieder Kathe

    I like the Tommygun like look of the riffles of these House Orlock Gangers.

  • BClement

    Wait – they ditched the “Vato” ganger look and went with Orlock as the Hipster Gang?
    …Van Saar, you’re my last, best hope now.

    • Fenix Dargon

      Van Saar’s for the win! And if the new minis look like crap, well, I have my huge old metal gang of them!

    • kobalt60

      House Orlock, gentrifying the underhive since 2018

    • palaeomerus

      I’d say they look more like bikers than hipsters.

  • Dirheim

    My favorite Gang!!!!!!

  • CrimsonDrake1945

    Am i the only one thinking that they will make great alternative genestealer cult neophytes? Now can have something that doesn’t look like a mining world or pdf force

    • memitchell

      “House Orlock is made up of miners”

      The are wearing nearly the same (mining) suits as Genestealer Cult neophytes. But, they ain’t bald and they have facial hair.
      So, no.
      OK, maybe.
      Well, yes.

      • CrimsonDrake1945

        Not all the cultists in the genestealer cults army are bald and have no facial hair. The ones born into the cult are but the ones that are given the genestealers kiss keep there facial features

      • Mr.Gold

        a missed opportunity to tie into the main 40k game – they could have included a couple of weapons from the Genestealer Cult range, e.g. a rock saw instead of a power fist.

        • memitchell

          Why would they want to tie into main 40K? Why would you? You want to see Necromunda last about a week? Tie into main 40K. Been there, done that. More than once. As it is, if it lasts beyond the next codex it will be a miracle. And, no one here wants it catch on more that me.

        • CrimsonDrake1945

          You get enough weapons from the genestealer cultist kit anyway so easy to just convert them on

  • Overall the Orlocks look good, though the power fist arm does look a bit long. I’m not convinced by the harpoon gun.

    Also, there doesn’t seem to be many option re heavy weapons in the gangs boxes. I guess there will be expansion packs or whatever to provide the extra choices.

  • piglette

    I like the guy with the big harpoon gun- very cool. The guy with the cool glasses and rebreather is nice too.

  • memitchell

    This is Bell of Lost Souls, I want so much to complain about these new Orlocks. I am so seething with disdain, and my nose is soooo upturned, I just can’t possibly admire them and admit they are soooo damn cool.
    I got nothing.

    • piglette

      When all else fails, look at the price tag.

      • memitchell

        Dammit! If it’s $40 for a gang of ten like the others, even that’s not bad. Dammit!

        • Adam Richard Corrigan

          How about a book per gang, that will soon add up.

    • kobalt60

      Fashion beards? Backpacks full of beard conditioners?

      • LankTank

        Well they are miners. Miners are dwarves. Dwarves have beards. These are just lanky dwarves

    • Snord

      I do. I think these are really ordinary. They look like extras from a Mad Max movie – the guys who stand well into the background. They’re almost completely anonymous.

      • Severius_Tolluck

        That is kinda the idea, least they are doing that and not looking like Catachans. I like these guys look like maybe your average Citizen.

  • euansmith

    These are some nice, basic looking mooks.

    • NovaeVox

      I’d been looking forward to the Orlock preview, since they’ve always had that workaday warriors aesthetic. Now that they’ll finally have full multi-part plastic kit, they seem like they could form the basis of any number of conversions.

      • euansmith

        With these guys and the Genestealer Cult, things are looking up for Conversion Fans,

      • They’re going to wind up in my renegades and my inquisition, they will work in either with the right bits and head swaps

    • Matthew Pomeroy

      raise a pint to the basic mooks, those needed but underappreciated bullet sponges 😀

  • thegreatmoronos

    Are these guys as tall as spacemarines as well?

  • Sleeplessknight

    They’re alright. Kinda generic and boring, like what regular armed civilians in 40k would be. They don’t blow me away. But they’re exactly what I expected.

    • I agree and disagree. Imho the orlocks were the worst of the old range, but these are fantastic specifically because they’re boring trucker/biker looking dudes.

      Plz sweet FW gods give us some orlocks on choppers

  • Rainthezangoose

    The new tiles are interesting. I wonder how there going to go about selling them.

  • Mauricio Camacho Dorado
  • Hagwert

    Damn fine minis ….and they will make cracking Imperial Guard with a camo paint job.

    • memitchell

      See, this is how it begins. This is how Necromunda becomes, well, one guy’s Imperial Guard. And, your next unplayed skirmish game. I speak from bitter experience, ya’ll.

  • Bootneck

    Some of the best sculpts I’ve seen in ages

  • Mr.Gold

    I am just starting to wonder how many “Gang War” suppliments there will be… one on release, one in 2018 with a new gang… will there be one for each gang or will you need to buy a new suppliment each 6 months?

    • Quarterly supplements with expanded rules along with a new gang each quarter

      • Wildcard1980

        I hope its faster then every 3 months at that rate it will take well over year before they get to the outlander gangs and god knows when they would get to the pit slave gangs or some of the other specialist gangs

        • We’re looking for about a year to get the core gangs + chaos, genestealer cult, and bounty hunter gangs, then a year for outlanders

          • Wildcard1980

            I would hope that they do the outlanders before adding new gangs but are you saying they are going to do gangs faster then every 3 months. Because it would be year 2 before outlanders if your adding more gangs.

          • Chaos GSC and bounty hunter gangs won’t get model releases, but they’ll get WD rules (along with rules for other gangs to use their guns etc

  • GrenAcid

    They look rly nice and with some GC parts here and there as well as dash of good old kaos they might look awesome.
    So far this is a gang with most potential.

  • Sam Nolton

    I’m not super familiar with old school Necromunda, and haven’t picked up the new one yet. Are Hive Scum supposed to be better or worse than regular gangers?

    • Worse, they’re cheap hired guns

    • Pete Croucher

      Different. Scum in old Necromunda were universally dual pistol gangers that were cheap (like… 15 Credits with weapons as opposed to gangers being 50 credits with no gear) and started with a handful of random advances based around close-range shooting, but cost you cash every game and never improve – gangers were considerably cheaper in the long run, levelled up to become more useful and had better gear options.

      Like the article says – they’re great for starting gangs but quickly fall by the wayside for gangers and more specialised hired guns like Bounty Hunters and Wyrds 🙂

      • Wildcard1980

        Hired guns from the old game where better then basic gangers at least in the begining when your gangers didn’t have any skills yet. They just had to be payed every game so yes they might only have been 15 credits to a gangers 50 but it was 15 you had to pay each game and if a game or two went bad you may lose the under hive scum because you can’t pay them. So they tended to be a person you brought in when you needed abit more fire power. It was the same with bounty hunters and wyrds they had some cool things but had to be payed every game.

        So they where like paying for a street fighter vs paying a professional MMA fighter. He may fight better then your basic ganger but they are the best you can hire.

  • Dhalgren Schroeder

    The Scummers look awesome! I like the Orlocks too..but not a big fan of the ones with mohawks or comb overs..should left those for the Goliaths.

  • Mud_Duck

    Ok, here’s what I want you to do; head back up to the top of the page and and look at the picture on the cover of the magazine, take it all in. Ok now say the following: “Damn! the Squats have done growed up!”

    Just think of it, Miners? check. Biker leather? check. Goggles and ‘interesting’ facial hair? check. I think that GW as done a run around and released the Squats without anyone noticing! It is a sign of the end times I tell you! Plastic Sisters are just around the corner! Stock up on water, beans, and bullets folks! The End is Nigh!

    • Adam Richard Corrigan

      Squats are all grown up.

  • disqus_HUXMdKxsPG

    Shadow war is forgotten then

    • Severius_Tolluck

      That’s why it’s a shadow war

  • 6Cobra

    Orlocks were always my primary gang, so I’ve been wearing out the worry beads waiting for these guys.

    They’re great minis.. and I absolutely won’t be getting them. They don’t look like menacing gangsters hopped up on slaught and scrapping over turf. They look like church-going, meat-and-potatos miners who got surprised on the job by bandits and are defending their mineworking like the honest men they are. I wouldn’t feel nervous encountering them in a dark alley – I’d feel relieved. (Although they do look like they might commit murder on the Orient Express, with those mustaches and sideburns..)

    Maybe it’s the fact that they are all literally in uniform? It’s hard to put my finger on.

    On second thought, maybe I’ll get them to be guilder guards, or some other type of do-gooders with guns. Have my old-skool Orlock gangbangers ambush them..

  • frank

    The Orlocks are not to my taste but they make me excited for when they make the other gangs. I really hope they do at least two gangs per supplement. Is it just me or do the Orlocks look more like leather bar patrons than the Goliaths?

  • Wildcard1980

    Anyone else a little worried that they are only doing 1 gang every three months at go. With each book at 30 a pop we are talking 120 to get just the last 4 basic gangs and another 120 for the 4 outlanders gangs plus 60 for pit slaves and Enforcers/Arbites by all said and done your talking 300 in books not counting models. So not only is it going to take more then 2 years to get all the gangs that are in the old game How long is it going to be before they get anything new. This seems to me like it will be a game killer.

    I wasnt expecting to have every gang out right a launch but come on they could have done at least is done one book for the house gangs with in 6 in months then 6 for one book for the outlanders in another book then start with the other gang books. Even if they put the cost at 50. it would be worth it.

    Also I cant see them fitting in 30 dollars worth of content in each book because if they try and put new rules or mission in each new book that will make it that much worst because no one is going to want to lug in a ton of books just to have all the rules.

    I dont think Im asking a ton for it not to be over a year for me to at least use my Scavies or Redeptionist. But with the way they are talking that seems to be how things will be.

  • Infamous Wendigo

    Still need pit slave gangs… or at least pit slaves as hired guns

  • Sybarite

    Are mixed gender gangs too much to ask for? :/