GW: Rumor Engine “Chain Gang”

Games Workshop has a new rumor engine teaser and this one all chained-up!

It’s that time of week again and Games Workshop did not disappoint. Check out this week’s rumor engine:

via Warhammer Community

The Rumour Engine continues to turn out new mysteries – on your marks… get set… wildly speculate!


Interesting! Obviously we have a model holding a chain – but the question is what is the chain attached to? Also, who’s holding this chain!?

My first inclination is that maybe this was a Ganger from Necromunda. Chains are a pretty good “to-go” in a street fight after-all! Perhaps this model is related to that. But on closer inspection, you can see that this model is using this chain to steer something – or hold on to it. How can you tell? Because it’s got a handle.

Now, this is actually a fairly common motif for GW. Lots of models use chains to control whatever Warbeast they are attempting to ride/hang-on to. But Khorne units have a particular attachment to chains:

I would point on in both these cases, it appears as if the “rider” might be using the chain to simply “hang-on” vs “steer” – no, I think the Rumor Engine model is attempting to actually guide whatever it’s riding. Why? Because if it was simply trying to hang on, then one length of chain and not two.

So what faction would use a chain to hang on to a beast and try to ride it? What faction is rumored to be getting an update for next year? What model line needs to get some new models in general? Those are the questions that need answers folks!

It’s just a guess…


Alright Internet Detective Agency – I’ll leave the case up to you! What model/faction do you think is holding this “chain gang” in checK? Who’s it going to be?!

  • frankelee

    Female hand, double chain leash, that’s the easy part to figure out.

  • I_am_Alpharius

    Either Dark Aelves for AoS or Drukhari for 40K. My moneys on AoS.

  • Iron Father Stronos

    It looks like it has the crescent mooon of slannesh on the handle thats pointing out of screen. I bet its new daemons for when Fulgrim drops for the 1st codex of 2018. 100% of my money it being slaanesh

    • Fenix Dargon

      Fulgrim probably wont be in the Daemons Codex.

      • Iron Father Stronos

        See below

    • Dooms Day

      Why would fulgrim be in the daemon codex? If he was to be released we would of known about it for awhile + He would in an Emperors children codex.

      • Iron Father Stronos

        He wont be in there. But hell be leading HORDES of them in an assault. So theylle be released aroiund the same time

        • Dooms Day

          no… thats not how it works.. if fulgrim was to be released.. they’d release the EC codex.. along with new units for EC…

          • Iron Father Stronos

            Who says they wont drop both dexes in the same month? 😉 It is how its worked before. One hot on the heels of another. Please note my comment in saying ‘around’

        • wibbling

          He is wont to be in hell? Well, he is a daemon prince I suppose.

  • Chris Hateley

    It’s a space marine.

  • Chet Atkinson

    It’s a Squat riding a Sister of Battle on the back of a might plastic Thunderhawk

  • Gunther Clone C


    • zeno666

      My quess as well. Waving a plague censor of some sorts

  • dark-tadpole

    I’m glad the second photo was included with the circle around the hand. I missed it the first time;)

  • dark-tadpole

    My first thought was something Aelven for AoS, but Skaven could be a possibility.

  • breckdog

    The warlord with the khorne dragon has a similar chain with the handle. Its a male model though and the hand is armored.