IDW Announces Dragon Ball Z Dice Game

Condense a dozen episodes into a half hour when you Kamehameha the pants off of Perfect Cell…if he wore any.

IDW Games has announced they will be releasing a series of games based on the popular anime franchise Dragon Ball Z. The first game to be previewed is the Dragon Ball Z: Perfect Cell dice game. Currently, there is not much information available about this game. However, IDW has said it will be a cooperative dice game which pit the players against Perfect Cell.

Each player will take control of one of the Dragon Ball Z fighters and use dice to generate energy. The dice will have different symbols which will allow the players to allocate dice to perform attacks, helping other players, or buying upgrades. Throughout the game, Cell will generate new threats which allow him to heal, damage the players to prevent the players from buying upgrades.

via IDW Games

Dragon Ball Z: Perfect Cell – March 2018

  • 2 – 4 Players
  • 30 – 45 Minutes
  • Ages 14+

~All I want is for Hercule Satan to finally become the hero who defeated Cell.

  • Chris Hateley

    Ah, what better way is there to capture the intense, fast paced action of DBZ than with dice?

    • Kritarion

      Rolling dice for 12 episodes,then missing the table.

  • PrehistoricUF0

    LOL @ the artwork for Cell on the box. Look at his jock – you can’t tell me that wasn’t on purpose hahaha.

  • I_am_Alpharius

    – Do you have to wait 3 hours between charging an ability and using it?
    – Do you have to win really easily for you first few games and then get pumped by an opponent that looks weak but really is not?
    – Do half a dozen of your friends, who have no hope of winning and will quite likely die, have to hold off you opponent; whilst you “train” (lifting heavy stuff, whilst wearing heavy clothes) for the equivalent of what would be 10 years in a time chamber. The you can turn up and save the day?
    – Then in a final round, you’re shocked to discover you opponent was secretly hiding another power level you thought was impossible. Said opponent beats you within a inch of your life, whilst the world is breaking to pieces, then only for the thought of gives to the inspiration to win?

  • miniwar monger

    The boxart looks crappy and cheap. The perspectives dont match. The background is aweful.

    I have no doubt the game will suck too.

  • Crom

    The maximum power level is probably 9000