Necromunda Preview: House Goliath Gangers

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House Goliath has the strongest, beefiest warriors this side of an Ork Rokk. They’ll muscle in on your turf!

Necromunda is on the way and we’ve got a look inside the box. The core gameplay is based on the tiles and come with enough stuff to create two gangs of 8-to-10 models each. It also comes with some “pre-fab” ganger cards that you can use to start playing right out of the box. Here’s a look at some of the gangers that are included:


Drago is a basic juve of House Goliath. Cheap, dependable, beefy enough to supply a butcher shop, and of course, able to terrorize all non-Rocky opponents in the boxing ring. Armed with a stub cannon and furnace plates, Drago represents the bare minimum for Goliath.

Then off course there’s Rork, the slightly more expensive model, armed with optional grenades that let you bring those sweet sweet blast templates to bear against your opoonent.

Splitter Korg we’ve seen making the rounds before. Armed with an unwieldy Renderizer Axe, this model is great for mixing it up in melee combat, especially once you get to bring fearsome to the table.

Look at the beefy beautiful boy and his spiked axe.  They are ready to chop someone up for talking about his exhaustively thought out spiked Mohawk.

Skullshank (Leader)

Now Skullshank is the leader,  which means he’s expensive, but you can see the kind of kit he comes with. Enough firepower to blast through any obstacle if it proves inconvenient, and he follows that up with a devastating melee attack.

There are many more “pre-fab” Goliath Ganger cards and a TON of extra cards so you can create your own characters. We can’t wait to show this one off to you all next week!


House Goliath is known for its powerhouse characters and firepower — are you ready to face them in the Underhive?

  • Rainthezangoose

    Obviously we don’t have the full picture of what power does. But +1 strength for the powerhammer seems incredibly underwhelming.

    • mafiacheese

      -Attacks can’t be parried except by other Power weapons
      -Natural roll of “6” = no save roll can be made, +1 Damage

      • Rainthezangoose

        Thanks mate 🙂

  • Dhalgren Schroeder

    Just looking at the rules…are the just examples of characters? Or specifically the ones in the box? Is there no more RPG type elements, leveling them up and adding weapons and equipment? A big shame if that is the case.

    • mafiacheese

      The box has pre-fab characters for ease of getting into the game (with recommended model builds) but you can build them pretty much however you please (within the limitations of the frames and/or your own conversion imagination).

      You get 2 Goliath sprues and 2 Escher sprues (2 of the same sprue) to build 10 models off of 5 distinct poses. The faces and hair are actually separate pieces so you can mix and match them to your heart’s desire. There were still plenty of heads/hair/weapons leftover after building the models (I put together my local GW’s models so we could demo the game today).

      The RPG elements will likely be added into the Gang War supplement, the box set is basically “bring 4-10 gang members to this scenario” and fight.

      • Dhalgren Schroeder

        Ah ha, that makes a lot more sense! Thank you 🙂

  • 6Cobra

    If only they could have known what Drago the juve would go on to once he was recruited by the Grey Knights. (The “a” is long in Necromundan..)