New HH Space Wolves & ETB Sprues Previewed

The Space Wolves get a new Praetor for 30k and we get a better look at the 4 new Easy-To-Build 40k kits!

Games Workshop is hosting Warhammer 40,000 Open Day and showing off a bunch of new kits and incoming models. We got a look at all the new Orlocks coming to Necromunda. Now we’re getting a look at the 4 new Easy-To-Build kits and the new 30k Space Wolves coming from Forge World:

via Warhammer Community

Space Wolves Praetor

Varagyr Terminators


Myphitic Blight-hauler

This kit might be listed as “Easy-To-Build” but it looks as good as the other plastics we’ve seen – it doesn’t have a ton of options rules wise so maybe it doesn’t really need a ton of extra bits.

Lord Felthius and the Tainted Cohort

If you’re playing Death Guard and were looking for some more Terminator options, then this kit might be just want you want. It’s got some of the more popular weapon options by default and the armor and poses look different from the “multi-pose” Blightlord Terminator Kit.

Primaris Redemptor Dreadnought

This is another kit that I think players should be excited about. It’s only 12 parts and while it doesn’t have all the options, it’s got some solid weapon options for a simple kit. If you just wanted to run a basic Redemptor (ie, without the Plasma option) then you can pick-up this version for less than the full kit.

Primaris Aggressors

The Aggressors might be considered an “Easy-To-Build” kit, but look at that sprue! This might as well be the full kit with less options. Side note: I kind of wish these were in Green Plastic in stead of blue because Salamander players are going to LOVE this kit box.

Personally, I think these ETB kits are looking extremely well done – most players won’t be able to tell the difference when you have these built and in your army. Now, if you’re ENTIRE army is made from these kits they will…but realistically these are great for players just getting started or players who want to sprinkle in these kits into their existing army without breaking the bank. If I were a betting man, I’d wager that the Blight-hauler is going to be an extremely popular kit as well.


So what’s your take on the new Space Wolves? How about the Easy To Build kits?

  • usGrant7977

    That Dred is hideous. Middle age beer belly with skinny legs. Low T dreadnaught.

    • SilentPony

      Looks like his name should be Hank

    • GrenAcid

      Its time to leave chan for a while m8, its showing.

  • SilentPony

    Why does that Praetor look so…skinny? Like the proportions are off…

    • Rahl

      Maybe the pauldrons? They have them rotated toward the back because of the upraised arms, so most of them aren’t visible. So, that could make him look less bulky in that front only pic. Other than that, everything seems pretty similar to the Terminators.

      • SilentPony

        Maybe yeah….

    • Michael Bradbury


  • euansmith

    I’ll have to get one of those Primaris Dreadnoughts and call it Redemptor Ray… Imperial Fists, I guess.

  • Coltcabunny

    Why do you wish the plastic was green? Do you not actually paint your models?

    • Ari Varey

      It could also be them expecting the wave of players who don’t primer anything, barely assemble them, sometimes not even put on arms so they can claim it has whatever gun is good that turn, and expect to win every tournament with them.

  • Every time I see that Blight-Hauler the word ‘trundle’ comes to mind…

    • euansmith

      😀 😀 😀

  • Carlill

    Pretty sweet Sawboss vibe from the blight hauler.

  • Ryan Miller

    But what if you want the plasma gun on that dread?

    • I_am_Alpharius

      You don’t, you simple purchase the existing multi-part kit.

  • Mauricio Camacho Dorado
    • euansmith

      You didn’t get stoned with Fulgrim again, and forget where you parked him?

      • Bakvrad

        Actually… that’s kind of what happened, isn’t it. Except it wasn’t fulgrim…

    • Bakvrad

      Orlock was the BIG announcement – but everyone knew they were going to come. They told us before. It wasn’t a surprise at all.
      But they look good.

  • PrimoFederalist

    The Space Wolves are a huge disappointment… those pelts are hideous.

    • Son_of_Corax_XIX

      You are correct but we saw these at the forge world open day and said the same thing so it’s misreporting them as revealed now as well, two birds one stone

  • Red_Five_Standing_By
    • euansmith

      “My Plague Marine’s got no nose.”

      “How does he smell?”