Next Week’s 40k Prices & Products CONFIRMED


Chapter Approved and a whole lot more for 40K and Age of Sigmar are coming this weekend. Get your wallet ready!

Here’s what’s headed your way this weekend according to numerous industry professionals:

White Dwarf: December 2017 $9


Warhammer 40,000

Chapter Approved 2017 $35


Astra Militarum Battlegroup  $170

T’au Empire Rapid Insertion Cadre $170

Genestealer Cult Insurrection $170

Orks Cult of Speed $170


Age of Sigmar

Kharadron Overlords Skyfleet $170

Stormcast Eternals Vanguard Brotherhood $170

Tzeentch Arcanites Changecult $170

Blade of the Blood Queen $170



Black Library

Horus Heresy: Old Earth (Hardback) $30

Reborn in body and spirit beneath Mount Deathfire, the primarch Vulkan gathers his most trusted sons and prepares for the final part of his journey. The Legions shattered at Isstvan V have stalled the Warmaster’s advance across the galaxy, but fresh cracks are spreading through the alliance between the Iron Hands, Salamanders and Raven Guard, along with mysterious rumours of the return of Ferrus Manus. Haunted by a sense of destiny unfulfilled, Vulkan must choose between joining their war of vengeance against the traitors, or following his own barely understood path all the way to the Throneworld itself.

Written by Nick Kyme


Hallowed Knights: Plague Garden (Paperback) $16.00

As the War for the Realm of Life continues, Lord-Castellant Lorrus Grymn leads the battered remnants of the Steel Souls warrior chamber against the sargasso-citadels of the Verdant Bay. The Hallowed Knights claim victory, but at a terrible cost – Grymn is lost to Realm of Chaos. Now Gardus, newly-reforged and fresh from the destruction of the Scabrous Sprawl, must lead his warriors into the foetid heart of Nurgle’s realm in search of the Lord-Castellant, where they must once more brave the horrors of the Realm of Decay…

Written by Josh Reynolds.


~That’s a ton of Necromunda stuff! Who’s in?

  • Fergie0044

    Ack, was really hoping that chapter approved would be cheaper than that. Like £15 or so.

    • Red_Five_Standing_By

      Yeah that is pricey. I am hoping it is fairly big then because the General’s handbook is only 25.

      • ZeeLobby

        Could just be that they’re still trying to lure in the goats with AoS, while the 40K community is ready for milking. Across the board I feel like AoS is all around slightly cheaper, but I could be wrong.

        • Red_Five_Standing_By

          AoS can be cheaper because it often requires fewer models.

          I am hoping the Chapter Approved book is actually larger than the General’s Handbook to justify the difference in price.

          Or GW is just milking us, lol

          • ZeeLobby

            Hehe. I mean isn’t the number of models really dependent on the faction and game size? I’m sure there’s AoS factions that have way more models than some 40K ones? Some of AoS’s units just seem cheaper,
            but maybe i’m confusing model counts.(genuine curiosity, as I haven’t kept up with AoS)

          • Red_Five_Standing_By

            Yes some armies can have lots of models, like armies of zombies, skeletons, Khorne, skaven, etc.

            Like my Stormcast don’t go above 40-ish models usually. The Ironjaw armies I usually see are less than 50. Some armies can have fewer than 20 models.

            Some armies I have seen do go a bit crazy. Like some Khorne armies can have more than a hundred models.

            In general though, I think unless you are going for a horde army, you are going to have around 30-50 models in 2k lists.

          • ZeeLobby

            Alright, cool, thanks. Everything also seems cheaper on the other side of the fence, even within GW, so I might have been biased, hehe.

          • Red_Five_Standing_By

            Totally understand.

            in my experience, a lot of people play at the 1k points total for AoS, which definitely means fewer models than the typical 40k game, lol

          • ZeeLobby

            Yeah, I’ve always thought both systems would benefit from lower points, simply because it forces more decision making in list building. You can’t just take all the nice things.

          • Red_Five_Standing_By

            I totally agree. People constantly want to increase the points total of the game so they can have their core and all their cool toys.

    • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

      Cough up your yearly 40k tax!

      People have talked about a subscription rules system. Here it is!

      • ZeeLobby

        But I though that’s where all my $25 for infantry character profits were going?!?!

        • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

          they blew all that money on solid gold toilet bowls in the executive bathroom.

      • Sniddy

        Considering a club or group will need…1

        If it replaced codex creep and edition flip flopping then it’d be great – assuming it will be on top of meh

        • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

          does everyone from your club live in the same house so when you want to consult it for writing a list it’s to hand? Or do you have a club photocopier on site so everyone can photocopy the club copy?

          • Sniddy

            Fair enough – we’d normally know enough of it to get by and have it as a reference, maybe copy the odd page for refrence for specific factions…maybe but most stuff will be on battle scribe in time – but if having your own copy is a big deal to you – sorry – you’re out $20 for a year – still not a big whoop

          • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

            Well I’m not playing 8th so its not relevant to me anyhow, but it will impact on new players who will have to buy rules, codex and now CA.

    • I_am_Alpharius

      Same price as the 2017 Generals Handbook. £20 for a book that will 100% valid for at least a year (if not longer for over 50% of it), is pretty good value. Works out at approx £1.70 per month; which is next to nothing – buy one less take out coffee a month!

      • NNextremNN

        If GW asks for your firestborn do you still defend them? I mean you can always make more and it saves you lot in the long run.

        Yeah sure GW is a business and can do whatever they want. But do we really need to defend any decision they make?

        Also 35$ are 25£ or 22.50£ if we check the website and compare it to other products. So it’s 1.88 that’s 0.18 more or almost another cup of coffee over the whole year … which I would throw away because I don’t drink coffee but anyway.

        • I_am_Alpharius

          Not going by the General Handbook prices on both webstores. Got to compare like for like to get an idea of the price. Thats not to say when it does come out that this will still be the case:

          You “don’t drink coffee” AND whats your point?…it was an analogy…insert whatever drink you would buy in a cafe or pub that want; or whatever snack you may purchase whilst out. The point is that, per month, it is really not much money. People are more than happy to pay £8 a month or Netflix, or £20 a month or a gym they don’t go to.

          End of the day the book is also optional. People don’t have to purchase it. Way back when it was announce it was mentioned in a WH-Tv twitch stream (99.9% sure) that all the point alterations will be going up for free in a PDF.

          • NNextremNN

            I compared the prices for the

            Primaris Librarian.


            I still don’t believe the Book will be really optional. Free point changes maybe but this won’t help the index only armies to get the Objective Secured which they said will be in the Chapter Approved.

          • I_am_Alpharius

            Again…comparing the translation of a model kit product to a paper product is not a like for like comparison.

          • NNextremNN

            You compare a AoS product with a 40K product so who knows it still does not really make a difference because that’s not the problem.

          • Apocryphus

            I mean, it sucks to basically have to pay for a FAQ, which may or may not be about half the book, but not owning Chapter Approved doesn’t mean you won’t be allowed to use Objective Secured for non Codex armies, everyone already knows about the rule so I would imagine everyone will follow it regardless.

          • NNextremNN

            Well it is more then just an FAQ. I even admit that. And it will contain more than just that rule. But yeah I guess I can get it somewhere else and just use the rules without owning them.

      • euansmith

        It should certainly remain current until the first FAQ and Errata are released 😉 This is certainly a step in the right direction, though, from GW.

        • ZeeLobby

          Yeah. and of course they jump on any chance to monetize a good thing XD.

  • So did Vulkan come back from the dead? If so I missed that…

    • NNextremNN

      I think you missed the “Horus Heresy” at the top of the book so it should be before 40K and before his disappearance. Also he is perpetual and died several times.

      • Nah I got that it was from the heresy, I didn’t know that he’s a perpetual. So does he just keeping coming back to life then…a bit like Nagash from before AoS?

        • NNextremNN

          I’m not too much into Vulkan and even less into Nagash but yes something like perfect regeneration even when vaporized or whatever else.

          This was also used against him as torture by Konrad Curze which made him somewhat crazy and go frenzy.

          Check if you want to know more.

          • Thanks matey.

          • NNextremNN

            You’re welcome.

          • shabbadoo

            Actually, Kurze was not torturing Vulcan, except at the beginning. After Kurze grew bored and just wanted to kill Vulcan, he discovered that normal means wouldn’t suffice. Kurze was then newly intrigued and simply began trying anything and everything he could think of in order to kill Vulcan. When he found that he still couldn’t kill Vulcan, Kurze grew bored again. The variety of killing methods were not about torture, but were about Kurze attempting to find a “solution” to Vulcan’s immortality.

          • NNextremNN

            Thanks for clarifying. like I said I’m no expert when it comes to that story. But I guess the failed murderous attempt of the one are a torture for another. Which is probably why I interpreted it that way.

        • euansmith

          “I know I’m “indestructible”, but, I’ve got to ask, is this going to hurt?”

  • Ghachii

    Why does the title say ’40K Products & Prices’ when there are clearly a load of AoS releases as well? Why not just say ‘GW Products & Prices’? Or if BOLS is unapologetically 40K-centric then just commit to it and don’t bother listing the AoS products at all.

    Also no prices in other currencies yet again. I really do question why I bother coming to this site sometimes. It has so much potential yet seems entirely content to be half-arsed, incoherent and just a little bit frustrating at every turn.

    • ZeeLobby

      Totally agree with your first statement. As for the second, I know our local store only receives early prices in USD cause we’re in the US. That could be a factor here.

      • Ghachii

        True, but I’m sure it’s not beyond the wit of the people behind BOLS to reach out to local gaming stores in other regions and gather the information for other currencies in precisely the same way.

        The way they only present things in dollars makes it feel like this information just falls into their lap because someone is the buddy some guy who owns a gaming store so they throw it online because it takes zero effort. It makes it feel like the small additional effort of reaching out to establish the values in other currencies is more than BOLS can be bothered with. It gives a poor impression of the site as a whole.

        If this was just a pokey and earnest amateur operation done purely for the love of the games it would be easier to let it slide, but BOLS is clearly trying (struggling?) to be a professional commercial operation, so instinctively I feel it should be held to a higher standard.

        • ZeeLobby

          Yeah. I dunno. I dunno how hard any blog site does in that regard. I mean how critical is finding the price out several days before they’re up for preorder. I mean don’t get me wrong. I agree that more effort is always better. But I know for a fact that no one who runs my local store knows foreign game stores to call, lol. I think sometimes we expect that BoLS is a much larger and better managed “company” when it’s really a bunch of dudes who own some stores contributing. You see them as “trying to be a professional commercial operation” when they’ve clearly never even been close to that. Editing errors, tactic errors, uncontrollable ad system, post errors, repost errors, lol. I think they’re your option A up there and some just “expect” them to be more cause it’s a popular site.

          • Ghachii

            I’m pretty sure it would be the work of a few minutes of Google-fu to identify a few major stores in any given region and shoot them and email politely asking them for the prices of a few pre-order products.

            As for the rest of your comment I agree with most of it. But BOLS isn’t just some guy’s blog. It aspires to be a news source that generates revenue, however loosely. That puts them in a different category of expectation for me, and I suspect many others. There’s also the fact that there’s clearly a vacant niche in the market (and a commercial opportunity) for a more polished ‘hobby news and views’ operation, and BOLS despite its many, many flaws is one of the closest to filling that niche. So I guess there’s an assumption of “why wouldn’t they be trying to better meet that demand?” that makes it extra frustrating when they half-arse everything. Because we all want it to be that thing and in many ways they’re frustratingly close.

          • ZeeLobby

            Right. My first point was I’m not sure GW wants these prices released early. BoLS never releases the source for these prices specifically because of that. I don’t think they want an email trail with their name on it asking stores for that info, and I’m pretty sure those stores don’t want GW to know. Sure they could probably find one, but I mean we could all just wait til Saturday and find out, haha.

            And you keep saying that BoLS aspires to these things, but do you actually know this? I mean do you know people at BoLS who say these things? I think they aspire to making ad revenue off clicks, and providing content sufficient enough to do so. I think that’s more obvious than anything else. Ive never seen BoLS make any claims about wanting to provide the best ging content out there. The only thing that would make them “aspire” to be greater would be for all of us to stop visiting this site. I think they half-arse cause they don’t really care, and it has yet to effect their bottom line. I mean countless times we’ve asked them to put Podcast or Video in a title (for years) and they never have. I think your overestimating their purpose and motivation, lol. I mean we’d all love them to be better, but maybe they really don’t care to try more.

            The problem is they have no real competition. Tabletopgamingnews is a cool a cool site, but isn’t sensational, which is really what BoLS strives for. More revisits for comments = more clicks.

  • ZeeLobby

    Well. They’ve found a way to sell codexes and a yearly book, plus printed FAQs or paying for a digital copy (where depending on format it may or may not ever be updated). Touche GW… Touche…

  • defensive

    Probably could have just said that all battleforces were $170US rather than writing the price down 8 times.

    Anyway, the prices for the rest of the world (That were included in the same leaks as the US prices) are $200CAD, $280AUD, and $330NZD.

    No official word on UK prices, but I would expect £120-130 for UK, and €140-150 for the rest of Europe.

    • euansmith

      Heck, do you remember then it was $1.80 to the £ 🙁

      • Chet Atkinson

        Yep, thanks Brexit

  • Bredkooler

    Why does it say in red at the end “That’s a ton of Necromunda stuff”? I see nothing related to Necromunda.

    • I_am_Alpharius

      Copy and paste sir copy and paste…

  • thegreatmoronos

    Think I might wait for someone to upload a pdf somewhere…..

  • BrassWitch

    No news on when the Shadespire stuff is coming : ( ?

    • Ghachii

      The new warbands? They’ve said early next year.

      • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

        seems like a big planning failure. I might have got into it as something to play at my club, but there are hardly any warbands.

        • Ghachii

          There are 4. That seems like a reasonable amount of choice given that A) the game’s only just been released and B) a lot of the customisation comes from deck building, not just warband choices. Some deck building games don’t even have 4 factions.

          How many warbands should they have made available at launch to avoid having you think of it as a ‘planning failure’?

          • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

            Considering its 5 models and a few cards for each faction, how about ALL the factions?

          • Ghachii

            What, all 60 of them? Really? I can think of many sensible, practical business reasons why that’s an unrealistic expectation. You seriously can’t even think of *one*??

          • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

            I count about 15 or so. How do you get to 60?

            They managed rules for all factions on release of AoS and 8th, and for most factions in SWA, and a fair few in Necromunda. But only 4 in Shadespire. And you think that is normal for GW? Seems like a half cooked release in comparison to me.

          • Ghachii

            I don’t know what you’re counting, but this is the current list of AoS factions:

            – Stormcast Eternals
            – Seraphon
            – Kharadron Overlords
            – Sylvaneth
            – Free Peoples
            – Fyreslayers
            – Wanderers
            – Dispossessed
            – Ironweld Arsenal
            – Devoted of Sigmar
            – Darkling Covens
            – Daughters of Khaine
            – Collegiate Arcane
            – Scourge Privateers
            – Eldritch Council
            – Phoenix Temple
            – Order Serpentis
            – Order Draconis
            – Shadowblades
            – Lion Rangers
            – Blades of Khorne
            – Disciples of Tzeentch
            – Slaves to Darkness
            – Hosts of Slaanesh
            – Nurgle Rotbringers
            – Clan Skryre
            – Clan Pestilens
            – Brayherds
            – Clan Verminus
            – Warherds
            – Clan Eshin
            – Everchosen
            – Clan Moulder
            – Masterclan
            – Thunderscorn
            – Soulblight
            – Flesh-eater Courts
            – Deathrattle
            – Deathlords
            – Nighthaunt
            – Deadwalkers
            – Deathmages
            – Beastclaw Raiders
            – Ironjawz
            – Moonclan Grots
            – Bonesplitterz
            – Gutbusters
            – Gitmob Grots
            – Greenskinz
            – Maneaters
            – Troggoths
            – Spiderfang Grots
            – Firebellies

            Many of them aren’t very well developed, but they’re still separate factions with their own key words, and they count as separate for determining allegiance and allies. Even if we go with your count of 15 that’s still a ridiculous number of warbands to expect GW to release at launch.

            The examples you’ve provided are totally spurious. Yes, they released placeholder rules for all factions when AoS launched (one of their 2 core games), but you’re asking for a lot more than just a few PDFs – you want 15 fully balanced warbands with cards, rules, models, packaging, etc. You’ve used Necromunda as an example, but that has even fewer gangs released at launch than Shadespire. Necromunda currently has 2 gangs released with more on the way, whereas Shadespire has 4 warbands released with more on the way.

            So if Shadespire is a ‘half cooked release’ that makes Necromunda what – quarter cooked? I’m starting to think that you know you’re talking complete nonsense.

          • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

            But there are only a few models in a Shadespire faction. All the factions combined would have less rules than one 40k faction or most AoS factions.