Next Week’s GW Prices & Products CONFIRMED


Necromunda arrive with a the core game, gangs, terrain and a lot more in tow!

Here’s what’s headed your way this weekend according to numerous industry professionals:

Get ready for duke it out in the Underhive!


Necromunda Underhive $125

Necromunda Gang War $30

Necromunda Barricades & Objectives $35

Necromunda Bulkhead Doors $35

Necromunda Bases (25mm & 32) $6.50 apiece

Escher/Goliath Gang Dice $12.50 apiece

Goliath Gang $40

Escher Gang $40

Goliath Gang Cards $15

Escher Gang cards $15


Age of Sigmar

Warhammer Quest Adversary Cards $25

Chaos Dreadhold – Ruined Fortress Walls $35


Warhammer 40,000

Promethium Refinery $115

Thermic Plasma Conduits $35

Thermic Plasma Regulators $25


Black Library

AoS: Overlords of the Iron Dragon (Hardback) $27

Far above the highest mountain peaks, a new power has arisen. The duardin have developed new technology and weapons of war, and now they sail the skies in their amazing airships, seeking wealth and plunder. Brokrin Ullissonn, Captain of the Ang Drak, has a reputation for bad luck. Unless his fortune turns, and soon, he will lose his ship and his livelihood. When he and his crew discover the location of a source of aether-gold of unparalleled quality, the temptation is too strong to resist. No matter what dangers present themselves, the duardin desire wealth beyond all. But when Brokrinn realises what the true cost of the aether-gold will be, is it too late for him to save himself, his crew, and his ship?

Written by C L Werner


The Geld (audiobook) $17.50

Long ago the Mor Deythan were the most feared of all Raven Guard – elite warriors who could cloud the minds of the unwary, dubbed the ‘Shadowmasters’.

When Shadow Captain Qeld is summoned to the Ravenspire for an audience with Chapter Master Shrike, little does he anticipate the treacherous mission he’s about to undertake. Thrown together with others who share his innate abilities – including Mordren, of the Knights of the Raven Chapter – he must journey into an insane labyrinth inhabited by a traitorous warlord Mazik the Unfixed, and help to break a brutal siege. But what does Mazik know of Qeld and his brothers? And can Qeld and Mordren overcome their differences long enough to survive?

Written by George Mann

Narrated Jonathan Keeble. Performed by Toby Longworth as Qeld, Matthew Hunt as Illith, John Banks as Mordren, Steve Conlin as Shrike & Mazik, Adrian Wheeler as Koryn and Jonathan Keeble as Cordae & Corson.
Running Time 1 hour 13 minutes.


~That’s a ton of Necromunda stuff! Who’s in?

  • frank

    Why is the Raven Guard book called the castrated? Poor captian Qeld the geld.

    • ReverendTiberiusJackhammer

      The villain being titled “the Unfixed” is a weird addition to that – “Always get your Space Marines fixed, lest they have kittens.” – Codex Astartes, Roboute Guilleman.

    • Commissar Molotov

      Geld means “money,” too, don’t it?

      • Me

        I had to hunt for it (finally found it on wiktionary), but you are correct. It can mean money, tribute, payment, ransom, etc… Totally different etymology, but totally legit.

        • frank

          In its most common use in English vernacular its a castrated animal (horses that are castrated most specifically are gelds or gelding), maybe its just a thing growing up on a farm but if someone calls you the geld where i grew up i wouldn’t take it as someone calling you the “money”.

      • frank

        Not in English

  • euansmith

    So, effectively $155 for Necromunda?

    • Iconoc1ast


    • frank

      Its great cuz they can be like no its 125$…. if you dont want all the core rules to the game haha.

    • Rainthezangoose

      I when you think about how much you get in say Calth or Prospero its actually a nasty sting.

      • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

        yep its sharp practice.

        Curious to know about the barricades and bulkheads sets siunce I’m building a zone mortalis table at the moment.

        • Rainthezangoose

          Honestly don’t seem worth the price unfortunately, well the doors at least don’t. Taken from this month’s White Dwarf.

          • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

            yeah its expensive. It’ll be £17 with discount, its a lot for what it is especially when GW terrain is usually fairly reasonable, but I think I’ll buy it because it will be easier than scratch building something equivalent. I might make some casts of them myself because they’ll be dead easy to copy.

          • euansmith

            That is disappointingly meager pickings.

        • Allaire
          • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

            thats nice, but I’ve bought a starship interior mat and I’m building walls for the rooms on it.

    • benn grimm

      155 for Necromunda minus all the terrain you need to actually play it… Alternatively use the rules and terrain you already have (or download/scratch build ) and just grab a gang box(what I’ll be doing).

      • ZeeLobby

        Yeah. I’ll probably hold off for a bit. So many other games coming out. And games for the holidays. Was originally jumping in, but a little money strapped. Wish the full rules were available separate.

    • Richard Klepper

      more than that, you’ll want the gang cards as well since they have cards that won’t be in the boxed set

      • euansmith

        Ouch. Do the gang boxes really contain different cards to the starter set? If so, bad GW, naughty GW.

        • Richard Klepper

          yeah, Read the card entry in the White Dwarf. IIRC the Boxed set comes with 4 unique cards for each gang. the Cards have 20 unique cards for each gang

        • I_am_Alpharius

          Gang boxes contain no Gang Tactic cards. They are separate products for £9 each

          • Richard Klepper

            right, so to have all the cards, you want the Necromunda Core set, plus the 2 separate gang card boxes. (not the miniature boxes, they are duplicates)

      • I_am_Alpharius

        Those are only easy reference cards for the pre-made ‘gang’ sets from inside the core game. They are not a necessity.

    • Allaire

      That’s me out. Way to much money for crap I don’t want/need.

      • euansmith

        We all have our breaking point 😉

  • Sonic tooth

    Anyone know when the new xmas battle force boxes will be out? The closer it gets to Xmas the less chance I’ll have enough cash left to buy one lol

    • EnTyme

      Last year, they came out the last week of November if I recall correctly. I’d expect it to be the same this year.

  • Rockit

    Hey, does anyone know how the promethium refinery compares to the shadow war set? Is it the same pieces/sprues?

  • I’ll be almost all in for Necromunda with one of all the stuff minus the gangs and terrain packs. Those aren’t as worthwhile since it’s better value to buy a second starter. With the local shop discount and existing store credit it shouldn’t be horrible. 😛

  • frankelee

    By not charging a reasonable price for Necromunda, GW has saved us all a considerable amount of money. Will enjoy checking out their full rulebook for free using the power of the internet.