Privateer Press: Warmachine and Trollkin New Releases

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More new releases from Privateer Press, new Trollkin, and a Mennoth Flame Machine (probably).

That’s right. One last wave of new releases for November. Northbloods get some more trolls, in the form of a unit of Raiders and also a devastating Solo who seems ready to roll up on your opponent’s units and eat them for lunch. The Protectorate of Mennoth get their new Revelator Colossal Warjack as well, which is both great at defeating magic and setting things on fire. And you might be wondering what kinds of things can it set on fire? Well, as a Colossal, I can tell you pretty much wwhatever it wants.

via Privateer Press

Northkin Raiders$84.99

Dedicated raiding bands are vital for smaller kriels that rely on their spoils to survive. These skirmishers use ambushes and hit-and-run tactics. Raiders carry firebombs used to set buildings ablaze to distract sentries and lure them from storehouses, bombs equally effective against massed infantry. It is also their job to plunder downed foes after a skirmish, a task veteran warriors consider beneath them.

Valka Curseborn Chieftain of the North$17.99

Few warchiefs command so black a reputation as the acrimonious Valka Curseborn. Noted for a foul temper, he has become bitter and ruthless with the passing of the years. At each battle’s end, he looks around himself with bloodied axes, taking in the carnage he has unleashed, disgruntled that he still draws breath. He seeks a hero’s death but is too stubborn to die easily. The foe worthy to claim his life has yet to stand before him.


The consecrated colossals of the Protectorate of Menoth are towering masterpieces of faith and war. The Revelator strips away the obscuring magic of profane casters and scorches the earth to leave nothing but ashes behind.

So, from a certain perspective, this week’s batch of releases are all about ice and fire. Maybe someone should sing a song…

  • Snord

    I don’t see how Privateer can hold on with stuff like this. The troll dudes are kind of cool, but the poses are all duplicated. Surely we’re beyond that by now? And the big thing is beyond crappy – it looks like something the escaped from a cheap Japanese robot cartoon.

    • JN7

      To each their own. I like the Protectorate colossal chassis.

      • Red_Five_Standing_By

        Really? I feel like the Menoth Colossals are some of the weakest in the range, right down there with Retribution.

        • JN7

          I’ll agree with you about the Ret colossals. They have an astonishing lack of detail.

          • Apocryphus

            Really? I’ve always thought the Ret colossals had the most detail of anything in their faction.

          • JN7

            In a faction of bland warjacks, sure.

    • Red_Five_Standing_By

      The duplication is really noticeable in this squad.

      • Apocryphus

        They’ve been doing the unique unit leader plus 3 of 3 different sculpts for units forever. I’m personally not a huge fan of it but the game is wonderful and the sculpts they do have are still well done.

    • zeno666

      Works for GW with copy’n’paste space marines

  • I_am_Alpharius

    Trollblood Chief is quite nice – although I would possibly forego the cloak. Other than that, the rest are not a huge amount to write home about. PP always does a nice job with Characters, it is the all the rank-and-file that, to me, generally lack something.

  • zeno666

    I love that chieftan sculpt

  • frank

    Are the north kin made mostly of metal cuz they are more expensive than GW?

    • zeno666

      Resin and metal., so superior details compared to plastic.
      They sure are expensive.
      But you have to remember that these comes with playtested rules, and great rule support online.
      All of this for the price of a Warlord titans left testicle from Forge World!

      But I agree, they’re quite expensive.

      • Leonidas Laskaridis

        Someone is surely a PP fanboy.
        PP’s non metal miniatures certainly do have significantly less details than the metal/resin ones but nowadays the hybrid materials are a thing of the past for most companies. Plastic is the way to go and if you want to compare them to the current GW plastic ranges those PP models seem lacking.

        As for the playtesting – mk3 skorne and cryx beg to differ. (Not to mention that we had to buy the new cards, find that our army got a kick to the teeth and then had to print and DIY the cards ourselves)

        • zeno666

          Ex-fanboy if I may 🙂
          Cryx and Skorne are two of the factions I play.
          And I agree that the start of Mk3 was a total trainwreck.
          The card thing was a real GW-move, which is very,very sad.

          They have gone out and apologized for this ,but the wounds are still there. Two developers dropped, one of them was famous for saying that this game didn’t need a new edition for years, but could use an update like Mk2 Remix (or 2.5).
          So they lost two guys who had a good feel for the game and its balance.

          PP is slowly standing up from the nosedive though. The CiD is what mk3 shiuld have been from the start.

          And I actually played a game this weekend.
          While mk3 is still a bit bland compared to mk1/2, its a great game with well written rules.
          No arguments over amazingly poorly worded rules or comparing indexes and codexes with an FAQ-book overlay.

          While Mk3 was poorly executed, 8th edition is just a big middle finger to its fans.

          • Leonidas Laskaridis

            I enjoy Warmahordes a lot but never play competitively. 8th edition and AOS although they are fun games to play are very prone to abuse and “meta” that drain all the fun if you play in tournament environment.
            I agree with you that PP has taken a hit with the mk3 release but I believe it is better than the 2nd ed. The same goes for the 8th and the develpment of AOS.
            I only want to have nice games to play and in that regard both PP and GW have tried to correct errors that occur.
            But it is very accurate thing to say that PP rules are more coherent and bettr writen. It is though unfortunate that their prices are kinda steep for what you are buying, but they are getting better at a fast pace.

      • frank

        Is that a 20$+ feature?