Space Marine Review: HQ: Lieutenant

Hi everyone, today let’s review of the newest addition to the Space Marine chain of command, the Lieutenant.

LT Overview

The Lieutenant is a new addition to the Space Marine army for 8th edition and has already proven himself to be a very popular character to take in the army. While he has an average statline for a Space Marine character, he provides a really nice to wound buff for nearby units, making him a great supporting character to have in many situations. Each Lieutenant costs 63 points for the base model and you can take up to two Lieutenants in the one HQ slot.


  • Chainsword
  • Master-crafted Boltgun- 24″, Rapid Fire 1, S4, AP-1, 2 damage.
  • Frag and Krak Grenades
  • My replace his Master-crafted Boltgun with an item from the Pistols, Combi-weapons or Melee Weapons list.
  • May replace his Chainsword with an item from the Melee weapons list.
  • May take a Jump Pack


  • And They Shall Know No Fear
  • Tactical Precision- You can re-roll all to wound rolls of a 1 for friendly <Chapter> units within 6″ of a Lieutenant.
  • Company Heroes- During deployment, all models from this unit are set up at the same time, though they do not need to be set up in unit coherency. From that point onwards, each Lieutenant is treated as a separate unit.
  • Fly (if equipped with a Jump Pack)
  • Jump Pack Assault- During deployment, if he has a Jump Pack, the Lieutenant may be set up high in the skies. At the end of any of your movement phases he can assault from above, set him up anywhere on the battlefield that is at least 9″ away from an enemy unit.
  • Keywords- Imperium, Adeptus Astartes, <Chapter>, Character, Infantry, Lieutenants.


The Lieutenant has a pretty standard statline for a Space Marine Character, similar to that of a Chaplain or Librarian. He has WS 2+, BS 3+, strength and toughness 4, four wounds, 3 attacks, Ld 8 and a 3+ save. In addition to the rules for targeting characters, he has some decent durability if you make sure he is not the closest target or throw him at a unit that will easily kill him.

The Master-crafted Boltgun is actually a really nice weapon to have on the Lieutenant and one that I would probably stick with in most situations. The -1 AP is great, but the 2 damage per shot makes this weapon worthwhile. This allows the Lieutenant to target multi-wound models and potentially take them down in a single shot if you get lucky. He can be upgraded to take a Combi-weapon, which is nice and can be useful depending on what role you want him to perform on the battlefield.

The Lieutenant can also be quite potent in combat, with WS 2+ and three attacks. Arming him with a Melee weapon is not such a bad option if he is likely to be seeing combat. The basic Chainsword is great, giving him four attacks and a useful option for taking on lightly-armoured infantry units. Giving him a Power Sword (or other power weapon) helps to deal with more heavily-armoured threats to your army. A Power Fist is also a fantastic option, meaning the Lieutenant will be wounding most targets on a 2+ re-rollable.

While his shooting and combat potential can be impressive, the real reason you take the Lieutenant is for the Tactical Precision buff. Getting re-rolls of 1 to wound for units within 6″ can really boost their damage potential, especially when combined with To Hit re-rolls from another nearby character (Captain or Chaplain).

My favourite way to run the Lieutenant is as the basic model supporting a unit of Devastators and other nearby units on my backline. This is a nice cheap HQ choice to add to the army and provides a lot of benefits. A unit of Devastators with Missile Launchers or Lascannons greatly benefit from a nearby Lieutenant, allowing you to re-roll roughly half your failed wounds against a wide range of opponents. This helps to make this expensive squad even more effective at taking out enemy armour. In fact, Devastators armed with any Heavy Weapons will benefit from the Lieutenant boosting their damage output. Given the range of the re-roll bubble, it is easy to get the benefit for a number of units such as a Tactical Squad, Sniper Scouts or a nearby Space Marine Tank.

If you want to boost your combat potential, the Lieutenant makes a great boost to a combat unit such as Assault Marines or Vanguard Veterans. A regular opponent runs a unit of Vanguard Veterans with Thunder Hammers and Storm Shields in a Rhino, supported by Pedro Kantor and a Lieutenant armed with a Power Fist. The Vanguard Veterans get re-rolls to hit from Pedro Kantor and will generally be wounding on a 2+ re-rollable thanks to the Lieutenant. There is very little that will stand up to that sort of punishment in combat.

The Lieutenant also makes a great addition to a unit of Sternguard Veterans. Given the potent firepower output of this Veteran unit, the use of the Masterful Marksmanship Stratagem means you can have the situation where the Sternguard are wounding on a 3+ and re-rolling to wound rolls of 1, greatly boosting their damage output and making a mess of most units that they will target.

Another benefit of the Lieutenant is that it is one of the cheapest HQ units available to the Space Marine army (only a Techmarine with a Chainsword is cheaper), meaning it is a great choice for filling the compulsory HQ choice in a number of Detachments to allow you to gain access to more command points.

Chapter Tactics

The application of a number of the Chapter Tactics also serve to boost the abilities of the Lieutenant.

The Ultramarines Chapter Tactic helps to get the Lieutenant out of combat, while still firing effectively with his Master-crafted Boltgun or a combi-weapon.

White Scars can also be a useful Chapter Tactic if you are accompanying an assault unit. This allows the Lieutenant to fall back from combat and allow other enemy units to shoot the target, then charge back in for some more damage output. If you are using a Lieutenant to support an assault force, a Jump Pack and Thunder Hammer/Power Fist make great wargear options for him.

An Imperial Fists Lieutenant can make great use of ignoring cover save bonuses when combined with his Master-crafted Boltgun, making it more likely to take out armoured threats thanks to the additional -1 AP.

Again, the Black Templars Chapter Tactics benefit a Lieutenant armed for combat. The Lieutenant makes a great addition to a Black Templars army, where his re-roll bubble will help to boost your combat potential of your units.

Salamanders Chapter Tactics are great for a Lieutenant supporting a gunline army. He can boost the damage output of his Master-crafted Bolter each turn or go for a combi-weapon for a bit more punch.

Raven Guard is also great for a gunline Lieutenant. A Lieutenant in cover that is at -1 to hit and has a 2+ save will be difficult for many opponents to shift without some form of potent sniper weaponry.

Iron Hands Chapter Tactics will be useful for helping to keep the Lieutenant alive for longer, giving you more benefit from your Tactical Precision bubble.


I think that the Lieutenant is a great new addition to the Space Marine army, providing a great buff to nearby units and really helping with their damage output. He can also be upgraded to provide quite a useful melee threat for your backline units, able to counterattack a number of enemy threats and cause some damage.

~What do you think of the LT?



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  • YetAnotherFacelessMan

    Review: Lieutenant
    *posts a picture of a veteran sergeant*

  • James Arnoldi

    I love running with Pedro Cantor. With the two bubbles, you reroll missed hits and wounds of 1. Really nasty!

  • LordKrungharr

    So is the Lt. a Primaris guy? Or normal Space Marine? I think my Iron Hands bikers would like one with a jumpack to keep up with them.

    • BadMrPumpkin

      HE Can be both

  • Grand_Master_Raziel

    I’d love to use Lieutenants. Unfortunately as a DA player, all I get is the Primaris, which severely limits my options for using one.

    • oh, magoo…

      Hoping we get access to both when the BA/SW/DA books come out.

  • DoctorBored

    Lieutenant + Captain + Ancient + as many Hellblasters as you can fit within 6″ of all of those models. Re-rolling 1’s to wound and to hit, supercharging, and if a guy does die, with the relic standard on a 3+ he gets to shoot again, supercharging and re-rolling 1’s to hit and wound all over again. It decimates just about anything within 30″.

    • BaronSnakPak

      Spend 3CP and make the captain a chapter master, then you’re re-rolling all to hit rolls.

      • YetAnotherFacelessMan

        BUHHHHHHT BARONSNAKPAK! People were giving me intense crap about commissars for a week because they might reroll a 1 into a 6! WHAT HAPPENS IF THEY REROLL A 2 INTO A 1?!

        I imagine it’d boost the chance of hitting the enemy 11% (77 to 88) while only boosting your chance of killing yourself 3% (3 to 6), but what do I know about statistics? 😉

  • Fenix Dargon

    So has anyone else noticed that he thinks power fists are not -1 to hit? Silly.

    • NagaBaboon

      Does he mention a powerfists to hit? I think he only talked about it’s to wound roll.

  • Ronin

    I love how this edition made every model in the command squad a character. It makes it feel like each one is their own badass hero.

  • OctopusVolcano

    62 points!? As an admech player I find this absurd. That statline and base weapons loadout for 62 points is absurdly good value. Meanwhile i pay 52 points for a weaker, less effective enginseer with a laspistol and a once per attack servo arm. 10 point difference does not compute.

    • Watcherzero

      The equivalent to an enginseer would be an apothecary, base 55 points or 68 for Primaris version. Same 1d3 heal.

      • OctopusVolcano

        Difference being as an SM player you have the choice to take the others.

        All our HQs repair, we needed an HQ that did something other than sit there with mediocre buffs or sit there with a good buff at massive cost.

        The enginseer does nothing we didn’t already have. for the same points as other armies get multiple options.

        I’ve liked the enginseer to buff servitors/kataphrons, that way those models might be worth taking as well.

  • Ve Ly Pè

    Is there a model for a none Primaris Lieutenant? :/

    • tylran

      You can just get the Captain/Commander box

  • Marco Marantz

    For all those failoids who ranked chaos over marines, the Lt is clearly way better than the Exalted Champ. That said I have come to dislike all the +something bubbles in the game.