ToyLand: Sweet Tron Lightcycle LEGO Kit Coming Soon

The iconic racer from Tron: Legacy is getting it’s own brick version you can add to the collection on your desk at work.

One thing you can’t easily deny about Legacy is that it had a lot of eye candy. The lightcycles were a big part of that.

Another great kit spawned form the Ideas program. LEGO has that they’re turning the BrickBrosUK’s design into a product you’ll be able to build. This is the prototype not the final product, but the final shouldn’t be too different.

Perfect size to display on a bookshelf or your desk. Price and release date haven’t been announced yet. I wish it would have been green-lighted sooner, it would make an excellent stocking stuffer.


What do you think of this new kit?

  • bobrunnicles

    I believe the appropriate expression is “Shut up and take my money!” 🙂

    • Jared Swenson

      There are no better words. I am definitely going to be watching out for this. I really like tron: legacy

      • Stephen Henry IV

        I did too, don’t get why it was so hated.

        • ChubToad

          It’s really a great movie. But hey, there are people who actually loved Civil War, that tells you something about what people really like.

  • KnightShift

    Tron: Legacy is a much, MUCH better film than the rep it’s gotten. The original Tron has long been a cult favorite or at least a guilty pleasure movie and an intelligent one at that.

    Legacy built upon and smartly updated that into a real mythology. It deserves a third entry.

    • Heinz Fiction

      Legacy is also one of the few movies (actually the only one I know) that used 3D as an artistic tool. All real world scenes were 2D while all virtual world scenes were 3D.