ToyLand: Sylvanas Windrunner Will Suffer No Fools

This warrior has a stare that could stop the enemy in their tracks.

Blizzcon was a massive success this weekend. The Battle for Azeroth is officially here…

For those that haven’t – you can opt-in for the beta here.

Now you can add one of the story’s main characters – Sylvanas Windrunner – to your collection with this great statue from Blizzard Collectibles. The entire statue stands at 18″ tall, and has one of my favorite facial expressions on a character this year. Sylvanas will have none of your trash talk or sass.

World of Warcraft Sylvanas Statue$350.00

“I’ve walked the realms of the dead. I have seen the infinite dark. Nothing you say. Or do. Could possibly frighten me.” Sylvanas Windrunner has held many titles in her life and undeath: Ranger-General, Banshee Queen, and Warchief. Those that stand against her will surely not stand long. Celebrate this iconic Warcraft character with her official statue today!


Do you think you could win a staring contest with Sylvanas?

  • dinodoc

    Looking at the trailer: Are we finally back to the normal continuity rather than the Alternate Universes they were doing?

    • Craig Archer

      No, it follows on from the rest, it’s just that now that all the external threats are dealt with they’ve remembered the enemies that have been next door all along. Also Sylvanas is warchief now, and young Anduin is king of the alliance and believes Sylvanas was responsible for his father’s death.

      • dinodoc

        The plot sounds much better and less silly than the ones since Cataclysm. I might consider returning

  • Xodis

    Havnt played Wow since Cataclysm, but the new trailer has me itching to give it a try…also CLASSIC MODE!!!!

    • dinodoc

      I know, right?!

    • Matt Sall

      I hear tell they let you pay for game time with in game currency. That’s enough to pique my interest again.
      But also classic mode. Damn it Blizzard! You get enough of my money already!

      • Taikishi

        Average WoW token prices as of this morning:
        NA: 186,000 gold
        EU: 289,000
        KR: 375,000
        TW: 403,000
        CN: 422,000

        Gold cap is currently 10 million per character.

        You can also use them as balance to purchase other games and items from the store (NA, AU and EU only). One token is $15 USD/$17 AUD/13 Euros/10GBP

    • Jabberwokk


      minus a few European F2P servers.

  • benn grimm

    For the horde! 🙂 Looks awesome, now how about Warcraft 4?

    • Jabberwokk

      Needs more capitol letters and spittle….

      FOR THE HOOOOORDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • benn grimm

        Lol, sorry, good point well made 🙂

    • AntonisLak

      liked for the warcraft 4

  • Jabberwokk

    Dark Lady Watch over you.

  • Pedwidge

    If only they could make that trailer into a full movie to replace the live action one. An animated series would be great. You listening Netfix?

  • euansmith

    $350 is a steep price tag, but, blimey, that’s an impressive statue.

    • dinodoc

      I know, right?