Wyrd: Abyssinian Crow Runners are Disrupters

These soldiers like to hit the enemy early and ruin their plans.

Crow Runners make up the bulk of the Abyssinian army’s vanguard – most who serve in their military spend part of their enlistment in the position. Their lightweight armor makes ideal skirmishers, scouts, and infiltrators.

This unit is included in the Abysinnian Allegiance Box.

On the tabletop, Crow Runners are one of the cheapest combat units available to the Abyssinians. They are well balanced, offering speed, defenses, and a variety of forms of attack. This Squad works well on the fringes of the battle, harassing enemy troops and hitting the enemy early to disrupt their plans.

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  • MMO Builder

    I backed this, but I don’t hear much discussion on the game. With the recent prodction delay, is this one going to be DOA?

    • Raven21001

      I never understood the move they made with this, i for one did’nt back this as i did’nt find it interesting. But haven’t heard anything about it either.

    • euansmith

      I backed some random units to cannibalise for other games; so I’m just waiting for stuff to turn up. I’ve backed a fair number of kickstarters and I’m used to long delays and quiet periods with no updates, so I’m not massively worried.

      • Matthew Pomeroy

        same here

    • marxlives

      I backed it. I don’t think it will be DoA, it will be pretty niche but no doubt if you like Malifaux, a solid game.

  • MMO Builder

    Just to add, some of the minis in this line look really good.