Wyrd: The Magewright has Magical Possibilities

Master Enchanting Magic with this new Pursuit for Through the Breach.

This magic focused Pursuit is the sister of the Dabbler and the Graverobber. The Magewright has access to more Magia and Immuto that allows them to go beyond the regular abilities of their Grimoire. They can enchant weapons with power and increase the Aspects of characters affected by their spells. They also work with the Thalarian Doctrine, so their magic is seen as “legal” in Malifaux.

Perhaps the most interesting Talent possessed by Magewrights is Enchant Item, which allows a character to store a spell in an object for later release. The possibilities that this talent opens up are limited only by the character’s imagination (and her Magia): invisibility cloaks, healing elixirs, and far-seeing spectacles are just the tip of what a crafty Magewright can create. Another fun Talent is Spontaneous Animation, which allows Magewrights to transform piles of scrap into subservient Clockwork Traps, simply as a side effect of casting their Enchantment spells.

Outside of their mechanical strengths, Magewrights also have the interesting benefit of working very well with the Thalarian Doctrine, one of the few “legal” ways to use magic in Malifaux. The Guild makes use of its Magewrights to enchant the weapons of its Witch Hunters and to churn out magical bullets for the Nephilim Hunters, as well as to animate the battle constructs of the Amalgamation Office. There are also independent Magewrights in the city that are authorized to legally sell their magical talents… provided that they submit to frequent Witch Hunter inspections.


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  • Richard Mitchell

    Illegal enchanting, it is a big problem in the sector of Malifaux where I live.

    • Matthew Pomeroy

      I like my cozy little ruin with zombie servants.RESURRECTIONIST FOR..life?

      • Richard Mitchell

        People like you are the reason Malifaux has a Quarantine Zone. The governor really needs to build a wall and make Malifaux great again!

        • Matthew Pomeroy

          we have the RIGHT to dig up your loved ones and reanimate them for our purposes., you put em in the ground is the same as not wanting them anymore!! besides their labor keeps costs down.