X-Wing: Unboxing The Star Wing

The new Alpha-Class Star Wing expansion is coming to X-Wing and it’s going to bring the BOOM!

Or perhaps instead of the BOOM it’s going to bring the SLAM because this tricky fighter has some moves up it’s sleeve:

We’ve talked about the Alpha-Class Star Wing previously and gotten a look at some of the cards. This ship is going to pack a punch and is an Imperial Brawler for sure.

On top of having access to Saturation Salvo – the Star Wing can be outfitted in a couple of different ways. You could go heavy on the cannons or you could open up with some of the torpedo options. This ship has 4 hull and 3 shields so really either build seems like it has potential to go heads-up. But what really sets this fighter apart is it’s deceptive dial:

If you notice it doesn’t have an obvious K-turn option, so what gives? If this thing is a fighter, it seems like a K-turn should be mandatory, right? Well that’s because it’s got access to the SLAM action. This thing is very similar to the Rebel K-Wing in that regard – it’s sneakily fast!

The SLAM action will let you get your ship turned 180° with two moves. This can be pretty effective – you do get a weapons disabled token, but the Star Wing has a way around that as well:

And that’s not all – two of the pilots also have work arounds for getting a weapons disabled token:


Karsabi’s ability lets you trade in your weapons disabled token for a stress instead – which can be handy since you’ve already done your move and action and (hopefully) lined up the perfect shot anyways!

Major Vynder becomes extra tough to pin down with an extra defense die. Ideally, you’re using your SLAM to duck out of range or put yourself in a more advantageous position defensively.

We cover the rest of the cards and upgrades in the expansion in the video but you won’t have to wait to run this ship much longer. It’s currently up for Pre-Order and should be on store shelves soon…

Alpha-class Star Wing Expansion Pack $14.95

The first widely deployed Imperial starfighter to boast shields and a hyperdrive, the Alpha-class Star Wing had limited maneuverability, but was heavily armed for its size. The fighter remains impressively durable and destructive in X-Wing™, where its two agility, four hull, and three shields are paired with the ability to unleash cascading torrents of missile and cannon fire. The Star Wing’s pre-painted miniature is accompanied by four ship cards, seven upgrades, one maneuver dial, reference cards for the reload action and jam tokens, and all the plastic and tokens you need to fly the ship to battle.


Guess we finally got a big enough (gun)boat.

  • GoodOleBoy01

    I’ve sat quite a few xwing miniatures out, but I’m getting at least one of these since I drove one so much in the old tie fighter computer game!

    • Bestivus

      TIE 94 was beast, no doubt. I’m hoping for a Missile Boat next.

      • Jabberwokk

        Ah missile boats…Tie Fighter was the best,

  • Jesse Cavazos

    Is there an actual downside to this thing? All I see are double moves and turn one torpedoes.

    • Bestivus

      Only thing I can think of would be cost. It’s expensive to pilot a high PS gunboat, even moreso when you start equipping expensive upgrades.