40K: 5 Things I Want To See In 2018

My 40K wishlist for the coming year.

Well folks we are fast approaching the end of 2017 and its time to start looking ahead to 2018. 2017 brought us a whole tone of stuff. A new Edtion, new armies, new fluff and so much more. Now’s the time to really start asking, what will 2018 bring us, and what do we want form it? Well, here is my top five list of things I want to see from 40K in 2018.

5. A New Army

One of the things I’d really like to see next year is for GW to put out a brand new 40K army. Now I already talked a bit what armies could come out, and I’d love to see of those make it to table top. Even if it’s not something from that list a new army would be a cool move, and could really add things to the game. In particular I’d love to see a brand new Xenos army, or at least not just more power armor. Something like the Hrud or a Merc force would be really cool. Though we’ve gotten new armies in the game, Tau were the last time we’ve ever gotten a totally new thing. Lets see more of that.

4. All Existing Armies Getting a Book

Even more than a new army, it would be really great to see all the existing ones get updated books. Currently there is a pretty big gap between Codex and Index books. If GW keeps up their current pace of putting out Codecies they could have all the Indexes updated next year. This would not only be good from a balance perspective, but from a trust one. Many players have in the past felt ignored as their army went years or even editions without updates. Now they are buying into the idea of the new and more responsive GW, lets reward these players buy getting their books out ASAP and not making them wait forever to be on an even footing!

3. Lets Keep The Story-line Moving Forward


8th gave us the biggest advancement of the 40K story since 2nd or 3rd Edition. Hopefully the coming year will continue to move the story forward in meaningful ways. It would be tempting, natural even, of GW to again “pause” the story and keep playing out the past 200 years. Hopefully this doesn’t happen. Hopefully we get meaningful developments with more Primarches, advancement of the Primars and Ynnari stories, the Fallen and the secret Imperial coup. GW has sown a lot of seeds, let’s hope they are willing to harvest them!

2. Campaign Books

Summer Campaigns, and the books that came with them were a staple of 40K back in the old days. They’ve also seen a bit of revival (in a newish form) with sets like Warzone: Fenris and Gathering Storm. Hopefully we will continue to see several of these books come out next year. They are a great way of moving the story forward. In addition to that they are great for introducing both new units to existing factions and whole new armies. These are just a great way to focus on one of the many conficts raging across the galaxy and develop it into something great.

1. GW Making Good On Its Promise For Better Representation

GW has said that they want to build a more diverse game and community. The’ve talked about making sure all people are better represented in 40K (and AoS and their other games). Well, lets see them do that. Lets see them make some really meaningful strides towards better representation in 2018. Sure the studio works pretty far in advance but if we, as GW insinuated, saw the first fruits of this movement in 2017 then we should be ready for a flood in 2018. I don’t care what it is, more, female guardswomen, female T’au, plastic Sister of Battle, more non-Caucasian models, whatever. Lets just see it. Lets do this thing that we should have done years ago and make 40K a place were everyone can feel at home.

Let us know what you’d like to see in 2018, down in the comments! 

  • Kritarion

    I can sign everything on this list, but knowing the community here, Number 1 is gonna ruffle some feathers here.

    • magi83

      Let’s be clear – no one is against ‘more diversity’ in the model range or ever has been (The SOB range should have been updated ages ago). Are many of us against having some agenda shoved down our throats to please a small yet loud minority? Hell yeah. And if GW goes the way of Marvel there will be sh**storm – believe me. Hopefully they’re going to be smart about this.

      • Kritarion

        I love it how “People exist” is an agenda nowadays

        • magi83

          Oh please. We’ve heard this cr*p before. There’s no moral imperative that GW should be everything to everyone.

        • magi83

          Although I am genuinely curious as to how GW can adequately navigate the mine field of introducing human racial diversity into the model range. Leaving aside the question of whether racial differences in appearance are noticeable at 28mm scale, how would they achieve this without adhering to ‘western stereotypes’ or the like? I’m not sure any white European sculptor is going to be comfortable modelling African or Asian features.

          • They have in the deathwatch kit. There is one African features head. They have done the head for white scars. It honestly doesnt take much to get some diversity in the kits. Two to Three heads out of the 10+ we get in some kits doesnt seem like too much

          • euansmith

            Yeah, I can’t help but think that more diversity in hiring would be a good way to go. I’d love to see what someone from a different range of creators could add to the setting.

          • Ben Smith

            Well you have salamanders white scars, tallarn, SOBattle, SoSilence and many more. All it it’d tke is a couple of ugrade kits.

          • NovaeVox

            Comfortable? Moreso than artists in the comic or video game industries depicting PoC? Or more importantly PoC artists doing the opposite, considering that the protagonists of Western media have been predominantly been caucasian males?

            Possible cultural faux pas aside, anatomy is anatomy. They study, they practice. Nobody has ever seen a live velociraptor, but ILM made them look pretty convincing in Jurassic Park, even if off scale, and I’m personally a fan Jessica Goodwin’s cold one sculpts.

          • kobalt60

            Do nothing, and people moan about adequate representation, do something to make things noticably diverse, and different( the same) people moan about cultural appropriation. Best to just put helmets on everything and use your imagination

        • cuda1179

          The game is all ready pretty diverse.
          Orks have no Gender. Necrons have no gender currently, but a good portion of their forces used to be female. Half of the Tau army is all ready female, they just have unisex uniforms and little sexual dimorphism. Tyranids are sexless, although many of the creatures are refered to as “her”. About 25% of the Eldar/Dark Eldar models are female. Yes, Space Marines are all male, and totally overshadow the all-female Sisters of Battle, I’ll give you that one. I also don’t think anyone would mind a few more female Imperial Guardsmen.
          As for race, isn’t that more of a paintjob? GW does make more than a few tints of flesh colors. Most models could be Asian, Caucasian, African, or Native American. I’ve done this myself with a number of figures.
          The backlash against diversity isn’t about the diversity. Take comic books for instance. Everyone LOVED the introduction of Harley Quinn. She had an amazing backstory and was her own thing. She worked. However, Marvel tried ramming it down our throats with failing topics like a pro-jihad comic that lasted all of three issues, Black female Ironman is dropping, Asian Hulk is slumping, etc.
          And, yes, there does seem to be an agenda. All the Diversity is shifting one way, alienating a fanbase. Get back to me when they turn Blade into a Hasidic Jew Rabbi with throwing stars of David.

    • I love how everyone is bringing up having more diverse MODELS is somehow comparable to marvel creating diverse STORYLINES.

      • Inco Gnito

        That’s because it is comparable

        • SiberianVI

          the problem is that the ones that tend to try to drive diversity down peoples throats have been consistently burning whatever they have crammed it into by taking diversity over skill(and please don’t let us wish for matt ward back), and doing a good impression of the inquisition to anyone who is not on board the diversity train. a train they have been recently kicking people off of for being too far in the back of it.

        • How is having 2-3 heads out of 15 in a 5 man kit comparable to entire storylines comprised around specific character traits?

          • Oggthrok

            Man I would love a few African or Korean heads to liven up the space marines. What’s weird, is I can’t even find that on third party sites, or shapeways. Everyone just mimes what GW already makes.

            Note to self, learn to do 3-D sculpting, untapped market.

          • magi83

            Would Africans or Koreans even exist in the future envisaged in 40k? I seriously doubt it.

            Most humans in 40k are depicted as Caucasian because the game was made by white males for white males and still is, largely. Never mind the fact that 20+ years ago the quality of sculpting made racial characteristics a moot point.

          • Oggthrok

            I would strongly argue they do, and here’s my reasoning:

            First, humans as we know them are believed to have existed for around 200,000 years. 40k takes place only 10,000 further years into the future, and features populations largely limited to local planets, which would lead to genetic drift and variety in those isolated cultures not unlike earth.

            Second, you know how when GW made Yvraine for the Eldar, and they gave her a pet cat? Like, it’s blue, and it has weird ears, but that’s a cat. Why would an Eldar have an animal so closely related to one that evolved on earth? Because it looks good. Because it is familiar, and it is desirable to see familiar things reimagined in exotic ways, like unicorns or pegasus do for the horse.

            Well, I know people of African and Korean decent. They’re familiar to me, and their absence in something so all-consuming and galaxy spanning as 40k feels weird.

            But, as always – I want this for me. You can paint and depict your miniatures any way you want to, this is just something I want the same way I want a multi-pose Ork Warboss kit. It feels overdue.

          • magi83

            That’s fine. If there’s a market for it then I guess GW would be silly not to cater to the demand.

            But there is no ethical imperative for GW to reflect diversity in its range. If we go down that route it gets silly because there will always be a lack of representation somewhere.

            I’m not saying that everyone is arguing for diversity from that perspective. But we’ve been through this enough times that we shouldn’t be naive about it.

          • magi83

            Would Europeans, Africans or Asians/Koreans even exist in the future envisaged in 40k? I seriously doubt it.

            Most humans in 40k are depicted as Caucasian because the game was made by white males for white males and still is, largely. Never mind the fact that 20+ years ago the quality of sculpting made racial characteristics a moot point.

          • dynath

            You look at some of the 80s and 90s sculpts and you can barely tell they have a face LOL.

            The novels depict the characters with a lot more racial groups than just Caucasian. Racially speaking just making upgrade sprues for White Scars (Asian) and Salamanders (African) would be a pretty good start.

          • Spacefrisian

            I think the future will get whiter once we start actual space travel, this little thing called nature has this darn habbit of doing that so humans can absorb mor sun vitamins.

            Tiny detail often overlooked in most scifi.

          • dynath

            As someone who does 3d modeling for shapeways, I am not convinced it is a big enough market to spend my time on. You’re talking about dozens of man hours making a model that may or may not sell enough to pay back the man hours. Beyond that 90% of what I get asked for are shoulder pads with icons. It’d be cool to have the options for sure but I worry how many people would buy them is pretty low.

          • Inco Gnito

            I thought I reckognized that name from somewhere. I will actually buy some of your amazing melee weapons soon.

  • vlad78

    Alternate activation, better cover rules, make terrains great again.

    • AEZ

      +1 cover is pretty good.. in AoS.. but a game where half the units have weapons which remove 2-3-4 or more of the save… well…

      • Mr.Gold

        not to mention AdMech phosphor weapons (and similar)…

      • Munn

        Cover is the 1 system in 40k that I think is genuinely bad and I think that comes down to being way to liberal with rend-3 and better.

        • AEZ

          Which doesn’t make the cover or the cover system bad.. it makes the people giving out those weapons bad :D… however in defense of them: it is sort of realistic that high powered weapons shoot through or explode the cover making it irrelevant… doesn’t make for a more fun game though 😀

          • James Regan

            I think a light/heavy cover system might help, as forests for example aren’t going to help against plasma weapons (it goes straight through, and now the forest you are stood in is on fire), whilst rubble likely is- heavy being both fortifications and things that are just made of a lot of rock/metal/alien crystals, because a full 3metres of broken concrete will pretty well blunt a las cannon blast that’s only designed to go through 10centimetre thick armour at tops (that’s a warhound titan’s armour, which, fluff wise, are supposed to pretty much be the top end of what a lascannon can be used for)

      • Spacefrisian

        Make it -1 to hit, but thats to simple, lets come up with something less logical.

  • AEZ

    In my wood elf army I think a lot of torso are female already so it’s not GW :D… it’s probably because 40K players are all have easily dented male pride and thing and want to please the crowd 😀

    • I don’t think anyone except the most unberable of neckbeards as anything against female miniatures or GW painting more minis in non-caucasian skin colour.

      The issue is the diversity thing being forced onto a fandom and not coming from within. It leads to bad writing when creators are pushed to include demographics.

      • How can it be forced? If the creators want to add something they can add it. Its either bad writing or its not, that has nothing to do with adding in diversity.

        • Apocryphus

          It’s forced when it’s done to silence the masses. If GW does it because they want to, great! But if it’s an issue of “Well you all kept yelling at us about it so we’re going to appease you.” it’s more offensive than having no diversity at all.

          • ReverendTiberiusJackhammer

            How do you personally differentiate between “considering customer feedback/interests” and “silencing the masses”?

          • Apocryphus

            It’s difficult to tell, really, without any inside information. I’m just saying there is a difference, and with such a vocal force behind the diversity issue it will be even harder to distinguish between an internal decision and one majorly influenced by outside aggression (because some peopke do tend to get pretty aggressive about it). Don’t mistake my comment for me speaking against diversity, just be mindful that shoe horning it into a setting and weaving it into a setting a very different.

          • The argument that these companies are doing something just to silence people instead of seeing it as a business opportunity is what bothers me.

          • Apocryphus

            Will it be that big of a business opportunity though? Adding female models into Guard (note this is the only faction missing female models per established GW lore, both flavors of Eldar have female models mixed in with their foot soldiers, Tau use gender neutral uniforms, etc etc) will not necessarily bring in new players. Diversity for the sake of diversity will always come across as awkward and will reflect in model design and sales. I could be wrong, but to me, the argument that racially/gender diverse model ranges will increase sales just isn’t solid enough to drive the entire campaign. What the community really should be campaigning for is more exposure for those factions that are representative, such as Sisters of Battle. I know that an overwhelming amount of people want to see them return in the same way Dark Eldar came back in 5th, me included, but people are more vocal about female Space Marines and ethnically diverse Guard.

            Ultimately, the root of my argument that GW would likely be silencing the masses is that these issues have clearly never been important to GW before. We are starting to see a shift in AoS, and maybe that will bear fruit, but right now all we’re getting for 40k is Primaris Primaris Primaris and we all know how diverse Space Marines are. It’s easier to cannibalize the existing player base than to expand it.

          • Well my counter argument is that will having a few different heads in a kit COST sales?

            If your argument is YES, then that says something about the player base.

            If the answer is No then what is the harm? If it doesn’t cost anything to add inclusion then why not? I know as a minority it really made me happy to see that ONE head in the space marine veterans kit. Or things like the black catachans

            I dont understand why the argument basically boils down to “We have 100% representation in a medium and we will be upset if we go down to 85% representation in a medium”.

            Honestly, with the pushback even the mention of inclusion brings you would think everyone believes that there are no minority features in the 40th millennium.

          • Apocryphus

            Adding heads means recasting and repackaging entire kits. We don’t even have Chaos Marine kits that include all weapon options. So, yes, it would come at a cost to GW. Now, as I said previously, I’m not against diversity, and I think GW, as big as they are could easily afford to update their model line, but GW wants people to buy new models. Some people, I assume you included, would buy reboxed versions of existing kits that have more racial and gender diversity included, but a lot of existing players aren’t going to replace an existing collection. That’s how GW views this, make something nobody has and it will sell, remake something everybody has and no one will buy it. I’ll admit, Catachans is a missed opportunity all around, and I don’t want to shift blame away from GW here, but there are also third party companies that produce head swaps to allow for greater diversity amongst troops. I think those companies need to get more support from those sales because they want to promote diversity and have never been under pressure to change. They moved forward without being pushed and I would rather continue supporting them then fight a losing battle with GW.

          • and I am talking about in new kits going forward, not redoing old kits.

          • Apocryphus

            Same thing basically. In answer to what you asked previously, no, it wouldn’t lose GW sales to add a few extra heads in a kit, but it wouldn’t necessarily gain them sales enough to make them care. If GW was sensitive to this issue, we wouldn’t need to put it on a wishlist for 2018.

          • and they would only becomes sensitive to the issue, or see that there is demand, if people bring it up as something they would like.

            Which brings us circular in that the second anyone mentions inclusiveness the trolls come out and complain about it being “forced down their throats”.

          • Apocryphus

            I think they’re well aware of the desire for greater diversity in their model range. And as far as I know, GW is the only company we even have to have this discussion about. They’ve been around long enough to do something about it and if people yelling at them to change is what forces the change, there’s a much bigger issue at hand here.

            Trolls are trolls, and anyone will feel like something is forced upon them when it is presented in an aggressive or demanding manner. Certainly not everyone is like that, but the loudest people are the ones who get heard above all the reasonable ones.

            Should GW diversify their models? Absolutely, but they need real effort put into them. Throwing a few extra bits into the kit would seem half hearted like a “here’s your diversity now go away” sort of thing, and the more pressure and aggression people put into the campaign, the more likely GW is to just placate everyone.

          • HeadHunter

            I’m certain that the people who are complaining are not non-customers. People who don’t play wargames aren’t about to make a big deal about what is or isn’t in them.
            What we have are players (or potential players) who want to see something that they can personally identify with. Much like so many gamers apparently don’t like any game where they have to play something that’s not a white male, there are players who are neither.
            I’m sure they’d say that doesn’t matter because they are a “minority” of players. And for added effect, preface that with “I’m not racist/sexist, but…”
            Are you seriously saying you find diversity “offensive”? Or is it only when you’re not the one who’s being considered for a change?
            (I don’t have a dog in this race, I just had to point out how ridiculous that comes across)

          • Apocryphus

            Well, I experience the lack of representation quite often, and I totally understand why people keep speaking out for it. Also, I’m not sure if you’re accusing me of being racist/sexist based on my comment, but I don’t want to assume the worst in people. The reason I’m so adamant about good representation is because I experienced what happens when a company makes a character that’s supposed to be representative and totally phones it in and gets it so wrong they have to retroactively fix it (Mass Effect: Andromeda).

            So in short, if the question is indeed directed at me, no, I don’t find diversity offensive, I find diversity for the sake of keeping people off your back and no other reason offensive.

          • HeadHunter

            Thanks for not taking it personally. I tried to word it so it didn’t come across that way and I’m glad that for a change someone didn’t assume the worst. 🙂
            I guess I can see where you are coming from when we consider things like movie reboots. No one needed to remake Ghostbusters, for instance, and an all-female cast comes across as a ploy – after all, if gender didn’t matter, why are they *all* women?
            I just think the real issue is there are people who either play GW games but feel marginalized because there’s no one like them in the games, or people who would play if only that were the case.
            the reason that there have been so few female gamers until recently is surely because of this. Women didn’t just suddenly take interest in gaming, there simply weren’t a lot of games that had characters a woman could identify with. Same thing with women and minorities in comics. We see a more diverse fan base because of a diversity in the medium.

          • Apocryphus

            No problem, it can get hectic when discussing such a sensative matter. 🙂 I think there certainly is a portion of female gamers who feel excluded by a male dominated model line, I have to go to third party companies to get what I’m looking for and have an army I like, for instance. I also know several women who are simply not interested in 40k and wouldn’t care if there was greater diversity in model range or not. My wife would rather see Sisters get attention than see female Space Marines, as she thinks they are the most boring aspect of the game. I want diversity in 40k like I get in Malifaux, but I want GW to want to give it to us because they want to be inclusive, that way we’ll get good quality and not something completely tone deaf.

    • dynath

      No its GW. Games Workshop has always stereotyped their armies. Space Marines, Space Elves, Space Orks, etc. They take a stereotype and build an army around the theme. And being that their most popular army is built around the stereotype of the chivalrous knight merged with military force that was historically all male, you get a system that is dominated by a single mostly male army. Eldar and Dark Eldar also have several female torsos in several kits. Admittedly mostly Dark Eldar is better there than Eldar because Eldar are still mostly metal kits from the 90s. Point is GW made a knowing choice to make almost exclusively male models for several armies and even go out of their way to say certain armies are entirely male. The hobby built up around that. I’m sure a lot of people do have easily dented “male pride” but the route of the issue is not pride, its model/game design.

  • Mr.Gold

    4. all armies upgraded to Codexes
    3. all FAQ’s (or at least the Rules wide ones) to be included in CA’s
    2. All/most popular metal/Finecast models to be upgraded to plastic.
    1. armies with old troops choices should be upgraded to the same standard as the latest SM Tacticals (e.g. CSM, Orks, Guard, eldar etc.)

  • euansmith

    No wish for a constantly update army builder and electronic rulebook?

  • Hazamelistan

    “Tau were the last time we’ve ever gotten a totally new thing”
    And what about AdMech and Knights? Those weren’t new?`

    • Crevab

      “Though we’ve gotten new armies in the game, Tau were the last time we’ve ever gotten a totally new thing. Lets see more of that.”

    • Ramón Herrera González

      They are just another imperial subfaction, what i think is meant is a completely new specie.

    • carlisimo

      They were always in the background, and they had models in older editions of Epic so we knew what they looked like (Knights had several models, and AdMech had cybernetica and Ordinatus models). They were new to 40k but not “totally new.”

  • Luca Lacchini

    A proper LoW unit for Dark Eldars (battle barge/slave barge double kit), or at least rules for a Drukhari Wraithknight in the DE Codex.

    A Chapter Approved that contains actual rules useful for the game, like better cover rules, better vehicle rules, a campaign system featuring character growth and army thematic development. CA 2017 was “meh – “.

    Non-imperial terrain kits that don’t suck (that alien flora stuff is ugly as sin, sorry).

    #1 applies to some armies (IG, T’au, GSC), not to some other (Necrons, Tyranids), please NOT to a few (no female orks and grots, THANK YOU!). Aeldari and Drukhari already feature a good variety of models.

    #5 couldn’t care less, but I understand YMMV.

    • Crevab
      • Luca Lacchini

        I already knew them (made a few puchases from the site), but metal boobies on a metal skeleton make no sense to me.
        Seriously, Necrons are one of those “neutral by definition” factions that are better represented by almost featureless drones and such.

        • James Regan

          tyranids are also weird, because we know that at least a few of the major models are female (notably, all tervigons), so it’s more a case of people likely forgetting that nids probably aren’t majority male (there’s a good argument for a bunch of the guns being female, for a start)

          • Luca Lacchini

            Agreed. Then again, Tyranids with their alien insectoid/crustacean theme don’t sport obvious gender features (as in the mammalian ones), so I think the point still doesn’t apply to them.

          • Dennis J. Pechavar

            If they redo the Norn Queen to have female mammalian breasts I will never buy anything from GW ever again.

          • I think when you get to things like tyranids male and female really stops mattering since they dont actually have any form of intercourse.

          • James Regan

            not for the purposes of this issue, obviously, though biologically there’ll likely be a distinction, as there are for some plants etc. (which i suspect means orks are possibly female too, though it depends whether they are taxonomically closer to fungus or plants- with the presence of chloroplasts in their fruiting body, and obvious addition of long distance nutrient transportation networks (i.e. blood), they’re sort of a false mushroom, in that they look mushroom shaped, but don’t have serious errors in the distinguishing characteristics. Then again, the lack of them being stationary means that, biologically, orks are far, far more alien than tyranids, they just seem a bit more recognisable superficially. Sort of like trying to classify a cloud in the shape of a dog using taxonomical references, as you can take all of the visual stuff to indicate it’s probably a golden retriever, but on the inside it msot certainly is not

    • Munn

      Agree on cover, don’t agree on vehicles. Vehicle rules are fine, putting in a bunch of unnecessary crap for immersion purposes is bad juju.

      • Luca Lacchini

        I understand, but having no fire arcs/facing on my Baneblade or Valkirye is feeling more stupid than easy to play to me.
        Seriously, side sponsons acting like unobstructed top turrets or nose mounted weapons firing backwards are just inane in any ruleset, WH40K or not, I can’t get over it.

        • Munn

          If we actually start playing with fire arcs again then they should just trash all sponson weapons just in general. They make it impossible to balance the vehicle even with full splitfire. You end up in situations where a land raider is worth 250pts at 36″ 200pts at 18″ and 150pts 9″ from the enemy and 3″ from a board edge.

    • cuda1179

      How does lack of Diversity apply to the Tau? Their forces are about 50% female. There just isn’t mush of a visible difference in their genders, and they wear the same uniforms. Heck, I could claim my tau models are 100% female and I dare you to prove otherwise.

      • Luca Lacchini

        A few more heads and bits – right now there are about 3 or 4, IIRC. Maybe a couple characters/special sculpts.
        Fully helmeted and armored ones are obviously already OK.

    • Dennis J. Pechavar

      Bloodbowl Orcs had their cheerleaders, so much glorious silliness. Otherwise yes!

      • Apparently Orcs and Orks aren’t the same thing after all.

        • Dennis J. Pechavar

          So true, Orcs were land grubbing critters. Orks like to hang out on a hulk or two before dropping in for tea and dakka!

  • simon

    Alternate activation, better cover rules, make terrains great again.

  • I_am_Alpharius

    “40k 4 things that state the obvious and are already known to be happening 2018, and 1 thing that everyone wants every year”

    There we go. Fixed the title for you.

    • Munn

      “I am pointlessly nitpicking something on the internet, aren’t I special!”

      There we go, fixed this comment for you.

      • HeadHunter

        I never understood people who follow something solely to criticize it. Surely if the content is so boring or self-evident, one could find a better place to get their news.

  • Rainthezangoose

    Honestly yeah man, I can go with these.

  • Jose Luis Camarasa

    My 5 wishes for 2018:

    -Tyranid LoW
    -Making useless units in the armies more competitive
    -Night Goblin army for Aos
    -More resources into Specialists Games Department (titanicus &BB!)
    -More restrictive army composition chart (miss the old 2HQ,6Lines,3/3/3rest)

  • Emprah

    Hah lets run this down:

    5: Lets add more imbalance to the game by adding tiny armies that 10 people want! Worked so far for Inquisition and such forces, didn’t it?

    4: And make their models cheap too! And better! And I’m totally not unrealistic, what is playtesting anyway?

    3: Be very wary of what you ask, look at the Horus heresy series and how stale it has gotten. Better a few good stories than a lot of drivel.

    2: The only reasonable part.

    1: Lets chase away the existing and only userbase that the game has! Worked so well for Marvel! I’m sure all those african villages are brimming with cash to open their own warhammer stores!

  • I don’t care. I’m happy to wait and see what GW has planned. Sure I am looking forward to getting my claws on an Ork Codex but really that’s about all I’m looking forward to. what ever else they decide to do is fine with me. I’m sure some of it will be fun.

    • euansmith

      You aren’t doing the Internet right!

  • Gamecock13

    Just be fair and balanced with your efforts. So much focus on Imperium and CSM. And to the person who inevitably responds “they bring in the money!” Doesn’t it stand to reason it may be a self-fulfilling prophecy? Ready to see some non imperium stories moved forward, even if they are just plot devices ultimately for SMs storyline..ppl want to know their armies are adapting to the changes being expounded on.

  • EnTyme

    Personally, I’d rather see the existing armies be brought into the modern era by completely phasing out metal and finecast than see new armies.

  • Turrican

    I don’t remember GW ever promising that 40k would now acquiesce to a totalitarian political ideology

    • euansmith

      The 40k Universe has always acquiesced to a variety of totalitarian political ideologies. In the grim, dark universe of the future, there is only totalitarian political ideologies. 😉

    • Nick Stevenson

      Including in miniature a wider range of the soldiers already present in the fiction and rest of the lore is not acquiescing to a totalitarian political ideology, and to think it is is absurd.

    • HeadHunter

      If you don’t think 40K is steeped in “totalitarian political ideology”, you haven’t been paying attention for the last 30 years. It’s sure not a democratic republic praised for its egalitarian approach to basic human rights.

  • Shadowstrife

    My main hope for 2018: More AOS that doesn’t heavily feature Stormcast.

    But pigs will fly before that happens.

    • euansmith

      Flying Pigs! Are those Destruction or Order Flying Pigs? I know that Flogging Horses are available to only Death.

      • Mr.Gold

        flying pigs are the new pet of the stormcast – move over gryphhounds…

  • Dirheim

    Sisters of Battle!!!!! What would be more representative than that!!!

    • euansmith

      Male Sisters! No, seriously, mono-sexual factions, especially highly sexualised ones, are sad regardless of their sexual bias. 😉

      • Dennis J. Pechavar

        I was going to make a very (In my opinion) amusing comment that would have you rolling on the floor with how hilarious it was… Then I remembered this is the internet and it would instead probably start a tangent thread flaming me and all who agreed with the “joke”. So instead I’ll just show a picture of a kitten. http://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/041718bc1c800d0126915e02ed9a2b99f12812b8026f2143ddf3ec42fda75ded.jpg

        • euansmith

          Self Censorship is the hardest type of censorship there is. 🙁

          • Dennis J. Pechavar

            I am better in my older age. It’s easier after several arguments people have started this last month…

          • Matthew Pomeroy

            practice arguing with a cat. it builds immense patience.

        • Matthew Pomeroy

          That is one damn cute kitten 😀 bet an unholy terror on the gaming table though, my cats are undefeated vs my armies 😀

          • Dennis J. Pechavar

            She is my favorite. Cheetara is unbeatable on a table. Her sister is worse as she’s a massive jumper.

          • Matthew Pomeroy

            our grey tabby is named “sugar” (we did not do this, we got him from elsewhere with his older “brother”) and we call it getting “sugar-bombed” when he takes out minis. he has a thing for killing stormcast eternals.

          • Dennis J. Pechavar

            Sounds like a cat of good taste. LOL

        • euansmith

          I just self censored a hashtag gag about your lovely photo as, while I thought it was amusing, it was also pointlessly negative. 😀

          I know this it is hardly appropriate to quote this guy every again, given that he has turned out to be a literal and metaphorical Grade A Tosser, but I think that he was talking a lot of sense when he said…


          • Dennis J. Pechavar

            Can’t argue with that. Esp since this has been the year of everyone sucks. Name a celebrity or politician and odds are there is a criminal charge or allegation of such against them. I got the kittens for my wife

            but they are turning into therapy for both of us!

          • HeadHunter

            One wonders is Louis is applying that outlook to recent allegations made against him. 😉

          • euansmith

            I don’t think it is “allegations” when he owns up to it 😀

  • mhtsaropinigitakis

    my 5 wishes?
    1)new plastic sistaz
    2)new plastic sistaz
    3)new plastic sistaz
    4)new plastic sistaz
    5)new plastic sistaz

    • dinodoc

      They said that with #1 on their list

    • I couldn’t agree more with you, bro. 🙁

  • shinmaga

    Agendas aside, I would love to have a more diverse imperial guard squad.

    • Archer

      But then I have to buy multiple flesh paints lol

    • Nick Stevenson

      I do want to build some of these, but I have to admit female models would be worth it simply from seeing all the whining it’d elicit.

  • Tushan

    A GK codex that is not pissed on!

  • I hate to break it to you but there is a female space marine on page 4 of the new dark angels codex.

    • I thought that was what it was.

    • Rasheed Jones

      Where is she? I just pulled out my codex and looked but I don’t see it. The one missing a helmet looks like a dude to me. I’m actually of the opinion that female space marines should be unique to the Emperors Children or at least to chaos cause for Fabius Bile and they could be introduced like chaos primaris with new male and female CSM empowerd with chaos and some type of daemonically influenced gene-seed. I’d also like them to be Emperors Children exclusive cause that’s the other army I play besides dark angels and I want them to have a codex like Death Guard and Thousand Sons.

    • HeadHunter

      That’s a hood, it’s not long hair.

      • I’m referring to the facial structure. Why would she need long hair to be female?

  • Archer

    I fail to understand why GW has to change the appearance and gender of its characters. I don’t go to Japan and expect their Scifi to include white people, and I don’t demand Amazonian lore to include male protagonists.
    I’m not against GW doing it, either. It’s their franchise. However there’s no moral imperative to do anything, and there’s nothing unethical about just catering to the Scifi wants of dudes or keeping game characters, made by a 90+% white country, looking like white people.
    The cultural cuckery of nerds amazes me.

    • Nick Stevenson

      Snowflakes like you are ridiculous. Plenty of people, including plenty of non-cucked white dudes, want to build female guard squads or afford SoB armies. Even with people like you who’d rage quit if you weren’t the only demographic acknowledged, its still in GW’s financial best interest.

  • I just want Plastic Sisters of Battle. Is it too much to ask?

    • Nick Stevenson

      Lol according to the comment above you its cultural cuckery.

    • Mr.Gold

      A really good look for SoB that I saw in a GW store was use Sisters of Silence Bodies, bolters/flamers etc. and AdMech Skitarii Helmets. to create an Excorcist – rhino with a Knight rocket pod on top… penitant engines – IG sentinals/Sydonian Dragoons and Ork Killerkans combo…

      • Sebastien Bazinet

        Might be cheaper to buy SOBs on ebay by that point…

  • RJSuperfreaky

    If you want more diversity in your models, paint them that way. I’ve always had several different races represented in my SM army. I think specifically modeling a 28mm head to be clearly a specific race would be difficult bordering on stereotypical. Just paint it yourself.

  • Grant Muir

    Here here for Number 1!

  • AkulaK

    You don’t want to see one of the most popular armies getting entirely wiped out from the game ?

    Speaking of representation :

    – There is already enough representation in the game (entire female army, asexual armies and magic… The minis are grey !

    – The game is GW’s property they do whatever the hell they want with it, and there is nothing you can do about it.

    – This is not GW’s fault nor community’s… It’s education and culture fault… Women don’t play video games, rpgs or tabletop games because they are told it’s not a hobby for them… This is ridiculous but tends to improve, slowly but surely… We are slowly evolving but we are still stuck in 2 centuries old education gimmicks… According to them, women can’t simply enjoy the same hobbies as men, and because they like to take care of their families, they can’t like plastic soldiers shooting at each other to death…

    This old mannered view is terrible, but as i said, slowly improving (we see more women playing video games/chess, riding bikes and such hobbies previously restricted to males).

    But i can assure you there is one thing that women don’t want : a way to tell them how to play the game, and that the game is not for them right now because there is not “enough” representation in it. I am sure there are lots of women enjoying the game at the moment and i am also sure that most of them DON’T want more representation, they just don’t want anyone to tell them : “wait till the game is fixed before you can play”.

    Asking for more representation is just a blatant and huge disrespect to the female community, saying that they can’t enjoy the game because it is not for them… What women are soooo different that they can’t play with male toys ? In what time are you living, the XIXth century ?

    And the same argument can apply to the minorities of course.

    Please (In)stable abe, think twice before you write anything else on this website, you’re polluting my bols feed.