40K: Best Movies for the Empire

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There’s a new movie about war within the stars–let us reflect on the Imperium.

Apparently, if you’ve been paying attention to the Internet, there’s a new movie about some kind of war among the stars that’s recently hit theatres. It is performing incredibly well, taking in half a billion dollars so far, and that’s with barely more than a week. One can hardly argue that it’s a success–but is it good for the Imperium? After all, a movie about psykers rebelling against an Empire is hardly the sort of picture that will honor the Golden Throne.

So, with that in mind,  we thought we’d try and find movies that really make the Imperium shine for what it truly is: the rightful seat of humanity.

Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back

First of all, it’s right there in the title. And this movie opens with a traitor-fortress being destroyed by Imperial war machines. It’s hard to argue with the strength of the Imperial forces here, though, as far as honoring the Emperor, this one is fairly weak. Their Emperor is a frail man, more akin to Malcador the Sigilite.

Star Wars: The Attack of the Clones

Aha, as we go through the movies, we get more into the spirit of things. Here we have a movie that showcases an army of genetically enhanced soldiers fighting in the name of an Emperor who ordered their creation. And, bonus points, this movie is all about the purging of Xenos. There’s an entire battle sequence dedicated to filthy Xenos getting cut down in droves. Aside from prayers to Emperor.

Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith

This movie is all about the ascension of an emperor, who is clearly a powerful psyker just trying to defeat those who would oppose him. This time the Imperial forces showcase their might, slaying traitor and xenos alike when Order 66 is given,  which just goes to show the benefit of proper planning.

Starship Troopers

Also thought of as an Imperial Infantryman’s Uplifting Recruitment Vid–this movie is all about citizen soldiers dying in order to grease the wheels of civilization. They never question orders, nor wonder at the tactical or logistical decisions made by high command. This movie is exemplary in every way, and should be required viewing, with the understanding of course that any “bugs” featured in the movie are threats made up to enhance the drama of the film. No real spacefaring insect could ever be that deadly, and you have nothing to worry about.


This one is a slice of Imperial life. Pulled straight from the files of the Administorum, Brazil showcases why the citizens of the Empire need order.


Similarly, this film showcases the benevolence of an all powerful Emperor, and the staff who make running an Empire an easy task. Aside from the brief moment where people are shown to have heretical thoughts, this is the perfect film for any and all in the Imperium.

Well there you have it folks–a list of vids you can watch without being labeled a traitor or a heretic. Please keep these in mind over your Candlemas break.

What’s your favorite film that showcases the Empire?

  • yorknecromancer
    • benn grimm

      ‘what’s the point of an article that tells you something you already know?’

      This. So much this. Please come back…

      • memitchell

        Agreed. We never want to be reminded of stuff we already know, no matter if it is topical, or whatnot.
        We never want to read something we’ve already read. So, BoLS, please remember, we never want to read something we’ve already read.

  • Wampasaurus

    What about Aliens? A single squad of Guardsmen dropped off of a Thunderhawk with a Rhino on an infected Colonial world fighting against Xenos? Plus it has a fight with a Dreadnought vs a Hive Tyrant for a finale/climax and the guard win 3-1

    • LordKrungharr


  • Bootneck

    Pacific Rim – Imperial Knights
    Dune – Its pretty dark and Gothic very much like the Imperium

  • benn grimm

    You forgot about that movie Andy Warhol shot called Empire. The one with the Empire State Building. And that movie Empire about the south bronx drug dealer turned Wall Street investor. And let’s not forget Empire the magazine, that also features the word ‘Empire’ prominently. Then there’s ‘Empire of the Sun’ with which a spurious link about warfare and how awful it is could be drawn. Then ‘Empire of the Sharks’ coz well, it’s set in the future and again features the word Empire. Oh and Empire, the tv series about that Hip-Hop dude doing industry stuff. Let’s not forget Empire; Total War, sure you can guess the link.

  • pippoilboss

    Pacific Rim – Imperial KnightsDune – Its pretty dark and Gothic very much like the Imperium

  • Arykaas

    No mentions of “Event Horizon” ? This movie screams 40K to me …. it is basically “What Happen with the first warp jump without gellar field ?” …… this movie is not recommended for fragile minds and childrens though

    • Jack Biddo

      I tagged along with a friend who was going to see it in the theater when it came out. I hadn’t seen any previews or even heard of it before going. All my friend knew about it was that it was a sci-fi movie. Crazy movie to walk into blind but made for an awesome movie watching experience. The small corridor/service duct scene still gives me nightmares. I was insulating a pipe in a pitch black crawl space in my house last week, with a flashlight that kept flickering, and all I could think of was that guy’s eyeless wife in that scene. Probably wasn’t the best insulation wrapping job but I got it done real quick.

    • EnTyme

      Or Pandorum, aka “Space Hulk: The Movie”

    • LordKrungharr

      Somehow I feel Hellraiser could have been tied into an Event Horizon sequel, somehow.

  • Snord

    A silly idea that could have been funny but ended up just stupid.

    ‘Triumph of the Will” anyone?

  • {malt}

    What about Aliens? A single squad of Guardsmen dropped off of a Thunderhawk with a Rhino on an infected Colonial world fighting against Xenos? Plus it has a fight with a Dreadnought vs a Hive Tyrant for a finale/climax and the guard win 3-1

  • DutchLion

    Or Pandorum, aka “Space Hulk: The Movie”

  • Spacefrisian

    The lack of Frank Herberts Dune movie is disturbing.

    At least you can make it up with the T’au, better have something starting with G and ending with undam cause Farsight is a 100% copy of Char bar the mask.