40K BREAKING: New Tyranid & Grey Knight FAQ

There are two new FAQs available, Tyranids and Grey Knights. Get your rules clarifications while they’re hot.

That’s right it’s FAQ time one and all. This time there are some updates to the Grey Knights Codex and the Tyranids Codex, giving both of these Factions some clarifications and answering some of the rules questions that have cropped up in the wake of the Tyranid Codex having had a chance to be out in the wild where it can live and breathe and get read by players who will inventively interpret (and use) these rules in ways that no reasonable person would ever have thought.

The Grey Knights new FAQ is real simple. The Psychic Channeling Stratagem is clarified to read that it lets you roll one extra d6 on a psychic test and discard the lowest result.

The Tyranids FAQ section though–this one has some broader impact than just for the Tyranids. There are some important changes to the rules that affect the rest of the game:

This one simply goes over the correct order of operations for similar effects. Multiply then Add.

This FAQ ruling reinforces how the multiple sets of weapons work. This change was first addressed in the Index FAQ but it’s be confirmed again with the FAQ for the Codex.

The Tyranid FAQ did have this ruling that probably should be included in the main rules! No units can ever Advance twice in a single phase. Now, for most armies, this shouldn’t be that big of a deal. However, Tyranids might not be the only army that can get two moves in one phase for long…

For Tyranid players this has implications regarding a couple of stratagems. But that’s not all:

Advancing apparently also changes your Move characteristic for the entire phase. That ruling is strange enough. But that means you can’t Move + Advance, and then in the same phase Move + Advance. Instead your second move is just a copy of your previous distance. It’s actually a slight change but you never move less than your previous speed. But you can’t move faster either…

This clarification is a needed one as it clears up the conflict between the Stratagem and the Psychic Power. In this case, the Stratagem’s “Cannot Charge” overrules the Psychic power’s “may charge if the unit advanced.”

There are lots more changes for the Tyranids – and two more for the Grey Knights. Go check out their FAQs below:

Tyranid FAQ

Grey Knight FAQ


What big changes did you spot in the FAQs?

  • gwensdad

    So (theoretical) if I had a Leman Russ advance and move 13 inches, then be issued “Full Throttle!” it moves 13 but can’t follow the order because “it has to advance” but then no unit can advance twice?

    • Rush Darling

      Well spotted, they do like making their own lives difficult. Another Astra Militarum FAQ please gdubs.

      • hazal

        In this case the orders occurs during the shooting phase, so it would have to roll again as its a different phase.

    • stinkoman

      the second move is just a move with the new modified move characteristic set by the advance move earlier. according to the article. so the full throttle order is just a move,using the new modified stat (so long as it was used during the same phase it got modified).

      • I_am_Alpharius

        The Order will never get the additional advance movement. Orders are issued in the Shooting Phase. The bonus for Advancing is for the duration of the Movement, thus any benefit earn in the Movement Phase cease.

    • Oddiun

      I don’t think that’s true, it mentions you can’t ‘advance’ twice, but iirc advancing is different from the old run move – once declared to be advancing a units move characteristic is increased by d6 (or whatever), if it can “move again” it still does the original move+advance result, correct? And bonus movement abilities tend to allow the unit to advance as well (presumably under the assumption it hasn’t already chosen to Otherwise it just lets it use the previous ‘advance’ roll).

      Ie. For the leman Russ, it has already declared its advancing, so it continues to do so once the order is given – if it didn’t advance previously then it MUST advance with the order. I imagine it’s to force the weapon/charge/etc restrictions.

      I might be reading to much into it however

  • Fraser1191

    Multiply then add? Hello math much? It’s called bedmas
    Brackets, exponents,division,multiplication,add, subtract
    You always multiply before you add

    • SonoftheMountain

      quit trying to make gamers use simple logic!!

    • Jonathan Ellsworth

      Since Common Core, I no longer know what to believe :C

  • Rob brown

    To be fair feel like we dodged a bullet with tyranids, no real nerfs to anything that was even half way reasonable – just clarified a few abuses like claiming failed charges were still a charge. Happy days.

    • KingAceNumber1

      Yeah, I’m pretty satisfied. No real changes, just clarification. Good sign of a well-written book.

    • J Mad

      You say that to may 3 Lictors that i wanted to play and now am not going to b.c Genestealers cant use them anymore 🙁

  • Sy S

    So does that mean I get to pick the hive fleet of the biovore mine…. or is it based on the biovore

    • J Mad

      Based on the Biovore there has been other faqs addressing this in the past. i’m not digging them up atm tho.

  • Marco Marantz

    Called the large tyranid faq as soon as the codex dropped…but it doesnt nerf anything which is a shame. Still have to shake my head at GW. You cant advance twice in a single phase but next rule enforces that you do.

    • I_am_Alpharius

      The extra Movement gain by Advancing has always been the case; the ‘Advancing’ rule has alway been a physical change to the Movement Characteristic and effect always lasted until the end of the phase – people just don’t read rules correctly.

      “Roll a dice and add the result to the Move characteristics of all models in the unit for that Movement phase.”

      All the question about “advancing twice” is clarifying that you don’t roll again and thus gain even more movement, when an ability provides an opportunity to “move again (including advance, if you wish)…” – like the ‘Metabolic Overdrive’ stratagem; since as mentioned above once a unit has advance the additional move last until the end of the phase.

    • Simon Bates

      It only seems odd because we’ve mostly understood “advancing” as “moving an extra D6” whereas in fact, advancing is “adding D6 to your movement characteristic for the rest of the phase”. Once you understand that, it’s pretty straightforward to understand that 1) Not being able to advance twice precludes getting to add a second D6 to your M characteristic; 2) Advancing modifies your M characteristic temporarily, if you move twice within that time, it will affect you each time.
      What many of us may have assumed – that you make your Advance roll every time you move (replacing any previous roll) is in fact totally erroneous.

      • Marco Marantz

        What is interesting is that if you move again after having moved and advanced you cannot charge unless you have a special rule. If you want to charge you can only move twice. You cant advance at all. Thats the interesting take away for me.

  • Heinz Fiction

    So no double pairs of Boneswords. Don’t say I didn’t warn you…

  • Volcifar

    It’s about time they addressed the big issue with Grey Knights! Oh wait…

  • John John Slade

    I heard Tyranid have create a waifu Tyranid to lure all men to them.

  • markdawg

    I love how simple they have made 8th edition NOT!!!! this game is so complicated for all the wrong reasons.

  • Wampasaurus

    I’ve been over this before, but I still fail to understand how a Tyranid with 3 sets of Scything Talons only gets 1 additional attack and yet a Khorne Berserker with 2 Chainswords gets 2 additional attacks. Hypocrisy at its finest by those in charge of FAQs.

    • Simon Bates

      Just on a point of fact here, hypocrisy is not the same as inconsistency. I think it is debatable whether this is really inconsistent though.
      The chainsword example is different because it does not come with other benefits besides the extra attack. A model with a chainsword makes one extra attack at base strength with no AP and 1 damage. This is rather different from making additional attacks with a bonesword. In 8th edition most other weapons either gain no benefit from multiples, or that benefit is capped at +1A (eg lightning claws, multiple Helbrute fists). I can’t think of a weapon which gives an attack bonus and other bonuses simultaneously.
      The bonesword is anomalous, as most Tyranid weapon systems require two limbs to carry (or, like scything talons/rending claws, or twin weapons on Monsters, are treated as singular systems even though they are pairs) . Personally I think it would be pretty cool to be able to use 4 bonesword warriors, but that there should be bespoke rules and pricing for that combination, rather than just doubling up on dual boneswords.

      • Wampasaurus

        You’re right and the word I should have used IS Inconsistent. My argument was for Scything Talons though and not for Boneswords. My problem stems from the fact that in order for me to get the additional attack afforded by Multiple sets of Scything Talons I have to give up any and all shooting attacks with that model. A Space Marine, for example, still gets an additional attack from his Chainsword and can still fire a weapon with his other hand. So yes while the Scything Talons do give the bonus of re-rolling of 1s during the Fight Phase it is at the expense of any ranged firepower output and that I think by far outweighs the re-roll of 1s

        • Dennis J. Pechavar

          You are not a space marine so go sit in the corner. 😉

          • Wampasaurus

            I can’t decide if you’re being cheeky or toxic.

          • Dennis J. Pechavar

            Cheeky, that is what the “wink” was for. I live in an area where it is a
            never ending barrage of “boohoo GW supports their best selling army the
            most”. It doesn’t discourage me from playing my IG, Bugs or DE but at this
            point I have to laugh and share the humor.

  • Wampasaurus

    I’ve been over this before, but I still fail to understand how a Tyranid with 3 sets of Scything Talons only gets 1 additional attack and yet a Khorne Berserker with 2 Chainswords gets 2 additional attacks. Hypocrisy at its finest by those in charge of FAQs.

  • Wampasaurus

    I’ve been over this before, but I still fail to understand how a Tyranid with 3 sets of Scything Talons only gets 1 additional attack and yet a Khorne Berserker with 2 Chainswords gets 2 additional attacks. Hypocrisy at its finest by those in charge of FAQs.

  • Alienerd the unbannable

    It is a shame how badly received these FAQs have been on Facebook.

  • thegreatmoronos

    I’m a little confused about the “1 additional attack with one of the pairs” thing. Does this mean my swarm lord with 2 sets of monstrous bone swords gets no benefit from the second pair other than looking cool?

    • Heinz Fiction

      Your Swarm Lord has bone sabres. That is a different weapon altogether.

      • thegreatmoronos

        Thats the trouble with confusion, sometimes u just don’t know how bad it is.

  • Sniddy

    So pheromone trail can do what now?