40K Deep Thought: GW Needs To Kill Off The Eldar

It’s time for the Craftworlds to meet their end, Squat style.

Pretty much since their introduction the Eldar have been a dying race. Now it’s about time for them, at least the Craftworld variety, to get around to the dying. Let’s dig into why GW should kill off the Craftworld Eldar and what this would accomplish.

A Dying Race

Little known fact, “The West” is actually another name of Slaanesh

In the 40K setting the Eldar fill the archetype of the elder (get it?) dying race. Like the Elves of Lord of The Rings (which they were heavily based on) they have been in decline and slowly diminishing. Since the fall, one could see them as living on borrowed time, a remnant of greatness. For the Eldar, the Craftworlds are in essence only really a stop gap. The shattered Eldar have only two paths forward –  annihilation or reunification and ultimately a victory over Slaanesh.

For the longest time the Eldar story-line didn’t advance much, and the dying race was trapped in stasis. It was fine. However, now that the story has advanced, the time of the Craftworld Eldar has clearly come to an end.

The Ynnari

I always knew there was a connection between death and cats.

The rise of the Ynnari and the Awakening of Ynnead are the biggest developments to happen to the Eldar in a long time, both in universe and out. This shake-up leads to some really interesting questions. One issue is how people field and play Ynnari armies. Earlier this week I mentioned that Ynnari didn’t get new rules in Chapter Approved. In large part I think this is because Ynnari aren’t really an army right now. They are simply three models.

Outside of that you just take stuff from other Eldar/Aeldari factions. Realistically, an army that just borrows other armies units isn’t really a faction and lacks much uniqueness.  Their future remains a little uncertain. If the Ynnari remain as they are there really isn’t room for them to get a full Codex or expand their rules much.

The Ynnari are playing the role of Sir Not Appearing In This Book. 

If they did get a Codex however, what would it look like? Either it would simply be a bunch of reprinted units for other books (boring) or full of new units. If it’s all new units, this is a pretty big challenge, as GW would not only need to make a whole new Ynnari line, but also make it look and feel distinct from the other Eldar factions. Doing this properly would be a very resource intensive task, but one that could really pay off.

The Future Of A Race

One Possibility! 

It’s pretty clear that both in universe and in real life the Ynnari are the future of the Eldar. In universe, many Eldar believe they are living in the End Times and only the newly formed Ynnari offer not only hope of survival, but also of a reunification and return to glory. In real life the Ynnari represent the new hotness – breathing interest and life into an older faction. They also represent a chance to change things up and reinvent the Eldar as the Aeldari.

This guy is not 100% opposed to the above option. 

From a standpoint of moving the fluff forward the Ynnari are clearly the right choice. On the galactic stage they are replacing the Eldar as the major player. The events of Gathering Storm for instance had the Ynnari playing major roles. Moreover, as I mentioned before, they represent the only way to move the “dying race” plot line forward without the Eldar all dying off.

Rather than annihilation, the Eldar can reunify and enter a period of resurgence, but to do this they need to change and embrace the Ynnari. Furthermore this would mirror the events, both in fluff and in product lines, of Warhammer: Age of Sigmar, with the High and Dark Elves unifying to avert annihilation. Either way the Ynnari, not Craftworlds, represent the future of the race.

End The Craftworlds

“I know only one truth. It’s time for the Eldar to end.”

In order for the Ynnari to flourish and the race to advance, the old must be swept away and the Craftworlds need to be killed off. Fluff-wise this makes perfect sense. Many of the Craftworlds are already on their last legs. In order to survive they need to fully join with the Ynnari and transform. A true reunification of the Aeldari mean that the Craftworlds, even if still physically intact, are no longer the same at all, as their culture is radically different. Even more likely it means an end to the void bound life, and resettlement of planets and webway cities.

That’s not true that’s impossible!!!

However the end of the Craftworlds needs to not just come in fluff. GW should really stop supporting the line, no new models, no more Codecies: the end. But why you might ask? What about my army? Well, here is the thing. Craftworld Eldar have one of the oldest lines out there. Many of their units, especially the aspect warriors, are ancient and still in resin. The line is badly in need of an update.

However a massive update, like they really need, would again take a lot of resources. If the Ynnari are the future of the Eldar, wouldn’t it make a lot more sense to pour these resources into building a new and unique Ynnari force?

Put Effort Into Building Up The Ynnari

Search your feelings, you know it to be true. 

Slowly phasing out first the Craftworld, and then later the Dark Eldar over time, would give the Ynnari room to grow and come into their own. It would allow for resources to be devoted building a brand new and updated unified Aeldari race. Some popular or new units could migrate over to the Ynnari force beefing it up. Others could be reworked.

For instance the Aspect Temples being broken and reforged. Rather than devoting effort to redoing old aging models GW could build something new and unique.  Something that players could really get excited about.

It’s some pretty rad stuff to get excited about to be fair. 

This doesn’t mean that players would have to stop playing Eldar at once. In both real life and fluff their would be holdouts who refused to join the Ynnari. Let them have the Codex they just got. Let the Dark Eldar and Harlequins get their new books. But that’s it. Slowly phase them out. Transform the three, in some places bloated armies, into one lean amazing force. Ultimately I’d rather see GW write a fitting end to the Eldar (END TIMES style) as they transform into something new, rather than just leave them to slowly rot.

Ultimately, continued support of the Craftworld line will simply divert attention and resources from the more important Ynnari line.  

Final Thoughts

The End of Era? 

I want to be clear, I don’t hate Eldar, of any sort. I do however think it makes a lot of sense, from both a story and marketing prescriptive to kill off the old Eldar armies and focus on the Ynnari. The Ynnari are clearly the future of the race and how the Aeldari story line will move forward. However the truth is that in order for them to move forward, the “old” has got to go. For the Eldar to change, they need to change for real and that means the “old” dying so the “new” can replace it. That means first the end of Craftworld Eldar, followed then by Dark Eldar  which leads to a new Aeldari golden age.

Let us know what you think the fate of the Eldar should be down in the comments! 

  • DrLove42

    By this logic, do we need to kill off the Blood Angels? After all theyre just using units for the marine codex with a few unique characters, which seems to be the crux of your argument for losing the Eldar.

    Get rif of Genestealer cults at the same time….just using units from Tyranid and Guard codexes…

    • YetAnotherFacelessMan

      Yes and yes. Blood Angels are terrible and genestealer cults are ready for another 20 years of being forgotten.

    • fenrisful2

      They could do this for most of the Space Marine Chapters, including the chaos ones, while at it. 😉
      Actually why not the AM too, they are still the same race. Space marines will simply be the imperiums version of Wraith constructs. 😛

      • Nyyppä

        They already started that with WB by making them Index Astartes with daddy issues. They are now literally the same as loyalist marines without chapter tactics and with worse units.

        • Rasheed Jones

          Thats not true, they’re loyalists with daddy issues, no chapter tactics, worse units, and Death to the False Emperor (well and summoning which isn’t too great this edition) They also have a few different stratagems.

          • Nyyppä

            True, not denying that, but they are useless.

    • Rass

      They should have at least released all the other unique factions that do not use marine units as a basis (orks, necrons, imperial guard, etc). That would have covered more bases.

  • I’m beginning the question Abe’s famed stability.

    • Will kenedy

      I think Abe’s about as stable as ununoctium …

      • euansmith

        Dude, Uuo is now Og.

  • Will kenedy

    Just kill off everything that isn’t the spess mehreens and their metal bawkses. That includes the angry spess mehreens and the spiky ones, as well as the oozing ones and the bats*it majicky ones.

    Call it 9th ed, and it only has one rule. “good” mehreens win on a 2+ with a re-roll.

    • So streamlined much fun.
      Though there will be a day one FAQ:
      Q: “Does the rule apply to xenos and chaos marines that I’ve given the keyword: “GOOD”?”
      A: “Change the points value of Space Marines to 10”

    • ZeeLobby

      How’d you get 9th edition ruleset this early?!?!

      • Dennis J. Pechavar

        A manager from a store he goes to?

    • Dirheim

      Maybe also they will remove Orks, because they often beat Space Marine in close combat, Tau, because they can beat Space Marines in range combate, Tyrannids, because they don’t beat mehreens but are cooler looking, and, of course, Necrons, because they have cool rules that the “good” mehreens don’t have.

  • NNextremNN

    So instead of 2 unique factions and a half that borrows units from the others you want one giant mess? I don’t see how this improves anything.

    • euansmith

      I guess that, for GW it could make sense; they get to create a completely new(ish) line of minis that consolidates a number of existing lines in to a single one.

      New players and players who like the shiny new toys will purchase this new line. Existing Eldar players already have the bulk of their armies and so unlikely buy a bunch of duplicates. Anyone that says, “I’ve got 20,000pts of [insert faction name]” sounds like a dormant customer.

      So GW get to free up shelf space by getting rid of Eldar, Dark Eldar and Harlequins. They get to advance the story line (not really necessary in my mind, but important to some customers); and they get to create a bunch of new kits to sell.

      • NNextremNN

        Still why should they kill the craftworlds?

        Why not do it like they did with marines? They could simply expand the Ynnari range and let the craftworlds fade away.

        I also think this would reduce variety in the eldar range.

        We already have such a diverse Imperium and Chaos faction. There is a reason why all others are just called Xenos. The Eldar are almost the only Xenos that have a little variety.

        I’d rather keep this variety if not for the models at least for the fluff.

        • euansmith

          Have the Craftworlds retreat in the depths of the webway in the fluff and avoid all contact with the outside galaxy? That could actually bring back a bit of their mystique.

          • Muninwing

            no…. have the major craftworlds all meet for an eldar convocation… link up in a system with a stable webway gate to Comorragh… break ground on a lifeless planet that they immediately start to terraform.

            have them come to an agreement that they need to unify, under the Ynnari path, to save themselves.

            have the majority of the Eldar on the craftworlds (or maybe half?) leave the ships to start constructing their new planet(s). the other half would leave to go find the Exodites and bring them back to the new Eldar systems. there’s your excuse for Eldar to be involved in conflicts — they are off on a mission. bring in Exodite units. bring in DE and Harlies and Ynnari all under one banner.

          • euansmith

            Or the Aeiouldar/Ynnari Religio-philosophical War 😉

      • Me

        If they would release the current resin (fincrap) line in plastic (other than the Avatar, I don’t even care if they rework the models), it would help me sooo much in losing weight (I wouldn’t be able to afford food)..

    • Muninwing

      no… it’s a giant mess now.

      combine it into one army, with ways of taking each subdivision, and you have what SM/IG have now. with three fewer books.

      there’s really no need to have Eldar, Dark Eldar, Harlequins, and the new ones… join them all into one list that still has themes and all the choices and units. and use that to further the non-terran armies.

  • becizzle

    Yeah, get rid of the Ynarri. Other than that, shush.

  • Alex Temple

    It’ll be tough to update them so let’s not bother.

    I’ve sunk about 400 hours into painting my craftworlders. If they stopped being playable, quickly or slowly, I’d be rather miffed. I’m certainly not happy to sacrifice them because it would be “good from a marketing perspective”.

  • Arthfael

    Help, troll playing with fire, again!

    Maybe the Craftworld Eldar need to die in the future, however, can we at least get to play a good decade or two with our current toys? Advancing the storyline does not mean rushing it. It’s a whole galaxy of craftworlds, anything that kills them off (or insta-turns all of the into Ynnari) in a short time scale is gonna look incredibly mac-guffinny.

    • AEZ

      You could’ve had 2 decades if you started in time.. there will always be people who buy stuff just before the ending.

      • Arthfael

        Who says I haven’t been in the hobby for a while. Not as much as others, but I have had one decade already. And I fail to see how that would be relevant.
        We’ve just entered a new era of 40k, where the Eldar are just that much closer to extinction. And, well, that is fine, there is no reason whatsoever to already rush to 500 years later. It makes no sense fluff wise and it squanders barely explored narrative opportunities.

        Am I the only one who misses the time when geeks were not that cool, which means there was much less excitement and much more patience? The time when, well, geeks would be more into learning Tolkien’s languages and less about collecting Marvel minis? You wanted your geeky stuff, you got it, you cherished it. Now supplements are being churned out at an alarming pace and before they’re even out the crowd is raving for more. Can we all take a deep breath, enjoy the toys we have and explore some of the infinite narrative possibilities they offer before actually clamouring for more?

        • SYSTem050

          Kids these days no respect for their elder(s) 😊

  • Sonic tooth

    Oh shut up

  • Mathew G. Smith

    I agree with this wholeheartedly.

    Not your actual logic, I just have an irrational hatred of elves.

    • vlad78

      You’ve been tabled too often. ^^

    • Muninwing

      i do, too — though Eldar are probably the most tolerable incarnation of “elf” that i’ve seen in any game.

  • Axinous

    I can understand your argument for killing off the Craftworld Eldar. I don’t agree with it, but understand it. You want to move the galaxy forward, how about shattering the Imperium. They have been dying for thousands of years, yet keep going. They are beset by Xeno’s and Heretics from all sides, even corruption from within. Yet they always survive. Talking about beating a dead horse. GW could have a field day having famous Space Marine Chapters, and Imperial Guard regiments picking sides as new Empires emerge. Use returning Primarchs to divide those loyalties. After 13 Black Crusades, several Hive Fleet Invasions, Spliting the Galaxy in two, and waking all the Necrons up. At the moment the only real difference I see is Super-sized Marines, and the Astronomicon has lag sending their messages.

    • Damistar

      Who says that’s not where they’re going with the background now? R.G. named Dante regent of the Imperium Nihilus which is effectively isolated from the Terra side and there are plenty of worlds that have lost contact with both. Perhaps they’re just pacing themselves and not upsetting the apple cart all at once.

      • Axinous

        Honestly I can’t say. I don’t sit in a GW boardroom making these decisions. All I can go upon is a history of missed opportunities. Gulliman shows up after 10,000 years puts some of his boys in power as High Lords of Terra, and there is barely a murmur. People with that kind of power don’t go away quietly. Even if the government was overthrown by a popular coup. Then we have the Primaris Marines. This should have been huge red flag, but isn’t. How dare he improve upon the Emperor’s Divine Creation the Space Marine. Yet 94% of the Chapters accept them with open arms. 6% refuse, that’s roughly 60 Chapters; still a substantial fighting force. Yet there isn’t a listing anywhere of who any of these Chapters are, or what they are doing.

        • euansmith

          The Imperial Hipsters have not only refused to adopt Primaris Marines, they are actually going back to MkI Power Armour and are looking at recreating the Thunder Warriors’ Program; because they were in to space Marines before they were cool. Their successor chapter, the Emperor’s Man Buns have followed suit.

  • YetAnotherFacelessMan

    I would say that a better first step to advancing the fluff is to have a second primarch appear and split the imperium into a civil war. It would give a good excuse for imperial players to fight eachother, and it could lead to some great drama. I’d say Lion, given the history he has with Guilliman.

    On the topic of your eldar proposition though… it sounds a lot like Age of Sigmar. New aelf god(s) and suddenly the previously warring aelves are united (although there were a couple hundred years skipped in 40k, a couple thousand skipped in fantasy). I’m not saying that’s a bad thing, mind you. I’m just saying it sounds like Age of Sigmar to me.

    • vlad78

      Really bad thing and AOS at synonymous in my book.

      • YetAnotherFacelessMan

        I haven’t read your book, but it sounds whiney. 😉

    • orionburn III

      Been wanting the same (Lion awakens and is none too pleased at the goings on of his chapter and what Bobby G has been doing). Imperium gets split, gives other races a chance to advance due to all the infighting, etc.

  • AEZ

    The article has merits.. I think it’ll be recieved like the End Times by Eldar players.. but it has merits.

    • vlad78

      Apart from its total lack of imagination, I don’t see any. Sorry.

      It’s the same flawed logic which dictated the end of the old world and AOS instead of making both settings coexist at least in the fluff. Illustrating the point with the squats is really amusing because squats are another species which could be totally awesome if properly updated in the current 40k setting.

      Lots of players love the craftworld eldars. Erasing them all is a mistake because they are inherently at the core of 40k background.
      You can kill some craftworlds, but they will always be some left. Why replace them all instead of offering options between eldars, dark eldars and ynarris?

      Why can’t we have all of them? No reason. Their range is there, why remove it? They don’t need a huge reworking, just to replace a miniature here and there and job’s done.

      • Marcus Clark

        Some units the ynarris should never have anything wraith related or spirt singers and haemonculi, wracks, grotesque, talos, cronos. Still plenty of options fits their narrative better.

      • AEZ

        You say it’s a flawed logic, I say I like the age of sigmar setting 😀

        • vlad78

          And the flawed logic strikes again. Why not having both to make everybody happy? ;p

          As much as I despise the AOS rules and setting, I have nothing against people enjoying it.

          • AEZ

            GW needs to focus to keep quality high and since they seem to have a limited number of new models they can produce I would prefer it to be for the game I play.. I mean.. I hope my sylvaneth will get a new models once… and even now that is probably not going to happen.. if GW’s attention is further divided it’s even less likely. The same goes for getting new fluff in the AoS setting, limited number of books being written so I’d prefer to get some lore.
            I have nothing against people playing old settings, play 3th edition any time you want.. I just prefer keeping GW’s fantasy’s focus on AoS.

        • Muninwing

          what’s not to like? it’s so undefined that you can (have to) make up so much of it yourself that you can think of it how you want!

          a year and a half in, and there’s still no functional atlas, or proper delineation of history… despite a whole faction being warriors from that history.

          it’s sloppy and lazy.

      • Muninwing

        i get why you say that this is a flawed idea with little imagination… but the imagination and innovation are all in the details.

        i have half-pitched this above, but it’s the first idea i came up with and i bet there are a few others that would do the same as good or better. i’m no professional games writer here, so someone with so experience in the industry should be able to do better than me… in theory at least… since they’ve royally botched a few things up recently.

        ok… so…

        1. the threat that is Slaanesh rises again, harder. maybe correlate this with a release of Fulgrim’s new model. Slaanesh joins the front lines of the 13th, and eats a whole craftworld for breakfast.

        2. in fear, the Eldar call a convocation. all craftworlds — and Coomorragh — meet at one of the Crone Worlds or some other undesired location so the Imperium will leave them alone. they come to an agreement, to reinforce their position and reclaim their power, and agree to follow a new path.

        3. a permanent webway gate to Comorragh is opened. the Craftworlds become more like super battleships combined with the Black Ships, with the task of relocating all the Eldar to a new Eldar Homeworld sector… forcibly if need be.

        4. to appease people who like their new crappy writing, maybe Cawl has magically and retroactively been working on a terraforming protocol that works instantaneously, and it was one of the things that he traded to the Ynnari for their help with Papa Smurf. so they use it on a handful of worlds in their own special place, and seek to repopulate those planets. they crash one Craftworld to use as a starter-city base, and begin to spread out and unearth all sorts of long-neglected Eldar secrets that Craftworlds were too small to use.

        5. The Ynnari and the Harlequins are nominally in charge, with input from the Trueborn clans and their leadership council… as well as the Farseers. the Aspect Warriors integrate with the population, and become more accessible. certain subfactions from various craftworlds take over training their own people in their traditions, and integrate with the crews of the seeker ships that look for Exodites to bring back to populate their sector.

        6. the Eldar Bulwark becomes a major lure for Slaanesh, changes the pattern of the war/crusade, and allows them to make a stand.

        7. at the end, when all is said and done, the Eldar are no longer in the “dying race” category (maybe their dwindling birth numbers will be fixed by not living in space?), and they find their true unification despite plenty of room for both interpretation, rivalry, and participation in the greater story. they also would have a purpose, instead of limping around feebly.

  • MightyOrang
  • John John Slade

    I think it won’t work like that. As long Papa Smurf still alive no xenos shall extinct without killing Chaos Gods. Because Slaneesh is Eldar enemy then they won’t stop until Slaneesh is dead for good.

  • Fredddy

    Aye, pretty sure that “players could really get excited about” squatting one of the most popular races there 🙂

  • Robert Thornton-Kaye

    How about just renaming the craftworld eldar as ynnari, and say that they are using the drukhari cloning technique to rebuild their numbers?

    Or even bring in the AoS armies into 40K and say that the aeldari took over the Old Ones’ plan in order to create a variety of experienced armies that are easily manipulated, armed with weapons that can take on any opponent yet are only capable of moving from one world to another with the aeldari support via the webway? Nothing more aeldari than manipulating others into fighting their battles for them and effectively creating an empire of catspaws and pawns. It would leave the aeldari free to focus on rebuilding their numbers and reclaiming their place in the galaxy.

    • fenrisful2

      Why cloning, just release Isha from nurgle, by manipulating Bobby.G to do the dirtywork, and we will have Aeldari babies.

  • Corsair6

    Based on storyline, you can kill off as many Craftworlds or Eldar you choose. It will not diminish what we see on the tabletop. The storyline does not need to impact a product line that is selling and profitable. The race can decline to obscurity, and we may still see a large percentage of tournament players using aeldari. The only race that will meet their doom is the one that doesn’t turn a profit. The current model lineup is solid (a few updates here and there, like everyone) and they can continue to breathe new life into sales with shift in storyline (like Ynnari) or rules (keyword Aeldari allowing melded forces). Write all the fluff that makes you happy; just don’t take away the models that make me happy

  • Marco Marantz


    Eldar fans triggered in 3, 2, 1…go

    • Arthfael

      You bet we are!

  • Koldan

    Some problems with phasing out the drukhari and harlequins later on.
    First one of the drukhari subfactions is already excluded from the ynnari, second there is another living aeldari god, the harlequin and even some drukhari (Lady Malys) have already strong bonds to him. On the long run a faction devoted to another god, does not make much sense for them.
    Third, the mayority of the drukhari believe the aeldari gods are weak and inferior, why should they join?
    And their culture is based around the excluded haemonculus faction, reanimating the dead and creating new drukharies in their labs, just abandoning their roots is for such a conservative species is alittle much.
    Also GW has established a mandrake realm in the webway., with the last additions to the fluff. Keeping and collecting the eldar souls,does not really fit well with this morphed half eldar, half demon creatures. I doubt they still have a pure eldar soul.

  • orionburn III

    “…For instance the Space Marine chapters being broken and reforged. Rather than devoting effort to redoing old aging models GW could build something new and unique (:::cough:::Primaris:::). Something that players could really get excited about.”

    Or you could actually advance the storyline without ending the Craftworlds. I don’t think you’re going to get many arguments saying the line doesn’t need a serious update, but why not go a similar path that they did with Primaris Marines (:::preparing for Primaris rage posts:::)? Take out the hate about the fluff or way Primaris were introduced and look at it from the standpoint of a “new” type of Eldar and/or simply go with new models under the Ynnari label. You breathe new life into the line, give a chance for old/existing armies to get updated, and the option to do a new stand alone army. Winner winner.

    Honestly your argument, like others have said, could just as easily said to do away with all SM chapters (aren’t some borderline of being wiped out as well?) and Bobby G forcing everybody into one big force. How effing boring would that be?

  • FailureNecron


  • Apocryphus

    And we can also get rid of the Tomb Kings in AoS! Oh wait…

    Killing off a race or abruptly removing a model line that people have been collecting for decades is the quickest way to lose customers and would by no means be a well received, much less beneficial decision. Leave the Eldar where they are.

    • Dennis J. Pechavar

      My Tomb Kings and Bretons.

      • Muninwing

        you just make all the bad choices, huh?

        • Dennis J. Pechavar

          Well in a way yes. I mostly played Wood Elves and Empire in fantasy but I had most of the armies. The bad choice was not to sell most of them while people still wanted them as I don’t care for the playstyle of AoS. Fantasy is pretty much dead in my area so don’t get games and my armies sit in storage. That being said Xwing is doing great so that’s been fun.

  • Mid

    How about just squat Ynnari instead?

  • AntonisLak

    Troll post 0/10 why do i even visit this site, you just lost 1 click per day not much but hey

  • Defenestratus


    And GFY.

    • orionburn III

      Go Fight Ynnari?


  • Alyson Cruise

    Except Ynnead is evil, because this is 40k and nobody gets a good messiah

    • fenrisful2

      Good/Evil is a matter of point of view.

  • Ryan Davis

    This is the dumbest article I have read on here in years. Why not just kill of the whole universe and restart with magic space bubbles. Garbage article

  • Admiral Raptor

    “Ultimately I’d rather see GW write a fitting end to the Eldar (END TIMES style)”

    Maybe don’t suggest GW axe popular factions in the same disastrous way that they handled the end of WHFB. The fallout from the End Times was a PR disaster that partially caused AoS to flounder for a year before the generals handbook ignited interest. Nothing about The End Times was a good idea.

    (Though I wouldn’t say no to another round of people burning their armies on youtube!)

    • Muninwing

      the worst part about ET was that it started off really great… then it became a rush to the end with worse and worse ideas thrown at a wall to see what would stick.

      had they decided to do End Times as WHF 9th, been clear about the idea to fundamentally change the game by the end, given people in-game changes to make when they rebased their models to round (or just kept the squares so as to delineate arcs for a full skirmish game). They could have released the rules as transition rules, and kept it around for two or three years as a way of moving over into a new idea.

      then, the End Times books could have been recreations of important battles AND missions to play that would affect numbers. run it like a major worldwide campaign with a test-model system for reporting in, and have the effects of those games change the direction of the fluff for the next phase… with new stuff coming out every 3-6 months for that plotline.

      when the dust settled and a final scenario was written in which everything was destroyed, the fact that there were actually no winners would have been a matter of awesome fun instead of a pointless exercise in futility.

      then, with all that extra time they bought, they could have fixed AoS so it actually had a real background, and functional rules at its debut.

  • m3g4tr0n

    They are worthless, and deserve to die.

  • ZeeLobby

    You know, what I’ve always thought is that this game never has enough Imperial on Imperial action…

    • memitchell

      That’s why my GSC is 3/4’s AM. Oh, and because more GSC and less AM is more or less uncompetitive.

  • stinkoman

    so… give the eldar the primaris (ynead) treatment?

    edit: we all know whats going to happen to regular marines in a few years. BA primaris already can replace tacs and in some cases scouts.

  • ILikeToColourRed

    As soon as you assert something to be “clearly the right choice” you’ve attempted to end the discussion.

    It is extremely unlikely that GW will cut one of their more popular lines in favour of something that has been met with very divided opinions.

  • TredHed

    LOL. While I understand what you are trying to say here, it would have to be done VERY carefully. One word…Squats. Everyone here know what they are, knows the context behind them. They have been gone from 40k for about 27 years. Yes…you read that right 27 years…. and people are still bitter about it. (I still am…sorta).
    They need to do this like they are with the Space Marines. Bring out ‘Primaris’ Eldar (ie the Ynnari) and let them stand side by side with the old eldar for quite some time. Then phase the old models out.
    Its what they are going to do with the Primaris. Old Space marine style models will get fewer and fewer, until all that are being made are Primaris, but you will still be able to use all your old marines. Then one day it will be common that the old marines are “those nostalgia pieces”.

    • euansmith

      The Squats will rise again! Ni hi! Ni hi! Ni hi!

      • Muninwing

        “knee high…”

  • Jose Delgado

    Or delete all the boring space teletubis and only keep the pure ultramarines primaris and spend that resource in some focus to xenos per example plastic aspect warriors

  • Jabberwokk

    What a curious article.

  • majbjörn

    So something like: kill off the old Eldar and make new Primaris Eldar?

  • Ninety

    Sure, sounds like a plan. As soon as Marine players give up the need to differentiate their chapters and all BA, DA, SW, GK and Deathwatch are merged into a single Space Marines book, representing them all moving forward under Guilliman’s peerless leadership. It’s only fair, right?

    • Andrew Shartenberg

      All space marine chapters merging into one under Guilliman and all converting to Primaris, however long that takes, is exactly the same awful logic Stable Abe is using. His article is an affront on a number of levels. Invalidating 25 years of people’s lives, collections and overall investment would be a terrible move for GW. What pisses me off is that BoLS has a voice which GW hears. For one of their writers to spout off with such a piece is negligent to the hobby. Stable Abe ought to sidelined for awhile or canned from the BoLS team.

  • memitchell

    “Resources” is the magic word. It’s the equivalent of “Do it for the children.” No way to argue with the irrefutable logic of “Resources.” GW just doesn’t have the resources to keep the Eldar when they have to put out 35 different Space Marine chapters.

    • AntonisLak

      logic… dude eldar are not squats let’s kill tau orks and 500+ spesh marines chapters first does this sounds good

  • nope none

    Realistically, they’ve jumped the shark on this whole universe. What they need to do, (using another tv Trope) is Grow the Beard. They need a jumping off point to improve this IP.

    This whole universe is so convoluted and the fluff has been outsourced to to many different authors that they have a giant IP mess on their hands. Any new products they put out nowadays conflicts with the established story. They jump through a lot of hoops to make it all sort of work.

    It will make more and more sense as time goes on to AOS this whole thing.
    Remake the official story via some parallel universe theme or even better…his universe is all a bad dream of some major character. ahahaha

    Everyone can cool it with the “but our fluff!” whining. There is no going back. Play Horus Heresy. This is a company with shareholders that needs to make products for people to buy.

    A newly defined universe allows all factions to exist, all primarchs to be released and continuous new units to be produced.
    GW can then pull a Marvel CU or Lucusfilm feat of brilliance and actually dedicate a team to curate the Fluff of this new universe with an iron fist.

    Yeah it sucks that things would change but its better then killing off factions or degrading the story to the point of being a joke.

    • Savayan

      If I recall correctly, GW explicitly gave themselves an out with their approach to canon by stating that while all official products are canon, they’re not nessissarily correct.

  • Legitimancer

    This would be a bad move business wise, and would alienate older players. GW wont, and shouldn’t do this.

  • EmperorOfMankind

    Everyone is “going to die soon” in the fluff. Using that logic no more 40k.

  • Dave Bone

    Forget the promise of progress and understanding, for in the grim dark future there is only…breaking stuff that is literally TIMELESS so we can have something NEW, instead of making it ourselves.

    This is why GW and the fanbase have really started to suck.

  • Mauricio Camacho Dorado

    More like Instable Able to me, stop inhalin warp dust.

  • Zederith

    I play craftworlders mainly & Ynarri seem good,I dislike their play style & the background seems less of a foundation for a major 40k race & more like a good short story or
    even a novel about Yvraine doing something pretty major,but not unlike other major fluff characters might do in each of their books,so building a core faction around those stories just seems weak.It’s cool as a small detachment in your regular force or on its own but codex seems a stretch.If GW’s only current creative ideas to excite buyers or produce new models are to obliterate/condense/remake core factions or blow up whole settings for a simple easy-bake version then I’ll remember it fondly like I do WHF in RPG’s.I try the AoS skirmish game but its more like grabbing a pick-up card game or board game with the couple WE units I’m allowed,not the in-depth campaigns or army themes that the setting seemed to inspire long before end-times.They should move the 40k storyline forward with a little more storytelling on a less EPIC stage.They still have the tools.No need to force-feed new fluff for new weapon or vehicle inventions(esp for the Imp)just hoping the sales vs disappointed player ratio works out,make that a rare thing & preserve the setting that inspired us all to begin with.Update & perfect the regular model line&for Gods sake use those misplaced resources to make old models look badass,EVERYONE will buy that.Same unit but badass poses,take my money.More Xenos terrain or ruins,even non-factional weird stuf,I’ll prob go broke.Why not explore untapped areas like small non-imperial human empires,non-chaos rebels(slowly becoming a resistance wanting change).Then smaller factions of allied xenos units or 0-1 detachments of things we’ve never seen before or only heard of or read in fluff,out for vengeance for lost homeworlds but too few to go it alone,enslaved,mercs,monthly white dwarf races,etc.Give one of the xenos units stats but leave the models for the player to convert(The all new GW build-a-xenos kit),let the fun begin while still keeping the staple factions.Then GW can wipe some of those side races out if they have to & still stay in the SPIRIT of 40k,who cares,those little guys are used to it.Back to smaller battlefronts or situations with the big picture in the background.I always liked the details,how the universe made you feel small even as you fought proudly with your little fraction of your major faction for something you saw as important,but prob didnt mean squat in the grand scheme. Now it feels like,”Ok guys,imagine all the worst possible things(bad guys) or prophesized returns(good guys) forshadowed in anything that could ever happen….ALL happening..at ONCE!!!..whoa right?Only you can save the Universe,Grab a Primarch,you & your army are special,the last hope!Now instead of infinite situations & scenarios its them trying to one up each impossibly huge,horrible,glorious,event leaving nowhere to go.Also not every weird,magic-like event or anomaly has to be warp related right?Can that be toned back,its kinda like the boring go t.Other dimensions maybe?Another realm maybe threatening the Aether or the veil between.Other galaxies via wormhole or gate.They could grab some actual wild scientific theories & run with it?Returned threats that were “erased from all files”hinted in fluff all over.To me,Chaos would be creepier or scarier as part of the galaxy,not saturating everything, kinda scary like Necrons were before anyone knew jack about them.Instead of wars or heroic fluff feeding hard won info tidbits Crons were fleshed out all at once,no mystery & more silly than scary I think.I really like 8th rules,I just don’t see why some think AoS fluff is the only way to go.

  • AkulaK

    Harlequins also have a way to escape Slaanesh, the Laughing God is protecting them… Craftworlds are not even the best codex right now, i don’t see why you are upset by them.

    More seriously, Eldars are one of the main races of 40k, they’ve been there since almost the beginning, getting rid of them would mean the same as getting rid of the Orks or Chaos… Nonsense.

    Sure Eldars are a dying race and they have now found another way to escape their fate apart from becoming Harlequins.

  • I_am_Alpharius

    Couple of points:
    (a) “In large part I think this is because Ynnari aren’t really an army right now. They are simply three models.”

    Hmmm…yes, GW would never be able to base an army of 3 core models…..*coyly glances over at Imperial Knights*…….

    (b) “pretty big challenge, as GW would not only need to make a whole new Ynnari line, but also make it look and feel distinct from the other Eldar factions”

    Hmmm…yes, how on earth will a company crammed full of talent design ever come up with new designs….*sly admires the Visarch model, which takes design cues from across the Eldar range to create a the look of the Eldar before the Fall. Whilst also appreciating the range of distinct aesthetics of various Space Marine Chapters that have been created*….

    Just please stop publishing rubbish like this…

  • John Bennett

    Ynarri is not a new army, it’s a new general. This would be like saying that if GW created a new charismatic general, not Failbaddon, that they should just remove Black Legion not only from the fluff, but also the stores. Not all Aeldari think the Ynarri flag is where its at, so to remove craftworld/dark from the storyline, don’t you at least think you would at least need to have an aeldari civil war? This article is pathetically bad. Things are sort of boring as we had toward the end of 2017, but these excuses for editorial pieces are utter trash. One of the last ones was about whether all armies would receive a shiny new codex or not? Not only dumb, but premature since they’ve released 10 codexes in 6 months, so all signs point to probably. If you have nothing to write about, make a painting guide, write something about a different game, or just don’t write anything. But stop just publishing every couple of sentences you string together.

    • Brian Griffith

      Ynnari aren’t going to stay three dedicated models forever. Just watch.

      Not to say there’s any signs of them ditching Craftworlds, but it’s not too daring to say to expect 2-3 dedicated Ynnari units and maybe a new vehicle.

  • Rasheed Jones

    Just because you say something controversial doesn’t make it a deep thought.

  • polyquaternium7
  • Carey_Mahoney

    Mere trolling.

  • Jordan

    How many space marine factions use the same models again?

  • Simon Bates

    This must not happen.

  • “It’s pretty clear that both in universe and in real life the Ynnari are the future of the Eldar.”

    Eldar and Ynnari in real life? Tell me more.

    • Aura1

      Those 20 year old models that you bought with real money are real. I can hold them and cry bitter tears just like anything in real life…

  • Muninwing

    wow… i thought this was going to be just trolling… but i think it’s actually a good idea.

    i’m not 100% convinced that the ploit needs to be pushed forward. there’s a lot of bad writing coming out of GW right now, and i’d prefer any big developments were to happen after their quality gets better. but if they do move forward, this idea is a good one.

    maybe have there be an Eldar Civil War in the next campaign, and the truce that emerges from the remains unifies the Eldar in cause as well as in a location. have many of the Craftworlds repurposed to bring the Exodites back to a home sector. have a permanent gate to Comorragh open to the major systems. establish them as a grounded, solidified force with a definable base but unlimited range due to webway tunnels and the Exodite mission.

  • Me

    Aren’t the CW Eldar one of their best selling lines outside of the Imperials?