40K: Everyone Might Not Get a Codex


When the new codex fairy comes around, will some armies be skipped?

There are few things that engender as much excitement and anticipation in 40K players as getting a new Codex. Anytime a new Codex is announced players go through a range of emotions. They hope that it will be good, fear that it will suck and wonder if unit X or Y or Z will be added or removed. It can truly be a hectic time for a player. Other the other hand, few things are worse than seeing army after army get new codexes, while your chosen battle force languishes with outdated rules. Perhaps the only worse thing is getting a new codex shorty before a new edition invalidates your it.  With GW setting a fast paced codex release schedule it’s time to ask – is everyone going to get a new Codex?

The Need Is Strong

Not Cutting It

While the Indexes were a nice stopgap, the sad truth is that to be competitive you need a codex. We’ve seen now with the release of a number of books that a Codex army is far superior to an Index one. Form better points, to artifacts and stratagems, the codex armies tend to have the tricks and combos to pull off wins. Sure, Chapter Approved helped the Indexes out with updated points, but there is still relatively little comparison.  It’s not simply about point costs. Warlord traits, artifacts and most importantly stratagems are some of the major hallmarks of 8th edition. Playing armies that only have the most limited accesses to these doesn’t really feel like playing 8th. You are in essence missing out on a huge part of the game. Because of this, EVERY army really needs a codex.

A Lot of Armies Are Going To Get Them In 2018

It’s gunna be a bloody New Year

We already know that Demons are the next book coming out. Besides them it’s fair to say that a good number of armies will get codexes in 2018. Should GW keep a similar release schedule as they have had this past year that could mean as many as 20 books next year! Digging through Chapter Approved has given us some guesses as to what books might be coming next. If I had to guess I’d totally say that Necrons and T’au are soon. Outside of that though it’s clear we should get a lot of new books in the next year.

Will Everything Get A Book?

Please let us get a book, please let us get a book. 

However that leads us to an important question. Will everything get a Codex? In that past certain armies have gone editions without out updated rules. It would not be out of line for some armies to get left behind. Maybe an army is not popular, or vital and GW thinks they need to put out a campaign book, or a newer Space Marine Codex, or whatever. Armies have fallen into no codex black holes before, it could happen again. I think Chapter Approved might also have some hints about what gets books and what doesn’t.

What Is A Faction?

My contents are always getting tabled on turn one. 

I think it’s  safe to say that all the “factions” in that Table of Contents are going to get books. All these “factions” got updates in Chapter Approved and those stop gap measures seem aimed at giving you something to play with until you get get a new book. 40K and the Indexs have a lot of factions, and sub-factions and what not. Chapter Approved seemed pretty set on designating what is a faction and what isn’t. And it’s that things that aren’t on the list that worry me.

Left Behind

To be fair, I should not in fact expect to them get a new book

There are a lot of random Imperial sub-factions, Inquisition,  Custodes, Sisters of Silence, Assassins.  None of these fall under any of the factions in Chapter Approved. Given that, it is possible that these won’t get a real Codex. Or at least not anytime soon. And making a codex for them has its own challenges. Each of these groups are too limited and small to really function on their own. They’d have to  fit into a grab bag “Talons of The Emperor” book, which is basically what the Index is already. They represent a kind of gray area that has me wondering if they will show up in a Codex any time soon.

I can haz Codex? 

Also missing from the list are Ynnari. Again a faction that raises an interesting issue. On the one hand, they don’t need a codex. They will essentially get 3 to pull from and be able to accesses some stratagems from a couple of them. Do they really need their own codex and stratagems?  On the other hand not giving the newest group in 40K their own Codex just seem strange. It feels like they should get their own book, but that it will be a while off then they can get a big model line released. Until that day, which could be years off, they may be out of luck.

Final Thoughts

“Do the Sisters of Silence want a new Codex?” “I dunno, they haven’t said anything about it.” 

So in conclusion: I think we can count on most if not all the real “factions” getting new codecies, (yes even Sisters) in 2018. For smaller, “sub-factions” that didn’t get updates in Chapter Approved I am worried that we may not get new rules for them in the foreseeable future. Given that these sub-factions are pretty minor this may not be much for an issue for most players. However it still seems sad to think that not everyone might get a new book.

SO folks, what, if any, armies do you think won’t get books? Let us know, down in the comments! 

  • Fergie0044

    “While the Indexes were a nice stopgap, the sad truth is that to be competitive you need a codex.”

    *cough* orks already winning tournaments *cough*

    • Painjunky

      … honest question… not being snarky… please tell me more.

      • Fergie0044

        Blood of Kittens keeps a list of tournaments places. Orks picked up 1st at West Coast GT and Attack-X and 2nd at Rampager GT and EastCon.

        I could have sworn there was an article on one of the winners lists here on BoLs. I wouldn’t be aware of it otherwise, I don’t usually follow tourny news.

        • BJ Mickle

          I don’t follow tournaments either, but I can google. You mean the Wet Coast GT? Back in July? Won by orks, but that was all index versus index. Rampager and EastCon were in August. Since July, we’ve had 9 Codex drops, with 2 more on the way. I agree with the article author; if you don’t have a codex, you aren’t competitive.

          • Fergie0044

            Is it actually Wet Coast? lol, I thought it was a typo.
            Ok, my bad then – I def remember a recent ork tourny win, but I cannot provide evidence.

      • orionburn III

        Orks finished #3 at Warzone, and that was a pretty big deal given the armies there that did have a codex. There were some brutal lists there, so for them to do that well with just an index is saying something.

      • vlad78

        Orks are a horde. They have the number to sustain the kind of damage 8th rules allow and are really fast and find it much easier to kill their foes than previously. Given the tons of shots and attacks they can dish in you face, they just can’t be bad. Giving them a codex will just put them on nids/IG level or even above.

    • AkulaK

      Orks and Sisters, i don’t really know if they are winning major tournaments, but in my community, they can hit real hard and are always top 4 in a lot of tournaments (Sisters).

      Orks are really good, thanks to the new trend for hordes, and the Chapter Approved helped them a little.

    • Rass

      They may be winning tournaments….but only if you play in a certain way: hordes of boys or a ton of dreads. What if I want to play speed freeks? That’s what I’ve always loved playing. They don’t do as well. Ork trucks are more expensive than Rhino’s and are much worse.

      GW seems more interested though in making more marine codices. How many marine codices do they really need to make anyways? One for every single chapter that exists? Do they know that there are other factions in the 40k universe?

      We should change the name of Warhammer 40k to Warhammer Space Marines since everyone plays them and GW caters to them.

      • Fergie0044

        The orks Christmas bundle is speed freaks, so GW hasn’t forgotten they exist. Maybe they’ll get ‘chapter’ rules in the codex?

  • Haxor

    20 Books is enough for one year, thats about 640€ only for the books in one year. Then all the new Models I like, Necromunda stuff, some BL releases … Thats gonna be an expensive year!

    • Michael Cameron

      Why does someone need all the books though? I know people like to play multiple armies but very few people play ALL the armies.

      • Haxor

        Mainly for the fluff part

        • fenrisful2

          GW should start selling subscription bundles to people who wants ALL codexes with a discount, especially if you buy them digitaly.

          • Haxor

            They should give you a digital copy for free if you purchase the book. And then keep the rules in those digital copies up to date. That would really help!

          • zeno666

            Too much work for them. They’re the lazy kind.

      • BigGrim

        I used to buy all the Codexes. Not so much now. It’s too expensive to keep up with. And yeah, it was mostly for the fluff.

      • Severius_Tolluck

        If not fluff, the super competitive types will in order to understand all the rules for every faction so they are not surprised on the tourney scene. They can also then theory build against the worst they can envision. Was common before the days of just net listing.

      • kharne690

        I have 16 army’s. It’s going to be a very expensive year.

      • Snord

        Good point. I used to buy all the codexes. Then, when 8th Edition came around, I had to move house, and discovered how many useless books I’d accumulated. Now I just buy the ones I’m actually going to use. Which, so far, means 1.

    • I don’t think the release schedule will keep pace, AoS is getting a big event this year, so we’re likely to see a lot more AoS than last year

  • Doom and gloom when things are looking good already and will only improve in 2018…

    • ILikeToColourRed

      sounds about right for this site

      • ZeeLobby

        EH, they honestly ping pong at this point. They praise the idiotic things GW does, and then despise the good things. It’s really weird.

  • DJ860

    What I hope, is that those armies who might well be refreshed in 2018, don’t get a Codex.

    Then they can have an up to date one to compliment possible new models.

  • Carlos Irala

    Well… In 7th edition we already had Imperial Agents codex. If you Split it from Adepta Sororitas, you could have an army which can pick units from other codex (as Ynnari), depending of the ordo you are playing. The main problem with Inquisition is the army roles and some faction organization, which requires a totally different rebuild of the codex (no basic troops, Jokaeros and Daemonhost as single-model units, Death-Cult assassins being from a different faction of Officio Assasinorum…) and give them basic troops as a new box, with more easy ways of building it, in terms of list building *Cough* Acolytes *Cough*. In this terms, I see 2 ways of doing this:

    -Clear and identificative separation:
    Adeptus Ministorum: With new Battle Sisters and Ministorum units joined with same keywords.
    Inquisition: As an entire new plastic army, which can operate well alone.
    Talons of the Emperor: With Custodes and Silence Sisters stuff.

    As the old codex, with lots of faction keyword for rules sake, despite the lore nonsense.

    • James Regan

      I’m not sure if i wouldn’t support the old-old method of putting the inquisitorial arms in with their relevant chamber militant. I mean a bit late since they released grey knights seperate, but dropping hereticus units in the sororitas codex, seperated through keywords, and xenos in with deathwatch (expecially given deathwatch are more of a direct tool of the inquisition, and leaving them in a combined ‘imperial agents’ thing always seems to lead to only malleus/hereticus getting their radicals properly represented)

  • Carlos Irala

    In a short way: After our plastic battle sisters, we will crave for plastic inquisition.

  • defensive

    They have already confirmed that Ynnari will not be getting a codex during the craftworld release.

    SoS and custodes won’t get one either, because they aren’t really 40k factions. They are just popular 30k kits that got turned into plastic, and had 40k rules given to them as an afterthought, because they were sold on the GW store.

    • Odras

      Really? Where was this conformation that Ynnari was not getting a Codex? I only saw them say Ynnari weren’t included in the CW release and apart from that they were pretty sketchy on details for Ynnari.

      • defensive

        “Next week also sees the Triumvirate of Ynnead repackaged for the new edition. As well as three awesome character models, this set contains full datasheets for everything inside, as well rules for fielding Ynnari detachments in your army, meaning you won’t need anything else to use them with your Craftworlds codex!”

        And apart from this, I can’t see how they could make a codex work anyway, without filling it with stuff like black guardians, and all that, and going back to change the rules for a third time to only allow units in the codex in a ynnari army.

        • At the same time, the Chaos Legions are getting their own Codex releases, and they could’ve been drafted together from CSM and Daemons for the most part as well. Why do you seem to think that Ynnari won’t be seeing any unique units like Death Guard and Thousand Sons did?

          I mean, Ynnari were “fresh” during the Gathering Storm, cobbled together with new messiahs. In the present-day 40k, however, another century and change have passed, enough to allow the Ynnari to organize themselves in a more efficient way and develop their powers/toolset.

          I would not at all be surprised to see elites, a new troop choice, and maybe even daemon-esque Ynnead-imbued wraith-constructs.

          All that the repackaging really says is that they want to get them out sooner rather than later, were happy with sales on Guilliman and co, and don’t have the Ynnari slooted for a Codex release anytime soon. Which, again, makes sense because of the backlog, the next campaign installment being a way’s off yet, and the Christmas bubble making full-blown army releases risky for the early 2018.

          Why sit on a product you’ve already produced, that people want, when you can put it out there and add a host of new stuff later when the schedule allows for it? Chances are, too, that they’ll wait til the next half-year at least to boost their financial statements.

          My prediction? They’ll be out in tandem with Emperor’s Children, to allow for another Campaign book. EC desperately need a proper Codex like the other Legions, they’ve been built up a great deal via Black Library lately, and it’d make for a thematic campaign/box set. They’ve gone all in on various starter sets recently, both in 40k and Age of Sigmar, so this should be a no-brainer.

          • defensive

            And what makes you think EC will even be getting a codex either?
            AFAIK they have made no mention that all four subfactions will be getting a codex, and in recent years, Slaanesh has been largely cut back to make the game more kid friendly. Hell, he’s been all but squatted in AoS.
            Not to mention that they only have two data sheets, and they have rules in the chaos codex, while Death Guard and Thousand Sons do not, inplying that only those two will be getting their own full codex.

            As it stands, there is no indication that Ynnari will be getting an influx of fresh units, rumour wise or lore wise, and they have heavily implied that for now, this is all you’re going to get.

        • Odras

          This is far from confirmation of no codex. In fact from memory I am pretty sure that they specifically said that this is just re-boxing like that have done with many other models and this should not be interpreted as a confirmation or denial of a codex. This was on one of their FAQs I think on reddit.

    • I_am_Alpharius

      Absolute codswallop.

      GW have not stated the Ynnari will not be getting a Codex. Far from it. Ynnari will more than likely be done once the three Aeldari factions they draw from are done. Frankly, it won’t surprise me if the Ynnari get a whole bunch of new toys, and become less of an army cobbled together from the other factions, and one representing Aeldari have started to follow her, and return to the older Aeldari ways i.e. with models following design cues from the Visarch. The codex including all the relevant datasheets, rather than people needing 4 books.

      Considering GW have already revealed that there is a Custodian HQ units on the horizon. It actually won’t surprise me if the Talons of the Emperor related factions get a full Codex, with loads of new goodies in short time because of this. They certainly won’t be forgotten.

      • James Regan

        yeah, i suspect both will become new factions with codexes, but i suspect that will take time. with chapter approved they might not need to re-do vanilla marines as often (as they’re traditionally given a codex at the start of an edition, and chapter approved is, i presume, intended to allow them to prolong the life of an edition through tweaking and reducing power creep). Basically, i reckon upon them being this editions ad-mech/skitarii which were the two new codexes for last edition

      • defensive

        There has been no indication that any of that will happen. Both rumour wise, and lore wise, there is nothing for them coming up.
        They were designed from the get go to be an army cobbled together from the various eldar races, and will most likely remain that way.

        And the Visarch is based on the look of Dark Eldar Incubi, so I hardly think they would go and base new units, on a unit that is already based off existing units.

        I really cannot see them going back for a third time to change the rules once more, and just reprint 3 codexes into one book only to add three more datasheets to it.

        If SoS and Custodes get into a codex, it would be one codex lumped in with a few other factions from the indexes.

        • I_am_Alpharius

          Sure….how crazy it for GW to reprint datasheet that are utilised by several faction in each factions codex……*whispers* they do; please refer to SM Codex’s and Chaos related Codexes….

          • defensive

            There is no codex out there that contains only 3 unique data sheets.
            If they put all the available units into one codex, it would be about 2% of the total book being original.

            On top of this, they just finished with their bait and switch for Ynnari, so I’m sure they’re done with it for a while.

          • I_am_Alpharius

            I know RIGHT? I mean in the entire history, a company full of model designers would never make new models and units to add depth to an army……

            *whispers* yes they do, all the time; I refer you to Death Guard, Tempestus Militarum, SM Lieutenants, Genestealer Cultist, Thousand Sons, the entire Daemon Range, Imperial Knights, All flyers, Thunderwolves, Harliquines, every additional battlesuit for the T’au, Gorkanaughts, Kharadron Overlords, Fyreslayers etc… I can go on.

          • defensive

            They have barely even started releasing codexes for armies that already exist.
            What makes you think they will drop all of that and bring out an entirely new army in the middle of a new edition roll out?

            Especially for an army that has recieved huge backlash for it’s lore, and constant complaints about it being overpowered.
            At best, they will get something years down the line, but considering there is nothing in their lore that says they will get anything new, and there are no rumours of them making anything new, I have some doubts.

          • AkulaK

            Primaris have also received huge backlash for their lore, although they keep releasing new models for them 😀

          • defensive

            That’s because they were all already finished, and they just released them basically all at once.

            The Ynnari stuff was released over a year ago now.

          • BrianDavion

            honestly, most of the backlash has been pretty muted (and from people who haven’t delved deep into the lore for Primaris Marines) over all they’re reasonably well recerived

          • AkulaK

            Sure they are nice looking, good to play, even more powerful than vanilla SMs (fluffwise), but still, they are a great insult of the previous 30 years of SM fluff.

          • BrianDavion

            Ok, why? they’re new and differant, and I get folks hate change but beyond that, why?

          • AkulaK

            Because the Space Marines were supposed to be the elite of the Imperium, superhuman warriors who can defeat their ennemies in the name of their father the Primarchs. They are the “grandsons” of the Emperor himself.

            But now, they are just Imperial Guard with S and T4 and 3+ save. Because the Primaris who comes out of nowhere can now outmaster the greatest warriors of the imperium in every way…

            To deny the basic status of Space Marines as the super soldiers of the Imperium is just plainly stupid…

          • BrianDavion

            I could see them doing it,

        • BigGrim

          The Visarch is a blend of all three Eldar styles. GW themselves said as much, as did Jes Goodwin.

    • NNextremNN

      Maybe Talons of the emperor get some love from FW they make most of their models anyway and to be honest I don’t even want a Custodes Codex without all their fancy FW gear.

  • I_am_Alpharius

    Urrrrgh. Stop scaremongering and sabre rattling.
    (a) “…Should GW keep a similar release schedule as they have had…” VERY MUCH YES. This has been reiterated more than once via WH-TV and WH-Com. The current pace of codex release will be continuing throughout 2018.

    (b) “Will everything get a Codex?”. YES AND NO. GW have said every major FACTION will be getting a codex (see link). What is classed as a major FACTION is a entirely different debate.

    As for some of the smaller sub-faction, again GW have mentioned on WH-TV that all these kind of faction will be getting explored. Probably, later rather than sooner, but they be getting looked at; especially, considering GW have already revealed that there is a Custodian HQ units on the horizon! It actually won’t surprise me if the Talons of the Emperor related factions get a full Codex, with loads of new goodies in short time because of this. Indeed it was even hinted that once all the major faction are done, that along with existing sub-factions, the plans it that other lesser explored areas/factions of 40K can be given some lime light; I am looking at you Exodites!

    So again, please stop with the scaremongering and just enjoy all the 40K has been getting.

    • James Regan

      The main thing i wonder is whether the obvious minor factions to update (e.g. custodes, which are a 10,000 strong fully equipped and functional army returning to 40k, who have plenty of options fluff wise, but not as many current models) get updated before the chaos minors- DG have a codex, and 1k sons are almost certainly set to get one as part of the codex re-issuing, but the world eaters and emperors children, while not slated for an immediate one like death guard, are a place to go once the major factions are all up to date

      • I_am_Alpharius

        Got to remember, background wise for now, Emperors Children and World Eaters are not fully unified Legions any more, in the same way the Death Guard and Thousand Sons are. Their Legionnaires are all fracture and spread, ruined by in-fighting and don’t go around working together; but only wondered round as loose Warbands. Does that mean they could never become unified again? Certainly not. I’m sure the presence of a certain Primarchs may change some minds…..

        • Fergie0044

          Death guard and thousand sons were fairly broken up to before they got shiny new codexs with fluff updates. It only takes one sentence to say “oh yes, Typhus and Morty are BFFs again and the DG are one big happy legion once more”. Same for Magnus and Ahriman.

          It will the release of the Primarchs that will dictate when the new chaos legion codex drop. Probably one a year, so Q3-4 2018 for the next one as a guess.

          • Well, thankfully, Mortarion and Typhus aren’t BFFs. In Dark Imperium by Guy Haley, you can see some of that as well. They tolerate one another as much as necessary, but no more than that.

          • Fergie0044

            Oh that’s good. At least it wasn’t all hand waved away then. The only recent fluff I’ve read is the DG codex. Got any details for someone who will likely not get round to reading the DI book?

          • Haven’t read it yet, I’m afraid, but followed discussion over on B&C. My paperback copy will hopefully arrive sometime in January, if Amazon doesn’t screw up yet another of my preorders with a 2-3 week delay…

            What I can say though is that Guy Haley is one of the best writers they’ve got these days and he adds a lot of nuance to the whole 8th subject matter in both Dark Imperium and Devastation of Baal.

    • AkulaK

      Major Factions are simply the ones in Chapter Approved, including Harlequins, GSC and… Sisters !

      We can be almost sure that those factions will have a Codex.

      • I_am_Alpharius

        Yeah, I agree, that would the logical conclusion.

  • Steve L Duelist

    The problem with the Sisters, Custodians and assassin is they currently cannot form Battleforged armies on their own, they have no HQ units.

    I imaging the Inquisitors may get a codex, maybe thematically after daemons. Maybe like Cypher and the Fallen Inquisitors will not break army tactic when included in a detachment

    • orionburn III

      But…GW has shown it’s a pretty easy fix to add new HQ options, such as the lieutenants or the new Talonmaster for Dark Angels. While we may never see plastic sisters they might at least offer up one or two new character models for those factions.

    • Gorsameth

      Except for the bit where they have already shown a Custodian HQ model that is being released soon(tm)

      • Steve L Duelist

        We did not know we would be getting new LT models for BA and DA, allong with the codex, the invest could be true

  • thegreatmoronos

    Just be patient and wait for 9th edition to drop. It can’t be long now.

  • Rahn1908

    would anyone else love a World Eaters codex or is it just me? I think they are one of most iconic legions but on the other hand I m not sure if it would bring anything new to the game.

    • Admiral Raptor

      I’d love to see them and Emperor’s Children get Codices in the same vein as Death Guard and Thousand Sons. I think there is enough interesting material for each of the god’s legions to have their own book.

  • Gorsameth

    I do believe their stated intention is to have all major army codexes out by 8th’s anniversary (and they are on track with their release speed). That leaves a lot of time after to explore smaller armies like Custodes

  • fenrisful2

    The Ynnari could snugly fit into the Harlequin book, maybe we will even get corsairs and exodites in it.
    Similiarly, they could just cram in some imperial soup stuff into the SoB codex.
    Either Way I wouldn’t be surprised to see 9th ed popping up around next X-mas.

  • OctopusVolcano

    Amuses me the suggestion that armies with few units may not get a codex. Meanwhile admech are apparently fine with a modicum of their 13 available units being usable/viable.

  • Wouldn’t it be something iif AOS actually got more than 2 months out of the year 😉

    • Xodis

      I believe that is Heresy lol

    • Admiral Raptor

      Stop worrying! That’s about what WHFB used to get, and nothing bad ever happened to that game…

      Seriously though, can we please get some AoS releases? (Cue two months of Stormcast to start off 2018, then nothing forever)

      • You’re getting a new Lord Celestant next week, what more do you need? :’)

        • Admiral Raptor

          Oh no! It’s actually happening isn’t it? I was just joking (Or so I thought) 🙁

      • ZeeLobby


  • Farseerer

    This is some UK tabloid level nonsense and misinformation passing as an opinion piece.

    This article has nothing to do with fact or logic and the author clearly lacks a basic ability to extrapolate from the 8th edition codex and index releases.

  • Xodis

    As soon as I saw the title I thought “bitter sisters players incoming”…time to check the comments lol.

  • pascalladalle

    Genestealer cult don’t have “chapter” FACTION KEYWORDS. I thinks, no codex for her

  • SacTownBrian

    Based on the financial numbers for Games Workshop for 2017 why would they change anything in their release model? I expect sisters to be the big 40k release in 2018 and for everyone to get a codex (and faq) and to have it all get hit with a left hook from Chapter approved at the end of the year. 2019: rinse, repeat.

    Personally I’m sick of the pace of rules updates. Went from three books during index only times to five (couldn’t give up index because codex is incomplete) with codex and CA plus all the faqs. It’s worse now than ever to get the correct rules and points values. Makes fun pick up games an absolute mess.

  • Brett Thompson

    Does anyone else think its funny that Thousand Sons only had a codex for 6 months before it became out of date. Kinda funny considering how dumpy of an army they were before then.

    • Admiral Raptor

      That’s not super unusual for GW. I believe the same thing happened to the Escalation book in 6th Ed, all the Traitor Legions and Gathering Storm Books in 7th, and The End Times stuff in Fantasy. I’m also pretty sure the the first Imperial Knight codex was out for less than a year before being replaced.

      If you’re buying a GW book you had better like the fluff and pictures, because chances are (especially nowadays) that the rules will be out of date before you know it.

  • generalchaos34

    I can easily see them making an Imperial Agents codex like before and actually rolling out some new inquisition models *gasp* which would also be a great way to have the Custodes and Sisters of Silence in one place. and technically Death Watch too since they are part of the Inquisition. Sisters of Battle would have to be their own I think because they have too many units and it would be prudent to roll out a whole new plastic line with a stand alone book (dreaming, right?)

    • AkulaK

      Death Watch and SoB’s have rules in the Chapter Approved while cutestodes and Golden Sisters have not… We can almost be sure the first two will have a Codex if they had updated rules.

  • Admiral Raptor

    At the pace GW is going we’ll be seeing books for individual units in a year or two. I’d kind of be fine with that though. Give me Codex: Tau Auxiliaries at some point and I will throw money at it so hard. The only Xeno forces that speak to me are Kroot and Vespid for some reason.

    • generalchaos34

      and don’t forget about the old human auxiliaries! They were glorified markerlight wounds but they were actually decent!

  • pokemastercube .

    i think the mentioned smaller imperial fractions will get a new “imperial agents/tallons of the emperor” book just to fill out their rules properly

  • Kabal1te

    We have already seen death guard as a new army. It will shock me if we don’t see Ynarri become a fully new army by the end of 2018 (my bet is sooner rather than later). We have already seen a new custodes model teased as well I would be surprised if they don’t get a codex too. The inquisition got greyfax bit I don’t know if they will see much more soon. I kind of hope so even if it is in another imperial agents soup style codex. I also expect to see an emperors children codex at some point since fulgrim was teased in the fluff of gathering storm.