40K FAQs & Quick Build Minis, 12 Warmachine Goodies, plus FFG

New Primaris & Death Guard minis, Warmachine holiday releases & FFG round out the holiday weekend!

40K: Future FAQ Plans For The GrimDark

Games Workshop is going to roll out the FAQs twice a year moving forward – A new cycle begins!

Kromlech: New Legionary Heads

Kromlech has a new batch of Legionary Heads to Mod your “Legion” – check these out!

40K: Death Guard Easy To Build Unboxings

The Death Guard has got two new Easy To Build Kits on the way – let’s take a look inside!

FFG: Netrunner Revised Core Set Out Now

The next generation of Netrunner is out now – The Revised Core Set is available.

GW: December 16th Pre-Orders “Pricing & Links”

The Myphitic Blight-hauler is up for Pre-Order! Death Guard players, CHARGE!!

Privateer Press: Holiday Sale and New Releases

Get your new releases at a discount thanks to Privateer Press’ Holiday Sale.

40K: EZ Build Primaris Unboxings

Take a look at the new Easy to Build Primaris Kits that are now available for Pre-Order from Games Workshop.

40K: 10 Codexes in 6 Months – GW Did It

True to their word, GW managed to knock out 10 Codexes in 6 Months. 8th Edition Keeps on Rolling.

~Have you finished your hobby holiday shopping?

  • memitchell

    I know it is simply beloved, but at what point is it OK to admit the Myphitic Blight-hauler is one of GW’s worst looking models (with one of the dumbest names)? It looks like R2D2’s homeless drunk cousin.

    • Matthew Pomeroy

      it was young, it needed the money 😀