40K: Inside the Blood Angels – Sanguinary Novitiate

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The Blood Angels have another new unit in their Codex, come meet the Sanguinary Novitiate.

The Blood Angels love Blood. Saying that is like saying the ocean is full of water, or that man-made activity is contributing to our planet’s climate warming, or that evolution is the process by which different kinds of living organisms are thought to have developed and diversified from earlier forms during the history of the earth. We’re just stating objective facts.

Other objective facts: Marines have 3+ saves, skateboards are radical, and Nitrogen makes up the majority of our atmosphere.

And nothing can prove all of these things truer than the new unit that’s included in the Blood Angels Codex. How can one unit prove global warming, evolution, and probably also the Moon Landing you ask? By being so obstinately Blood Angels-y that you can’t help but feel like every other thing that is obviously true…is.

And that unit is none other than the Sanguinary Novitiate. Let’s take a look.

Does this fellow look a little familiar to you? Here, let me help you. Our Novitiate here costs exactly 55 points. So what other Space Marines unit is out there that comes with a bolt pistol, a chainsword, frag grenades, and krak grenades that ALSO costs exactly 55 points (or 3 power level).

That’s right, if you’re playing along at home, it’s the Apothecary! So instead of simply getting the Apothecary that most other Space Marines chapters have (excepting of course the Space Wolves, but after seeing this, they’re probably going to get like a Remulary Skjald who will be an Apothecary in all but name), the Blood Angels get something that is all about the Blood Instead.

And you know what? It just makes sense. Of course the Blood Angels would have a Sanguinary something or other, and of course it would be a Novitiate, keeping with the Blood Angels’ both bloody and priest-themed idioms.

Pictured: the Blood Angels’ other idiom.

The Sanguinary Novitiate is incredibly on-brand, and it’s comforting to know that, at the end of the day, this kind of thing still happens. Plus, now you can take an Apothecary for your Blood Angels, and those guys are pretty helpful if you want to keep your dudes in the fight. Heck, you can even take a Primaris Apothecary, though it’s interesting that the Primaris aren’t allowed to join the Sanguinary Priest order.

Maybe one day they’ll be cool enough to hang with them–although the Primaris do get to rest easy knowing they’re immune to the Black Rage–maybe the other Blood Angels are just jealous that the Primaris are being better Blood Angels than they are?

At any rate, taking bets now on what the Space Wolves’ special healing unit is called.

  • ieyke

    That’s an awfully long-winded way to say Blood Angels Apothecaries have been renamed.

    • Bakvrad

      You are right.
      And with some research too, they would have known, that they were already called like this in 7th edition, so it’s not even a renaming if you just look from Codex to Codex…
      So absolutely nothing new for Blood Angel players ^^

      • Pascalnz

        its’ so great when no research is done isn’t it 🙂

        • Bakvrad

          Fun fact: my index says, it’s already called that way. Should have known that earlier ^^

    • GnomesForge

      Maybe if the author spent less time on the social justice lobby and arguing against WAAC they wouldn’t write an entire article based on incorrect assumptions.

  • Kabal1te

    I would be very shocked to see space wolves get apothecaries. After all they are called out as the only marines not allowed to take a primaris apothecary in the primaris pdf.

    • Michael Goldsberry

      Be shocked. They already do. They’re called Wolf Priests. Though they cant revive dead models, they also function on Calvalry, and have the Chaplain Bubble.

      They won’t get “official” Apothecaries as they dont use them. But they have a unit thay functions like one.

      • Kabal1te

        Wolf priests as you stated cannot revive models which is what an apothecary does and given that the vast majority of units are 1 wound models the ability to heal wounded models is kinda pointless. I mean sure maybe once in a game or so you may have him near a terminator squad or primaris squad and there is a dude with only one of his 2 wounds so he can heal the dude but meh. The wolf priest acting as an apothecary is a boy scout with a bandaid compared to the surgeon that is any one else’s apothecary.

  • AdeptusAstartes

    Yeeeessssssssssss! Gene-seed recovery! I love this game! #backtobasics

    • Eric Lauterbach

      No Jump Pack!!!! AHHHH … Where do we get a flying medic???

  • Pilipinas Tara Na

    Ulfirhelarsson will the name be of the Space wolf apothecary.

    • euansmith

      Won’t a Space Wolf medic be a Dýralæknir (Veterinarian)?

      • Brian Tallisker

        As a space wolf player, this was a damn quality joke! <3

      • fenrisful2

        How about “Farrier furrier pharmacist”?

    • GrenAcid

      Fake! Not enough wolf.

  • Fiveprawns

    Sanguinary Novitiates were already in the index. They just used the Apothecary data sheet.

  • Majere613

    The Novitiate isn’t a new thing- in previous editions the model with the same name was just the ‘medic’ upgrade for a unit of Honour Guard. They’ve just popped him out of the squad like they have with standard bearers (Ancients) and Champions.

  • Koen Diepen Van

    I am getting the feeling that gw is giving not so subtle hint that the bloodangels are falling to khorne. Look at the marine in the background

    • Bootneck

      Yeah the guy at the back left looks suspiciously like a Khorne Berserker.

      And the guy just in front of him looks equally chaotic.

      Sanguinus blood for the blood god?!

    • phobosftw

      Now THAT is a plot twist I can get behind..

  • Stefano Manno

    Space Wolves don’t need one: they already have the Wolf Priest, both chaplain and apothecary.

    • Kabal1te

      Yea but compared to anyone else’s apothecary (including the sisters of battle one) he sucks at the apothecary part of his job rather badly.

  • euansmith

    Odd that this guy is called a “Novitiate”, as that means a “novice”, a “nOOb”.

    I’d have thought that the Apothecary would be an experienced Marine retrained as a field medic, as this has long been the way jobs get handed out in the 41st millennium.

    If every marine started out as a corpsman and then progressed to another role, then, surely, all Space Marines would be skilled in trauma medicine.

    Infirmarian is a suitably monastic medical title.

    • Ryan Davis

      Thats because he is a “noob”. sanguanary novieates are marines recently indoctrinated into the sanguinary priesthood but are not full priests (they don’t get to Carry around Sanguineus’ blood). They are essentially NOOB apothecaries

      • AEZ

        More like they are noob priests whose first task is to learn the way of the apothecary and serve in that position on the field before they can advance

      • euansmith


  • Rafał Pytlak

    Weren’t they already called “Sanguinary Priests”?

    • Azhrarn

      they were indeed

      • Rafał Pytlak

        So why the name change? Just to say “we did something new you guys”? The unit doesn’t get a new mini or anything. Damn, we arent grtting anything besides the BA version of primaris which are basically just an detail upgrades of the Dark Imperium stuff (a blood tear there,a winged chalice here)

        • Orblivion

          Sanguinary Novitiates already existed in previous codices actually, as lesser versions of Sanguinary Priests. In 5th edition they were part of the Honour Guard and offered the same Blood Chalice abilities as full Sanguinary Priests but with lower stats. In 7th edition they were part of the Command Squad and were equipped with only the Narthecium while full Sanguinary Priests were equipped with a Narthecium and a Blood Chalice.

  • fenrisful2

    Just call them “Pharmacists” or “Pill pushers” and be done with it. 😛