40K: Our 5 Favorite Blood Angel Stratagems

The Blood Angels are back and we’ve got our list of our favorite stratagems from their new codex – check these out!

Enemies of Mankind will be quaking in their boots when the Blood Angels arrive as they have some pretty mean stratagems that will undoubtedly aid in their conquest. Some of these we picked just because they are pretty bonkers in terms of game play. Some of these we picked because we loved the themes they represented. So let’s descend like the Blood Angels and dive in!

Forlorn Fury

We’ve showed this one off before – but it’s too good not to show off again! This stratagem singlehandedly makes the case for Death Company in your army. Death Company with Jump Packs are going to have the ability to move and advance before the game starts – and then on the first turn, move and assault. That’s at MINIMUM 25″ of movement BEFORE they roll their 2D6 charge roll. That’s scary good.

Decent of Angels

Oh hey – look at that! Another stratagem that allows Blood Angels Jump Pack units to get EXTRA movement – this time for a charge roll. It’s almost like Games Workshop thinks these guys want to get into combat really quickly or something. This stratagem is a blatantly obvious combo with the above stratagems and with more below…

Red Rampage

Blood Angel Characters are known to be pretty deadly in Close Combat. There is a certain Chief Librarian who could really use some extra attacks – just ’cause. When you combine this with another psychic power that he will have access to, The Lord of Death will have an extra 2D3 attacks. Alternatively, Librarian Dreadnoughts are ALSO characters. And Psykers. And Dreadnoughts. I think you know where we’re going with this.

Strike of the Archangels

This one is for all you fans of Terminator Armor – no matter the version! On the turn they setup (typically from Deepstrike) they can re-roll failed hit rolls until the start of your next turn. Keep in mind that applies to shooting, close combat, AND Overwatch! A big block of shooty Terminators might be the right call with this one. Then again, if they happen to be the assaulty version and they pull of a charge…ouch!

Upon Wings of Fire

Did your Death Company kill their target? Is their next one on the other side of the board? Good thing there is a stratagem for that! Rapidly re-deploy your Jump Pack squads (looking at Sanguinary Guard, too) and get them in the thick of the fighting! If only there was a stratagem that helped to ensure they got a bonus to their charge distance…(hint: scroll up).

Bonus: Red Ones Go Fasta! Lucifer-Patter Engines

Sometimes, you just need to get where you need to go – and the Blood Angels are PROS at this.


That’s it for our Favorite Stratagems from the Blood Angels – did you have a favorite?

  • Koen Diepen Van

    It seems to me that some one should inform gw that getting alpha striked in turn 1 is not as fun as they think.

    • YetAnotherFacelessMan

      Still better than 5th edition. I “fondly” recall a local Blood Angel player deploying nothing. Then I sat there for 2 turns, waiting. On his turn 2, everything fell from the sky and my guys died in droves. When I tried to shoot back, everything had 4+ FNP…

      Not a great time. Alpha strike surprisingly less painful this edition because he’s at least got to deploy SOMETHING.

      • vlad78

        This kind of battle is precisely where alternate activation works best.

    • Alpha striking is design as intended. Fixes both of the issues that tournament players have (and tournament players are who are playtesting and driving 8th edition)

      * time limit in tournament games not being enough to play 2000 point games

      * gw wants you to play 2000 poiint games so you buy more stuff

      8th edition Alpha strike makes all that possible because now the game is centered around large amounts of models still and the game is also designed to end most of the time after turn 2.

      • Karru

        Exactly. It is clear that GW wants this game to be big and fast at the same time, so the best way to do that is to make sure that the first dice roll of the game pretty much decides the game.

        I do love the fact that GW has stated that they are currently working on a solution to the alpha strike “problem” in the game, while still pumping out rule after rule after rule that gives players multitude of options of just Alpha Striking the enemy off the board.

        If they make something that hinders ranged, like Night Fighting, all it does is make First Turn Charges even more powerful. I honestly can’t see a solution that would fix it without removing all those rules that allow it in the first place.

        • Alpha strike is too easy and too powerful. While it exists in its current state, there’s no reason to not min/max it. I mean… I can literally win by winning who goes first.

          I can climb tournament rankings by simply going first.

          I’d never want that to change if I was a tournament player.

          • Andreas Noche

            I assume, you´re not a tournament player. The best players I´ve seen (and my best performances) are based on the idea of killing randomness. What could be more random than a single dice off?

          • I was a tournament player that traveled to all of the GTs for a solid ten years.

            If I can’t kill randomness with my listbuilding, the next best thing is to craft a list that can literally win if I go first. Neither require me to have to play the game.

  • Rafał Pytlak

    – Ere we go ere we go!
    – What was that seargeant?
    – Um…nothing Lord Dante, I’m sorry…

  • fenrisful2

    Space marines needs to go back to M4. 😛

  • Marco Marantz

    GW1: We are receiving numerous complaints from players regarding Alpha Strikes.
    GW Honcho: So?
    GW1: Players dont find it fun.
    GW Honcho: Are they buying models?
    GW1: Yes.
    GW: Then its fine.
    GW1: Okay, so we are working on the Blood Angel codex now; What ideas do you have for them?
    GW Honcho: Let them deepstrike and charge 2 units in first turn and a good chance of a third.

  • bad mood

    Unpopular opinion:

    Play drastically smaller games! Most of the problems that arrise currently have to do with the fact that 2000pts games have your deployment zone so crowded, you can’t even choose a place where not to deploy (and hence have to keep loads of your stuff in reserve – have fun advancing with those). Even more so with terrain. On top, all of this spammines that (for example) Bell of lost Imagination-lists provide, gets basically cut in half and a lot of crazy stuff doesn’t work because you need to focus on getting the objectives, or killing your enemy, not both. In my small and subjective experience, 500-750 pts games are a lot more fun and provide lots of diversity since you can go through all your collection and it solves a problem that especially unloved armies face: They don’t have much diversity available to their list building. If that works out, move on to maybe 1000-1250pts and consider 1500pts a big game, because in the current meta, 2000pts means first you’re busy deploying and give so much thought to so many models and opportunities, and after turn 1 half of that is back in the box – wasted time if you ask me.

    PS.: Considering the imagination slight, I’m sorry, but it is obvious that this platform has moved a long way over the years – like many – from hobby presentation and support towards product placement and news feed. It’s not like this is white Dwarf online, but it’s moving in the same direction. Constructive Criticism: How about you people channel some of your advertisement income towards a competition, every week someone can present their army, list, models, background. Every month there is a vote in the community, best of the month a small price and gets into the second round where shortly before christmas the community has a final vote on the best of those 11. The best 3 of those win a prize as well. Gets the people more engaging than the current format in my opinion.

    • Koen Diepen Van

      This is my experience whit small games. Ppl make armies whit as few drops as possible. use stratagem to deploy in your face. Start the game kill most of the army in turn 1 and the game is over.

  • Painjunky

    First turn auto-win bulltish is a fun killer.
    My urge to buy is flat-lining.

  • BroxusMaximus

    Melee alpha strike armies are not the problem. It is the alpha strike gun lines that destroy half your army before you can react that needs fixing. There are multiple ways to prevent charges, but no way to really do much against a shadowsword firing 3D3 shots at STR 16, -4 AP, and 2D6 damage.