40K RUMORS: Sly Marbo Rules

Get in here fast Astra Militarum fans! The meanest diritest fighter of them them all has a set of rules doing the rounds.

Sly Marbo’s new mini has been sighted on stores and goes up for sale on December 26th.

Rumored Rules

Here’s the first set of rumors rules – just out:

via Dakka’s blightstar

HQ, 4 power level. Catachan, Astra, Imperium, Sly Marbo.

Str 3, t 3, 5+ armor. 2 for ws and bs, 4 wounds, cannot take Warlord Trait or take orders.

3 shot pistol that always wounds Infantry on a 2, no ap.

4 attacks, Knife always wounds on a 2 against infantry (no ap).

You can set him up for deep strike, and when he comes in, pick 1 of 3 options:

  • Shoot a unit, ignoring the Character rule until the next turn, rule calls out he specifically shoots when he arrives, and can then shoot again during the actual shooting phase.
  • Stalk with Knife, roll a d6 and move that many inches, and gain +2 attacks until the start of the next movement phase.
  • Concealed explosives, pick a unit, roll a d6, add 1 if unit has more than 10 models, -1 if it is a character. On 4+ d3 mortal wounds, 7+ d6 mortal wounds.

Fighting a Shadow: 1 / battle, at the beginning of your movement phase, if no enemy within 6 inches, Marbo goes back into deep strike, and can be redeployed the next turn. Procing his “show up” ability again.

Gains 2+ to his armor save rather than 1+ when Marbo is in cover.


“They drew first blood, not me.” ~ John Rambo

~ Not too bad!

  • SilentPony

    So he’s an assassin without the skills to target one thing and destroy it. So…what’s the point?

    • LordKrungharr

      It says he can target Characters twice with shooting. Not bad. Too bad his pistol is lacking AP value though.

      • Ultramarian

        6 shots that are always 2/2s is mean, and if he gets the charge off he can potentially hurt things

        • SilentPony

          Ap 0 shots though and no Ap on knife, s/t 3 and 4 attacks and 5+. A Chaos Champion with a power sword would put him in the dirt.
          He’s not better than even a basic heavy infantry model.

          • Reven

            The S3 isn’t really going to matter with the always wounds infantry 2. Though marbo isn’t really one to target heavy infantry anyways. A lot better against the squisher support characters.

          • SilentPony

            Sure, but that t3 isn’t doing him any favors.
            I guess the problem is a lot of armies don’t really have squishy support characters. Its not like there are scout librarians or cultist HQs or whatnot.
            As a guardsmen a lot of squishy support characters are gonna be tougher than he is. Even like a weirdboy or painboy would wipe the floor with him.

          • Astorath

            S4 in catachan army

        • Jeremy Larson

          Especially if he’s targeting squishier characters, like primaris psykers or some such.

          • Ultramarian

            support characters shall fear the Marbo. CC characters not so much. But anyone using Marbo to take on Typhus isn’t using him right

          • SilentPony

            Granted, sure, but the flavors of the month are Blood Angels, Dark Angels, Death Guard and Nids. There isn’t anything squishy enough in any of those armies to warrant Marbo.

          • Ultramarian

            Idk Primarius Apothecaries, Librarians and vehicles would be my targets of opportunity as well as Lts. Captains and Chaplains would be a last resort only if I was confidence in my rolls or they were wounded. DAs the same thing except I’d also go after dev squads or HB squads as they could be victims of the Demo charge if it is as written.

          • SilentPony

            I dunno. His ability to move d6 after deployment can be good to get a charge, but someone like an apothecary or Librarian is going to be surrounded by units, so you won’t be able to get close enough.
            Likewise the shooting seems like its better for Orks or maybe Tau or fellow guardsmen
            The Demo charge can be nasty, but it has no extra rules for taking out vehicles.

          • Ultramarian

            I am not well versed on the new support characters for Death Guard. the Clawed gribblies the multi wound demo charge to the face might be effective

          • Col. Duke Lacrosse

            Then wait until next month? Honestly what’s the issue? There are plenty of squishy support characters to send him after.

            I guess ,I’m sorry Marbo isn’t shanking Primarchs left and right?

      • SilentPony

        Ap 0 is garbage, and any HQ worth sending him after will have a 2+ anyway. So it’ll come down to law of average, who rolls the highest 1s on a d6.
        And that’s not worth it.
        You’re better off with a Vindicare for shooting, Eversor for assault, and Culexus for psykers.

        The only thing i can see him good for is hoping to survive overwatch charging a heavy support squad to tie it up, but even then you’re better off with an Eversor

        • Ultramarian

          Bolters are ap 0 yet noone discounts them. If this was 7th edition you’d be correct with the lack of AP but in 8th law of averages allows guardsmen to kill Hive Tyrants and Demon Princes. I will see how he plays before I pass judgement. And this post does state rumor

          • SilentPony

            Yeah but no one buys just a single space marine with a bolter and send him against Typhus or a Hive Tyrant expecting him to do anything.
            If Marbo was say a squad of 10 or 20, then hitting on 2s and wounding infantry on 2s would be nasty.
            But he’s only 1 guy, and most enemies will wound him on 3s or 2s and he doesn’t have enough wounds to survive even a combat squad’s worth of shooting/charging, and he doesn’t have the wounding capacity to do more than say 1 wound to an HQ before he’s turned to paste

          • Col. Duke Lacrosse

            Then send him after squishy support characters. An astropath, or neurothrope, or farseer, or company commander, or many, many others will not fair so well against him.

          • ReveredChaplainDrake

            The problem with that is that most “squishy support characters” are either psykers or they rely on some other force multiplier ability, meaning that they could be knocked down to 1 wound and still function optimally, even if they have to fall back from combat.

            Also, just off the top of my head, don’t try using Marbo on a Malanthrope. Ever. It will go… poorly.

          • Sniddy

            A squishy support should be shielded so you get one round of shooting

            Turn 1 drop him in your backfield with explosives turn 3 drop him in to pick off something, he could be interesting – won’t be amazing broken or OP at 1st glance but could be fun

  • Killer Bee

    nice model, cant wait to pick this one up.

  • No matter how badass Marbo is, he’s still a Guardsmen.

    With those rules you’re not going to use him to take on a Chaos Lord – he’s just not in their league.

    You’re going to use him to deal with remote smallish support squads who thing they are safe. Stuff like some Guardians on Support Weapons, or a group of far away cultists on an objective, or to finish off that half dead tank hiding behind a hill.

    His ability to get anywhere is his primary ability, with a medium damage potential secondary. I think he’s usable – but he’s not a “fire and forget”tool. There will be some nuance.

    • SilentPony

      In a valuable HQ slot though…
      I mean he’d be good at taking out grots or like you said Guardians, but at that point you’re better off dropping in some storm troopers to take and hold an objective, and deal more damage to something afterwards.

      Like my read is he’s good at taking out 2 small, weak backfield units a game. And as an HQ slot, that doesn’t seem like enough. Maybe if he was a non-compulsory Troop…

      • Ultramarian

        he’s an Elite not an HQ

        • SilentPony

          What? It says HQ.
          “HQ, 4 power level. Catachan, Astra, Imperium, Sly Marbo.”

          • Ultramarian

            He’s never been an HQ so I am taking that as incorrect information. He’s going to be like Harker and take up an Elite slot.

          • SilentPony

            I…guess? I’m just going with what I’m seeing, not assuming its incorrect.

      • ellobouk

        depending on his points… this is 8th, HQ slots are not in short supply. my current 2k list is bringing 6 HQ choices to the table, and I have slots going spare.

  • Mike mad cow

    what does the Catachan rule give him?

    • Ultramarian

      +1 attack

      • Marios Kontopyrgos

        +1 strength no?

  • YetAnotherFacelessMan

    I’ve got my grain of salt handy… HQ is either a strange call or a red flag for a fake. Sly has traditionally been an Elite, yeah? He’s not leader… then again, maybe I’m wrong. Maybe they decided that HQ was the slot he should go in…

  • Col. Duke Lacrosse

    Just to get this out of the way since no one seems to realize it.
    Marbo is S3 AND Catachan. Catachan infantry get +1S. Marbo is S4.

    • Sylvester Holmes

      Not that it really matters if he always wounds on a 2+

      • ellobouk

        matters for wounding T6/7 on a 5 instead of a 6 for non-infantry models

  • piglette

    Well, there’s always next edition.

  • Kabal1te

    HQ seems off to me but who knows. The rules seem interesting enough. I wouldn’t want him messing with my dark eldar across the board. Orks probably feel the same way. A number of other armies wouldn’t much fear him which makes him situational, but that’s always been the case with niche characters.

  • ReveredChaplainDrake

    So he’s a single stealth expert who walks into combat out of nowhere and gets pwned by any Space Marine who is even remotely awake. In other words, Lictor Syndrome.

    I think GW vastly overestimates the practical value of being able to charge out of reserves. Especially given how many units can fall back and still act normally for whatever reason.

  • Jörgen Karlsson

    His muscles alone should give him S4 & T4

    • Bootneck

      He’s just a trained soldier not a genetically altered space marine.

    • MarcoT

      He’s str4 thanks to being catachan

  • JayBiga

    Funny how some people start complaining straight away, because Marbo is not an auto include, shiny, red Win Button.
    Come on man, the model is not meant for mass sales, otherwise it would be in plastic. It’s a model meant for (nostalgic) collectors. This is in no way targeted at the hardcore competitive crowd, the model is meant to be used in narrative games, perhaps even scenario driven games.

    Chill out.

  • James Washington

    Sure, but that t3 isn’t doing him any favors. I guess the problem is a lot of armies don’t really have squishy support characters. Its not like there are scout librarians or cultist HQs or whatnot.As a guardsmen a lot of squishy support characters are gonna be tougher than he is. Even like a weirdboy or painboy would wipe the floor with him

  • Josh Felstead

    “Gains 2+ to his armor save rather than 1+ when Marbo is in cover.”

    Is actually supposed to say

    “Marbo automatically possesses a 2+ cover save. Gains a 1+ modifier to his cover save whenever air is in front of him.”

  • Jani Jalassalo

    Hmm…. Sly marbo with some assassin detachment, perhaps not going get that +1 Strenght at least can re-deploy again and wreck something before put down(Fading into jungle) that should be fun

  • Sun spear

    How about just using him cause he’s a cool character model? Jeez, some of the people here just make me laugh.