40K: The Relics of the Blood Angels

The Blood Angels are masters of war and master artisans. Which means their relics better be awesome, right?! Come take a look for yourself!

The Relics of Baal are the six Relics that the Blood Angels have access to. These are great for creating your own “special characters” and unique narratives – but also give you a nice boost in power on the tabletop, too! So let’s dive in with the fury of the Red Thrist!

(Note: Remember, the Warlord Trait Artisan of War does not stack with Relics.)

The Hammer of Baal

The Hammer of Baal’s biggest advantage is that there is no penalty on your to-hit roll. That’s kind of a big deal! Most of your Characters hit on 2’s or 3’s and with the Red Thrist and a base strength of 4, they are pretty effective “Can-Openers” on the turns they charge. If you’re taking a Thunder Hammer and a different trait than Artisan of War, you might as well rock the Hammer of Baal.

The Angel’s Wing

The Angel’s Wing is possibly my favorite relic. Why? Toss this on a Captain, Lt. or Chaplain that you run with your/around your Death Company. Have them Charge FIRST and “absorb” the Overwatch. Then let your Death Company follow-up and smash them at full strength. With no risk of Overwatch, that’s going to be a very bad time for your opponent.

The Veritas Vitae

The Veritas Vitae is a 1/3rd chance of getting back a Command Point every time YOU use Stratagem. We’ve seen variations on this theme before and if it also allowed you to roll ever time your opponent used a Stratagem, I’d say it was an auto include. However, it’s only 1 die (not 1 die per point spent) and it’s only on your Stratagems. It’s good, but it’s not OP – which is why it’s a solid option and not “THE ONLY” option.

The Standard of Sacrifice

If you’re running an Ancient with a Standard why not slap this one on there, too? A 5+ Feel No Pain roll is always handy. It’s a 6″ range so just keep your Ancient in the thick of things and have him inspire his brothers to push through the pain!

Archangel’s Shard

Monsters be ware! Daemon Monsters – RUN! Okay, maybe it’s not that scary for Monsters/Daemon Monsters because it’s still Strength User and in most cases that’s going to be a 4. Just remember that Red Thirst gives them +1 to WOUND. With AP -3 and D3 or D6 damage coming at you…just keep a note of where they are at on the battlefield.

Gallian’s Staff

Everyone loves Smite, right?! Why not get a bonus +1 to cast it. Gallian’s Staff isn’t terrible as it’s a boost to Close Combat, but looking at the options vs this one…It’s low on my priority list. Now, if was +1 to manifesting Psych Powers in general, then I’d be more excited about it.



If I had to do a quick power ranking, it would probably look something like this:

  • Angel’s Wing
  • Veritas Vitae
  • Hammer of Baal
  • Standard of Sacrifice
  • Archangel’s Shard
  • Gallian’s Staff

That’s just based on my personal preference and Army Build for the Blood Angels. I would rank Veritas Vitae over Angel’s Wing if I wasn’t planning on Deepstriking a Character to support my Death Company. Heck, if you aren’t running a ton of Death Company things like the Standard of Sacrifice also jump up on the list. Anyhow, YMMV!


What do you think of the Relics of Baal? Do you have a favorite – what about your own power rankings?

  • Mr Tish

    The Angel’s Wing – You cant ‘absorb’ overwatch anymore, the charged unit gets to fire overwatch at every charging target. So only the relic bearer cant be shot.

    • Mr.Gold

      if he gets into combat then the charged unit cannot fire at the next charging unit as they are now locked in combat…

  • Evil Otto

    “The Comb of Fabulousness”

    (One use only) Every enemy unit within 6″ may not move or shoot this turn as it stares in rapt attention at the Blood Angels’ golden locks.

    “The Knife of Cutting”

    The hero carrying this artifact may choose to inflict one wound on himself and cry out “no one understands me!” All enemy units within 6″ (and all non-Blood Angels) must make a morale test or be overwhelmed by the angst radiating from the character. Those who fail must fall back.

    • Aurion Shidhe

      “The Foundation of Malachite”

      The hero applies this makeup before battle and stands in the sunshine. All female models within 6″ swoon and reroll morale tests. Note: If a Space Wolf is within the radius the Blood Angel and Space Wolf must fight for the female’s attention.

    • Sonic tooth

      “The conditioner of azkaellon”

  • The Bob

    Woohoo! captain Karlaen gets his hammer but no special rules

    • Punisher

      What do you mean? It has no -1 to hit rule… Thats AWSOME.

      • Erich Schoenholtz

        He’s talking about the character himself.

    • PrimoFederalist

      No -1 to hit is awesome. Try complaining about something real.

    • Aurion Shidhe

      I understand. There’s just so many cool characters for Blood Angels we can’t have special rules for all of them.

  • Dalinair

    Angel’s wing all day long, it’s amazing, I use “banshee mask’ Overwatch eating all the time with eldar and it works a treat, fantastic relic

    • Aurion Shidhe

      Agreed. Angel’s Wing all day every day.

  • AkulaK

    i would prefer a standard thunderhammer with the warlord trait +1 damage, as it specifies that it does not work on relics. But if you are planning to take another WT then this relic is good. the Archangel Wings and the Veritas Vitae are really good, others are okay. The sword might be the worst as it is really specific.

  • Ninety

    +1 to Smite isn’t the end all be all, but it does halve your chance of failure and double your chance of empowered cast.