Age of Sigmar: Malign Portents Latest

The new campaign has new details out today. Take a look at what’s coming early next year for the 8 Realms.

Over the past couple of months GW has been teasing the next Age of Sigmar campaign.  We’ve seen these fine fellows:

And this White Dwarf saying January is when the campaign is hitting.

Now we get this latest info on next Month’s campaign:

Summing It All Up

  • Malign Portents is a campaign / book of some type
  • Arrives in January
  • Is “grim” and “gloomy” involving the forces of Death (finally)
  • Chaos is in as well – with a nice lady Chaos Warqueen!

~I wonder how Archaon is going to take Darkoath being anointed by the Chaos Powers?


  • SundaySilence

    I don’t think point one is in relation to Death (point 2). I think it’s more to do with Order getting reinforcements of sorts from the Realm of Shadow (possibly ties in to Aelves of some sort). Either way; it’s a welcome break from the 40k onslaught.

    • Admiral Raptor

      I really hope it focuses on Death. Order is the last alliance that needs anything, but I suppose any love for AoS at this point is welcome.

    • Michael Linke

      Honest Wargamer said he hopes that GW takes the model of the Horus Heresy big black books and applies that to its mainstream systems. A big story advancing plot book that has new models, rules and lore for every faction.

      I don’t think he’s privy to any behind the scenes info that’s still relevant, but I DO think that his opinion on how great/useful/well received a book like that would be is shared by people still at GW, and I think that’s what Malign Portents might end up being. Heck, Firestorm just came out and was basically exactly that.

    • Nightshade878

      I really hope you’re right about the Aelves. We haven’t had anything decent since before Endtimes: Khaine; and don’t get me started on what a travesty Endtimes Khaine was.

    • Spade McTrowel


      Perfect timing. Just started to convert all my old Bretonians into Malignants for my first foray into AoS.
      Will also be glad if the first point refers to (A)elves.

  • Marco

    Long live the Old World and Warhammer Fantasy! Long live Mordheim! We will not suffer this travesty of a setting!

    • Brian Brodeur

      Feel better?

      • ZeeLobby

        Makes me feel better 😁

        • Brian Brodeur

          Actually makes me feel better too lol I do miss the old stuff 🙁 maybe with the rebirth of all their old systems they will swing back around to WFB and just make it better somehow. Like give me movement trays that let round bases fit in and ….. write new books in the old world …. and give more classic … sculpts …. /StartsToCry

          • marxlives

            Ya, you know it’s pointless but sometimes it’s good to just say it outloud.

    • Vicent Martín Bonet

      Man, you’re always a laugh to have around. Keep suffering please.

      • dave long island

        LOL… Hey, how did pinhead or one of his Cenobites get in here and post a comment?…lol

        • marxlives

          How many Cenobites dance on the tip of a needle?

          • Luca Lacchini

            Enough to drive it into the flesh. Slowly, though.

          • dave long island

            I suppose that’s truthful and accurate… lol

      • EnTyme

        I think what bothers him the most is that people actually like AoS.

    • becizzle

      Long live the Old World! Long live Mordheim!

      Age of Sigmar is boring and soulless. The rules are horrible. Let the benighted feast upon the carcass of the putrid reality that is AOS.

      • Vicent Martín Bonet

        The lameness is laying eggs it seems. And what the flying hell has mordheim to do with this anyways?

        • becizzle

          Old World. You know, the one with a back story, history, and flavor? Not the new convoluted garbage that is AOS.

          Then again, it’s all opinion? Yes? If you enjoy your game. Then enjoy. It won’t sway me from my opinion that the current setting is uninteresting, and the game is horrid (yes I’ve played, love shooting out of combat though O o).

  • Dan Brugman

    I’m hoping we get a whole Darkoath faction, it would be fun break from the god specific chaos armies.

    • Michael Linke

      Yeah, one of the things I’m liking about 40k right now is the way the non-aligned chaos space marine factions acknowledge the pantheon, but have a completely different relationship to it from factions that actually worship all or some of the gods. Would love to see a mordern AoS faction that utilizes blessings from the entire pantheon without devoting itself singularly to one god.

    • EnTyme

      The Chieftain has the Slaves to Darkness keyword, and I’m assuming the Warqueen will, too. Hopefully Darkoath will be the first of many updates to legacy armies to help them fit in better with the AoS aesthetics and lore.

  • Kabal1te

    To be honest just in general GW needs to sit down and delve deeper into AOS fluff. It is so blatantly deprived of specifics.

    • dave long island

      Ya you know its bad when your fantasy setting is drawing attention for it’s lack of a… setting… lol

      • Kabal1te

        There is a setting. There are stories, but outside of what happens in those stories, the entire rest of the universe feels like all we have is an outline, and when AOS first dropped I was fine with that. Can’t expect everything up front. But it’s been a few years now and it still feels like there has been no effort to give detail to the silhouette of a setting they started with.

        I fear the driving force of vagueness is as long as they don’t go into depth about the universe then they still have the option to shove anything and everything they want into it because the universe as a whole is undefined enough still that anything could exist in it (see steam punk flying dwarves) but the problem is the setting doesn’t really feel like a real setting because of it.

  • BaronSnakPak
    • Hagwert

      WOW….I may be a big fan of the Old World but I also love all those old Hammer Horror films with Cushing and Lee and this looks right up my alley . I feel this may drag me into AOS finally just on atmosphere alone.

    • marxlives

      I have no clue what that YT video is actually informing me about. Is Ravenloft coming back!

  • dave long island

    Soon as I read ‘Nighthaunt hero’ the old classic jam ‘Juke Box Hero’ from the band ‘Foreigner’ came into my head… LOL…That was back before they were neutered and began cranking out formulaic pop music hits designed for the top 40 radio market… They had some good rockin’ songs back when they still had bite, with albums like ‘Double Vision’, ‘Head Games’ and ‘Foreigner 4’. Good times.

  • Could be awesome. Firestorm was a step in the right direction. I’m curious to see where they go with this.

  • JL

    The Warqueen looks great. No, it’s not the most practical armour on earth but I’m glad to see a Chaos model that’s not so OTT

    • Moonsaves

      Who’s moaned about it being impractical? I don’t remember anyone complaining about a lot of the Bloodbound lacking army completely.

      It’s a nice model though – ties well into a Slaves to Darkness army, same way as as the Darkoath Chieftain does.

      • JL

        Nobody has. Don’t mistake my comments as complaints. I think the model is great.

    • marxlives

      None practical armor is the par for the course with fantasy. If you read a Robert E Howard Conan story, Conan ALWAYS wears the appropriate military equipment for where he is fighting. Whether it be in ancient Afghanistan or on the ocean. But in the movies it is a loincloth and boots.

      • JL

        That’s what I was looking for. Yes it has a very Conan/Red Sonja theme to it.