Blood Angels, Dark Angels, Pathfinder Plus Warmachine Latest

Lots of Angels of Death minis and news this weekend, plus a lot for the RPG fans out there. Take a look.

40K: More Dark Angels Rules Spotted

Spotted out in the wild, Dark Angels rules in White Dwarf pics.

PP: A Look Ahead – Blindwater Congregation

The Blindwater Congregation is all set to take the stage next year.

40K: Dark Angels Inbound

Get your ravenwings out and prepare to brood, Dark Angels are coming.

Pathfinder: Tower of the Drowned Dead

The Ruins of Azlant Adventure Path nears its harrowing conclusion. But first, a submerged tower full of undead.

40K: Blood Angels Codex – First Look

Come join the BoLS Crew as we take a look inside the Blood Angels Codex.

Pathfinder: Pick Your Poison – or Potion

It’s about to get alchemical in Pathfinder with their upcoming Player’s Companion. Take a look!

40K: Inside the Blood Angels – Sanguinary Novitiate

The Blood Angels have another new unit in their Codex, come meet the Sanguinary Novitiate.

GW: New Releases December 2 “Pricing & Links”

It’s New Blood Angels, Blood Bowl, & Hobbit goodies from Games Workshop this week!

40K: Blood Angels Table of Contents

The Blood Angels are coming to storm the tabletop – come take a peek inside the codex!


~You’re all caught up – onto the new week!

  • marxlives

    I love the Gatorman stuff. Everytime I read their lore in Unleashed it gives me the creeps. PP did a good job fleshing out a race who is cold blooded, evolved along a completely different path, and has a terrifying and alien morality.

    • zeno666

      Yeah the gatormen and their voodoo stuff is a great concept.

      • marxlives

        Ya, they really dialed it to eleven. For gatormen everything is prey and death and life is the same. There is no sense of companionship or nurturing as experienced by other mammalian races. Even the way the gatormen carry the trinkets of those whom they eat just because they believe they own a piece of someone’s soul and their power. Somehow they have found a way to reconcile necromancy with Devourer worship (to the horror of Oroboros druids).

        Take that with Thamarite necromancy as a sacred pursuit of knowledge and its difference with Cryxian necromancy. For the Cryx necromancy is a form of submission, a spiritual enslavement and worship of the dragon Toruk as god of the material world. They bring a soul back to it can exist and belong to Toruk on the material world.

        It gets weird with Skorne mortitheurgy as the manipulation of physical and spiritual pain. Or a mastery of they physical over the spiritual (since they are godless anyway). the IK has really interesting takes on the same kind of magic. It is no surprise that they enshrine the souls of Skorne in stones as a form of eternal life.

        The way the IK’s has so many perspectives on the same magic within the lore really reveals the setting rpg roots.

  • Rass

    When are they going to make a new vanilla Space Marines Codex? The current one is so outdated.

    • zeno666

      I give the current one a year or two. Then there will be a new edition. Or 8.5 with a couple of chapter approved stapled to the main rulebook.