FFG: New Expansion Packs For Netrunner & L5R Announced

Fantasy Flight Games announces some new additions to L5R & Netrunner coming your way!

It’s time to mix your Fantasy and your Sci-Fi with two new upcoming releases from FFG. Disciples of the Void meet The Devil and the Dragon!

via Fantasy Flight Games

Disciples of the Void $19.95

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce the Disciples of the Void, a Phoenix Clan Pack for Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game!

Somewhere between a Dynasty Pack and the Deluxe Expansions found in our other Living Card Games™, this clan pack contains 78 new cards (three copies each of twenty-five different cards and one copy each of three different cards). Primarily focusing on the Phoenix Clan, Disciples of the Void features a different spell for every element, a bevy of Shugenja with powerful effects, a new role card, the highest costed character in the game, and much more.


The Devil and the Dragon $14.95

The Devil and the Dragon is the fourth Data Pack in the unfolding Kitara cycle for Android: Netrunner The Card Game. Within this expansion, you’ll uncover three copies of twenty new cards and continue to explore the Sub-Saharan League in the world of Android through the eyes of new Criminal and Weyland identities.


One more quick announcement – if you’re like me and caught the bug for Arkham Horror: The Card Game, then you’ll want to make a note for tomorrow when A Phantom of Truth is slated to arrive in stores.

A Phantom of Truth $14.95

Months after The Yellow King played at the Ward Theatre, your investigation into the strange events surrounding the play has left you with more questions than answers. You’ve encountered Cultists, Lunatics, and Monsters. You’ve uncovered horrific Schemes of untold scope. And you’ve witnessed Terrors that may or may not have been Omens of greater perils.

Now, as you wonder what to make of everything you’ve seen, where do you go for answers—even as your world’s tilting into madness?

The answer: Paris.

In A Phantom of Truth, the third Mythos Pack in The Path to Carcosa cycle for Arkham Horror: The Card Game, you and your fellow investigators make your way across the Atlantic. Tormented every night by vivid dreams of an alien world—with black stars, twin suns, shattered moons, and twisted spires—you decide not to grapple with your Doubts and Convictions in Arkham, but to pursue the play’s director, Nigel Engram, and whatever he might tell you about the sinister truths that lie behind the play.

With game effects that key off the campaign’s rules for Doubt and Conviction, as well as a host of new player cards to help keep you grounded, A Phantom of Truth steeps you in a world of supernatural terrors, psychological torment, and thrilling mystery.


Fantasy, Sci-fi, Horror – whatever your cup’o’tea FFG has you covered!

  • Txabi Etxebarrieta

    I wonder how popular the L5R game is. I hear decent things about it in the reviews, and the L5R reddit seems fairly active.

    • ZeeLobby

      There was a pretty big event locally. Seems to be popular. Of course the one guy in our group who’d also have to sign off for us to try it despises the original L5R game as a magic knockoff, so i’ll likely never play it, lol.

    • Aurion Shidhe

      I played the CCG version of L5R since the very first release with mixed feelings. I love the setting and the way they advanced the storyline through the releases, but I’ve never been a fan of the collectible aspect of CCGs. So I was looking forward to the new format.

      I’ve only been able to play one game of the new version so far and it was fun. I can see the new complexities to the game and appreciate some of the mechanics. One game isn’t really enough for me to give it a full thumbs up but I’m diggin’ what I’m seein’ so far.