FW: Warlord Titan Holiday Discount Bundle

Owning a Lucius-Alpha Warlord Titan has never been cheaper from Forge World!

Forge World has a new Warlord Titan Bundle that does actually save you money if you buy it altogether! Check this out:

via Forge World

Lucis-Alpha Pattern Warlord Titan £1,150

A huge bundle, recommended for the dedicated, this will net you all the components that make a Lucius-Alpha Warlord Titan. 5 resin kits are bundled together, including:

– A Lucius-Alpha Pattern Warlord Titan Head, designed to fit the Mars pattern Warlord Titan Body. It features a fully detailed interior including a Princeps on command throne and two Moderatii. The kit also includes an additional standing version of the Princeps, and two heraldic shields.
– A Warlord Titan Sunfury Pattern Plasma Annihilator, which can be fitted on the left or right arm of the Titan;
– A Warlord Titan Arioch Power Claw, which can be fitted on the left or right arm of the Titan;
– A set of Mars Pattern Warlord Titan Laser Blasters, which are fitted to the carapace of the Titan;
– The Mars Pattern Warlord Titan Body itself, a colossal model which features 2 ardex-defensor mauler bolt cannon turrets and 2 ardex-defensor lascannon turrets. A numbered certificate for the Warlord Titan is also included with this kit.

Please note, this bundle is available only until December 24th. The Lucius-Alpha Pattern Warlord Titan is not supplied with a base.

Wait a minute, it’s still £1,150! That’s like a downpayment on a car!YES! It’s still a Warlord Titan folks. That said, it does actually save you some money. Let’s look at the math:

Warlord Titan Body £930

Lucius-Alpha pattern Warlord Titan Head £62

Warlord Titan Sunfury Pattern Plasma Annihilator £88

Warlord Titan Laser Blasters £115

Warlord Titan Arioch Power Claw £98

Total: £1,293

The bundle does actually save you £143 which is a fairly nice discount all things considered. Plus order would most certainly quality for the free express shipping from Forge World. Now, it’s still quite the investment so it’s certainly not cheap. But here at BoLS we’re feeling the holiday spirit from GW so, in the same vein, wanted to give you the rules for the Warlord Titan and you can be the judge if it’s worth your hard earned money.

Also, you can find the new points cost of 6000(!!!) points (that’s without wargear, btw) in the new 2017 Chapter Approved.

I really hope you’re not on THIS Santa’s Naughty List!


Merry Christmas ya filthy animal… And a Happy New Year!

  • Talos2

    BASically giving it away

    • SilentPony

      Yours now, for only 34 easy payments of $49.99 + s/h

  • bcguitars

    The title has too many letters. “Owning a Lucius-Alpha Warlord Titan has never been cheap!”

    There, that’s better.

    • BrassWitch

      Our beloved resin children are expensive, yes. But hey, it beats having -actual- children.

  • bad mood

    No wonder its cheaper, who runs a Warlord with a CCW? Not only does it make no sense taht it can even hit something that is smaller than a Reaver, but also compare it to the setup with a Belicosa and Mori. Combined you can destroy about any unit in the game in one round of shooting, even another Warlord if you roll lucky.

    IIRC all wargear options are already inluded in the point price of all the Titans.

    • adamharry

      “IIRC all wargear options are already inluded in the point price of all the Titans.”

      Nope. double checked before posting and triple-checked the Chapter Approved. Warlord Battle Titan is 6000 points and does NOT include wargear.

      • bad mood

        You’re giving me a headache, I have both the index and CA in front of me and what are the point costs of all their gear? I give you a hint: ZERO. If you say I lie, then tell me on what page in CA the new wargear options points are. They are on page 126 in the Index.

  • 415Native

    Who actually buys these? Forge World fanboys with trust funds? Even if you can afford it, I can’t imagine it will see the table very often.

    • Big Red

      In a medium size Australian city, I use my warlord twice in the year since I bought it, and I am looking to be three or four this year. It’s for big showpiece games or when you want to have stupid fun.

      I can’t speak for other people, but as a solidly lower-middle class guy in Australia, the price isn’t really that bad. A couple of grand for a major showpiece for a major hobby is not out of the reach of most people I know, including the guys I know still at uni.

  • Mathew G. Smith

    Does it come with that hat?

    • Evil Otto

      The hat is £80.