Geekery: Behind the Scenes of ‘Altered Carbon’

Learn how to achieve immortality through technology in this sneak peek.

Netflix is breaking into more high budget scifi/fantasy projects with Bright, and now Altered Carbon. It’s based on the cyberpunk novel of the same name by Richard K. Morgan. The series is headed by Laeta Kalogridis, and stars Joel Kinnaman, Will Yun Lee, and James Purefoy.

This preview gives more details about the tech that allows the series’ characters to acheive immortality.

One of the take aways fans have had from this sneak peek isn’t so great. It seems the screen writers have made some major changes to the main character. I have not read the books to compare, but there are folks out there that aren’t too pleased about how the backstory of The Envoys has been altered.

For those that have read the book: what are your thoughts about this?

  • wibbling

    Crucially Altered Carbon isn’t really an action film. It isn’t about things blowing up. It’s about who we are, if the self is the body or if we are more than that and the cheapness of life and the ease of escaping death and associated ennui that entails.

    I do wonder if they’ll go through the torture scene fully. I doubt it, as it made even me rather ill but then, that’s testament to the writing, I suppose.

    If given time to develop – as the Punisher and Jessica Jones et al have, it should be ok but you have to care about Kovacs as a character who exists as an entity outside of the body he’s in.

    • Simon Chatterley

      It’s says a lot about the world we now live in I think. AC was written in 2003 and to some degree it really was a different time. I don’t think it would be quite so acceptable if written now (which is sad, means those types of people are winning)

      In the book it’s integral in showing just how strong the mind on an Envoy is and just how utterly mental Kovaks is. Literally he is not to he messed with because whatever you do he will go further.

      It’s not exactly pleasant reading but you really get a look at the character on that moment. He’s far scarier than them.

      Be interesting to see how they tackle it. I suspect it will get watered down.

  • scadugenga

    Interesting that they’re seemingly making a noir detective story into an action flick. At least, from what we’ve seen so far.

    The Kovacs (with a “ch” at the end!) books certainly have action to them, but the action doesn’t drive the story.

    But, I love Will Yun Lee as an actor, as well as the original books by Morgan. So we’ll see.

    What’s really intriguing about the concept (which Corvus Belli approrpriated to use as a lynch pin for Cubes in Infinity) is that “sleeves” (a desensitized term for biological human forms (unless they’re artificially vat grown) and cortical stacks were Morgan’s vehicle for examining how screwed up the concept of Karma is in Buddhism. How you have no knowledge of a past life, but you’re paying for the “sins” (or reaping the rewards, dependant on how charmed your current life is) of that past life.