Geekery: Final Trailer for ‘Bright’ Focuses on Leilah

Noomi Rapace takes the spotlight in this final look.

Bright follows Ward (human) and partner Jakoby (the first orc LAPD officer), and what happens when they find a dangerous relic while out on a routine patrol. Now it’s up to them to protect the relic, which could destroy the world as they know it if it falls into the wrong hands. All while dealing with one another’s differences.

This latest trailer is the first time we hear Noomi Rapace’s character, a villainous dark elf named Leilah, speak.

Beyond whether I think it’s going to be good or not (I do), it will be interesting to see if this gamble pays off for Netflix. This is their most expensive stand alone, original movie to date; and they are surely hoping it brings in new subscribers. The streaming service wars are about to heat up with the recent Disney/Fox deal, so the company is going to have to start offering bigger and better content to keep folks paying monthly access fees.

Bright hits Netflix on December 22 – this upcoming Friday. If you like the music being used in the trailers, the music video collection is available to stream on Netflix now.

  • dinodoc

    Shadowrun: The Movie?

    • usGrant7977

      Yep. Everything nerds were mocked for in the 80s is now the hottest ip in hollywood.

      • dinodoc

        I thought Shadowrun was in the 90s but yeah

        • Will kenedy

          Nope, very late 80s. Second “Cyberpunk” genre rpg on the market. First to blend fantasy tropes in. It hit stores here in late 88.

          • dinodoc

            1989 according to the wiki search I did after getting curious

          • usGrant7977


  • Shadowstrife

    At least this will be something to look forward to over xmas, to wash the bad taste of Star Wars out of my mouth.

    Man, The Last Jedi sucked.

    • dinodoc

      At least it was better than TFA

      • Shadowstrife

        I’m off to watch my old Genndy Tartakovsky’s Clone Wars DVDs. That’s the best SW has been since Empire.

        • dinodoc

          He and Dave Filoni justified the prequels with their awesomeness

          • af

            Nothing in the known universe justifies the prequels 🙁

        • af

          Agreed. And if you want something TRULY awesome, watch Samurai Jack. Not Star Wars related, but who cares?

          • Shadowstrife

            Yeah, Samurai Jack is the best. Glad he finally got a season 5 and it ended perfectly. It will be interesting to see what Genndy does next.

        • The overthrow of Mandalore plot from the cgi clone wars for me is the best

    • I canceled all my SW novel preorders for 2018 and deleted stuff off my Kindle. I’m done with it, TLJ managed to kill whatever enthusiasm I had for anything post-OT.
      I could suffer terrible main series comic arcs and try to ignore the Aftermath trilogy, but this was a massive slap in the face.

      • Shadowstrife

        Ooof. That’s going nuclear on your SW faves.

        I wouldn’t go that far, maybe the series can pick up again when the dust settles, but I’m doubtful.

        Here’s hoping the Boba Fett movie is good at very least.

        • I’ve been trying to keep up with everything besides childrens books that the new canon had to offer. I’m a few novels behind now, but aside from that, things were looking good. Now, I have no intention of continuing.

          They built up mysteries for years now and didn’t do anything with them, or worse, they killed any future they might have had. And instead of tackling the interesting bits, they put in ages on Canto Bight for a secondary plotline that may as well not be there. Ridiculous.

          • Shadowstrife

            TLJ filmed just down the road from where I live. Having Luke Skywalker come to your hometown to film scenes was like a childhood dream come true.

            It was unbelievable at the time and he was embraced by the whole community and says he wants to return to Ireland again for the craic.

            So I feel bad for Hamill. He deserved better than what he got.

          • dinodoc

            Please tell me you got an autograph

          • Shadowstrife

            Nope no autograph, but I can confirm Daisy Ridley is charming in real-life and so gorgeous it hurts inside. 😀

            It was a fun weekend and maybe that’s why the movie is a disappointment to me on some levels. Nothing can live up to how amazing it was in real life.

        • dinodoc

          Rogue One was good. Maybe that is a good sign for the SW anthology movies

          • Shadowstrife

            Watching the finale in Last Jedi, I caught myself thinking that they need to move on from Star Destroyer ship battles.

            Holdo’s final stand was too similar to the battle over Scarif in Rogue One.

          • dinodoc

            You shut your mouth! Nothing in Star Wars will ever equal that. 😉

        • af

          > Here’s hoping the Boba Fett movie is good at very least.

          Bobba Fett is an empty shell of a character who only got extended scenes because fans wanted to see more of him. He was a throw away character. Everything with Bobba Fett aside from his introduction in The Empire Strikes Back is essentially terrible fan-fiction.

          So I’m guessing his standalone movie will also be terrible.

          • He’s good in Clone Wars

          • Shadowstrife

            That’s an unfair take on Fett really. I’m hoping the standalone will open up the seedy underhive of Bounty Hunter culture in the galaxy with Dengar and Bossk making cameos.

            But Disney are in charge now, so anything dark or non-PG friendly will probably get canned.

          • af

            Of course this is subjective and I don’t mean it as gospel, but in my opinion Bobba Fett is the Captain Phasma of the previous trilogy (and prequels, I guess): all style, no substance. Worse yet, we know he was meant as a throwaway character and was only included in further movies because hardcore fans fell in love with the way his armor looked.

            At least we do agree Captain Phasma is embarrassing, right? And it pains me to say so, since I love Gwendoline Christie’s Brienne of Tarth.

          • Shadowstrife

            Phasma being weakly written with no forward direction, actually diminishes Finn as a character.

            What happened to the relevant theme of a soldier going AWOL and not following orders? There should have been more of a reckoning with Phasma.

            Nope, the plot took Finn and Rose away on an adventure straight out of a Young Adult novel. Ugh.

    • Andrea

      Finally some with a good taste in SW

  • Sonic tooth

    to be fair, thats exactly how i picture an elf looking if such things existed, not liv tyler with some ear extensions.

    • af

      To be fair, Liv Tyler was portraying a different kind of Elf. One is a punk/fantasy hybrid kind of Elf, the other is this noble race moping about through the ages that Tolkien envisioned. It makes sense that they look different. Tolkien’s Elves were supposed to look fairly humanoid — tall humans with pointy ears indeed.

  • Red_Five_Standing_By

    So this is 100% Shadowrun, lol