Geekery: ‘Jurassic Park – Fallen Kingdom’ Has Plenty of Teeth

We’re getting more dinosaurs, Chris Pratt, and Jeff Goldblum – check out the first trailer.

Universal shared a behind the scenes look earlier this week to help build up some hype – and it features something we didn’t see a lot of in the first movie: cool animatronics.

J.A. Bayona has taken the director’s chair for the sequel after Colin Trevorrow stepped aside to make Episode IX. It looks like Bavona is more of a practical effects fan than Trevorrow, which always makes me happy. That animatronic dinosaur eye a the beginning of the behind the scenes video looks fantastic. 

As you can see, a good number of cast members are returning (including some from the 1993 movie), and there are some new faces like Justice Smith and Daniella Pineda

On to the trailer that dropped last night…

There’s all the CG. Kidding, kidding… that scene with the t-rex looks f’ing awesome. Lots of dinosaurs, a deadly volcano, and bad jokes – this is definitely part of the Jurassic Park franchise. I saw Jurassic World out of nostalgia for the original, and I’m game for this one partly for the same reason. It looks like a good summer blockbuster to escape into.

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom hits theaters on June 22nd.

  • EnTyme

    My inner eight-year-old just peed a little!

  • ZeeLobby

    Yeah… I dunno. I mean it’s got the action, and it’s got the dinosaurs, but that plot… The Jurassic X series has always been good because it shows some like “shouldn’t tamper with nature” conflict. I mean it’s what Chricton was originally known for. The fact that it’s like a natural vulcano eruption is just kind of meh. I mean I guess it has the “take care of what you create” vibe going on.

    Personally I was really hoping this one would have expanded on the military use of dinosaurs thread. Maybe dictators using them in South America but they short out and go rogue, or something. This just seems so Jurassic Park 3.

    That said, I’ll still see it in theaters, lol.

    • EnTyme

      I’m gonna be honest here. If the plot was just Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard entering a tether ball competition against a pair of velociraptors, I’d probably still go see it.

    • eMtoN

      oooh… you could have dinosaurs in a jungle hunting 3rd world dictators. Only to have Predator come in and start killing off the dinosaurs because they are encroaching on their territorial hunting grounds. As the fighting escalates an Alien pops out of the chest of some hapless newspaper reporter and the real fight ensues…

      Then Cyberdyne Systems does a hostile takeover of the Jurassic Park company and tasks Grimlock with restoring order. Eventually Captain America shows up and kicks everyone’s butt.

      Directed, of course, by JJ Abrams.

      • ZeeLobby

        Haha. I know it was a joke, but that movie sounds more interesting!

  • Drpx

    Jumped the shark .
    Nuked the fridge.
    And now, gerbil balled the volcano.

  • uatu13

    This looks REALLY stupid…