Geekery: Netflix’s ‘Altered Carbon’ Looks & Feels Familiar

Death is endlessly avoidable in this new sci-fi thriller set more than 300 years in the future.

Former elite soldier Takeshi Kovacs, lpayed by Joel Kinnaman, has been put on ice after taking part in an uprising against the ruling class. He is brought back by Laurens Bancroft, played by James Purefoy, to solve a murder – Bancroft’s murder.

The 10 hour series is based on the cyberpunk novel by Richard Morgan. It takes a lot of visual cues from it’s predecessors – Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner and Robert Longo’s Johnny Mnuemonic in particular. The series was adapted and produced by Laeta Kalogridis (Terminator Genisys, White House Down), and was directed by Miguel Sapochnik (who recently won an Emmy for directing GoT’s Battle of the Bastards).

I’m not really sold on this, and cyberpunk is one of my favorite genres. The trailer feels a little stale. Pretty, but stale. Hopefully I’m wrong and there’s a more unique story to be told. This is another one of Netflix’s big gambles that has led to increased subscription costs. It cost an estimated $6-7 million an episode.

Altered Carbon drops on Nextflix February 2nd.

  • Looks pretty damn awesome to me, and it sounds a lot like the cubes in Infinity!

  • Simon Chatterley

    Altered Carbon was the best book I’d ever read back in 2004. I’ve read it many times since and it never feels dated. Fantastic concept, brilliantly written by Richard Morgan and I hope the series is of the same quality as Westworld.

    What a year 2018 looks to be for us nerds.

    • I haven’t read anything from Morgan (I need to correct this) – I’m a Gibson, Stephenson fan. The trailer felt a little lack luster to me, but if the source material is good it’s I’ll give the series more consideration.

  • Aurion Shidhe

    Morgan’s Kovacs trilogy was brilliant. I hope they stay true to the theme of the books. I’m glad they’re stretching this out over 10 hours. A 90 minute movie (or even 120 minutes) wouldn’t have been able to do it justice.

  • Carey_Mahoney

    300 years in the future – clothing hasn’t changed a bit.

    • Aurion Shidhe

      In Morgan’s books, it’s the bodies that are worn like clothing. Who gives a peep about textiles in that case?

  • Bigger per-episode budget than the first 3 seasons oF GoT, they are betting hard on this show

  • euansmith

    Fingers crossed that this finds a huge audience. I’d hate for Netflix to get their fingers burned and become less ambitious. They’ve made some amazing stuff over the years, like Sense8 and Stranger Things and their Marvel series (I’ll overlook Iron Fist).