Geekery: The 13th Doctor has Arrived

Peter Capaldi’s time as the Doctor ends in a contemplative Christmas special.

It was announced that Jodie Whittaker would take on the role of the Doctor back in July with a teaser that shook the fandom. The actor is known for her roles in Broadchurch and Attack the Block. She made her debut this week in a Christmas special that also marks Steven Moffat’s departure from the series. Chris Chibnall is taking the helm on season 11.

With all of the new faces working on the series it’s only fitting that the special looks at purpose, change, and loss.

If you haven’t watched this year’s special you’ll want to do that now, and come back to this post afterward.

The special focuses on the first (Davis Bradley did a wonderful rendition of William Hartnell) and the most recent Doctors’ regenerations. Both are uncertain about changing to a new incarnation, but they both choose to do it in order to continue making things right in the universe.

The overlap of this story with the Christmas Truce in World War I shows the importance of the Time Lord’s work, and gives the Twelfth Doctor a reason to go on. The story overall was a great, if subdued, way for Moffat to bow out and let the new showrunner to take the reins.

Peter Capaldi’s Twelfth Doctor ends his turn as the Doctor with a monologue before the Thirteenth Doctor (played by Jodie Whittaker) appears. The scene is fantastic…

The new Doctor is starting her story in peril – flying out of the Tardis in a thrilling cliffhanger. The next episode can’t come soon enough. The new series will air sometime next year.

What did you think of the special, and where do you think the Doctor is headed from here?

  • Commissar Molotov

    Let’s see if this works out any better than the “Ghostbusters” reboot.

    • Red_Five_Standing_By

      The Ghostbusters mingled the “dislike women replacing men” crowd with the “Don’t reboot” crowd with the “You Ruined My Childhood” crowd.

      Changing the Doctor’s sex really only offends the “dislike women replacing men” crowd, and we can safely ignore them in this instance since the doctor’s actor is always transient and apt to change every few years.

      I loathed Clara and disliked Capaldi, so I haven’t watched DW for a few years now. Actors change and now I am interested again.

      • wibbling

        Yes, it’s all the fault of us evil old white men. Of course it is.

        What utter tosh.

        Who has, for 50 years; demonstrated and promoted strong role models regardless of gender. Liz Shaw springs to mind. This replacement was brought in simply to ram home a Left wing agenda, ignorant of story, worth or value. The entire last season was a complete waste, a liberal agenda driven nonsense.

        Bereft of plot, dignity, value or ethic it was just telvisiual efforts are neuro linguistic programming to set Moffat – and the increasingly offensive BBC’s arrogant attitudes.

        I’m sure Jodie Whittaker is a great actress, but she shouldn’t be the doctor. It’s unfair on her, unfair on the show and insulting to the fans who the BBC has stuck two fingers up to in their pursuit of ‘progress agenda’.

  • uatu13

    This show is done. I don’t care if the Doctor is a man or woman, but the motivation for doing it now is for all the wrong reasons, and the writing has gone to pot over the last few seasons. Time for another 10 year hiatus!

    • bobrunnicles

      Exactly – the writing had gone to pot, BUT we just got a new writer along with a new Doctor. I for one plan on seeing where the new writer takes the story before I give up on it…

    • Ronin

      You should be happy to know that Moffat is no longer the showrunner. We’ll see how the next one does.

      • disqus_HUXMdKxsPG

        And bradley walsh

        • pokemastercube .

          who will be standing there with a team of strangers ready to take on 1 of 5 chasers

    • Purple-Stater

      It’s a simple change of actor, and needs not be anything more than that. A desire to do something different is a motivational constant.

      • uatu13

        Yeah, keep telling yourself that. I’m sure no one out there in entertainment has any sort of motivation besides providing the best quality possible, right? LOL, I think I have a bridge to sell you too!

        • Purple-Stater

          What was the motivation to hire Capaldi? or Tennant? or Smith? Best quality, or best chance at profitability, it’s completely immaterial.

          You go ahead and keep telling yourself that it’s the show’s bias that’s the problem with casting a female Doctor. If that helps you feel better about it.

          • uatu13

            I guess you can’t fix stupid.

          • Purple-Stater

            So, it’s a definite yes on the “keep telling yourself that” option.

  • The way she says “Awe, Brilliant!” in her debut reminded me hard of Tenant. I love each of them for their personalities and I’m very interested to see where Jodie’s take is.

  • J Mad

    I cant get back into Dr Who after the Impossible girl ended and they kept her on.

    • Red_Five_Standing_By

      I like the actress who played Clara and wish her well but that character was literal cancer.

      • Evil Otto

        I really liked Clara, but they clearly hadn’t thought about what would happen after her story arc/mystery was resolved.

  • Spacefrisian

    I for one am interested in what adventures this Doctor will have, unlike others who have written her off without ever having seen 1 episode with her as the Doctor.

  • Xodis

    Give it a year and most of the “OMG Female Doctor?!?!” BS will die down. Seriously its a continuous cycle and Doctor Who is just feeling the weight of its own success and fandom.
    Honestly I cant judge Jodie yet on her performance, but I am really glad that Moffat is gone.

    • Kabal1te

      Moffat wrote some amazingly good stories, but he also wrote some terrible ones too. By the time Matt Smith was doctor it was starting to look like he was running out of good ideas. By the time Capaldi became doctor I think Moffat hut rock bottom for good stories to tell. Capaldi became a good doctor once they let him change the character more, but that first season with him was the worst season since the last hiatus. I think that is more the writing than the actor.

      • Xodis

        I agree, but as you said Moffat is tapped, so Im glad hes off to other projects or at least away from Doctor Who.

  • I have already given up on Dr. Who. I really enjoyed Peter Capaldi as the doctor but not the stories.
    Not interested in the next season.

  • KnightShift

    SPOILER: The female Thirteenth Doctor smashes into the ground and is killed immediately. Then regenerates into the Fourteenth Doctor (Idris Elba) whose very first words are “Well, THAT was utter bollocks wasn’t it?”

    • Red_Five_Standing_By

      Then he’s smashed by an asteroid and the doctor regenerates again into… Jonny Depp!

      • Kabal1te

        Someone got an advance copy of the script

  • Nicholas Turner

    They wanted to do a female doctor for one of the regenerations in the original series, so it is hardly a ‘new’ idea, I am more interested in hearing about the new writer as the last few seasons with clara and capaldi have been a tad ordinary. Plus they already used the female regeneration of timelords with the Masters current form being female. I look forward to the meeting of the doctor and the Master and the ‘I did it first’ conversation. 😉

  • Evil Otto

    Hopefully they’ll explain why the Doctor has regenerated into a female in-universe. There’s nothing wrong with it, but every previous incarnation has been male, and the odds of that are ridiculously small if it’s a 50-50 shot each time. It’s like flipping a coin and having it come up heads twelve times.

    I’ll give her a shot. I didn’t like Capaldi, so a new Doctor might make me interested again.

  • dynath

    She presses a button and the Tardis basically explodes inside. For some reason I want to make a women driving joke. I’m so glad Moffat isn’t running this show anymore. I’m not sold that the doctor, a historically male father figure in TV, needed to be turned into a female character. But at least without Moffat it has a chance of being a good story. I’ll personally give it a chance until the inevitable backlash when/if they turn the female doctor back into a man in 2 years.

  • eMtoN

    I’m looking forward to the new adventures of the dr.